Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Or rather, Liberals and Liberalism gone nuts when they have OUR money to spend. (Not that they weren't nuts in the first place.)

Here in Alaska, we have our share of liberals. No matter HOW MANY the Gunny takes out into the bush and strands out there, with only his famous bear repellent as protection (active ingredients: bacon grease, cedar scent, liquid smoke, and a dash of mint) they keep popping up hither and yon!

So it is no surprise that liberal idiots are circle-jerking over a proposed Alaska tourism center to be located in the soon to be dead town of Las Vegas.

EXCERPT: "Alaska legislators are considering spending millions of dollars in state money to create a tourist attraction on the Las Vegas strip."


"There would be live shows, a restaurant, retail stores and places to plan a vacation to Alaska. No gambling."

Naturally, a liberal moron yammered: "We're interested in the project." The committee chairman, Bethel Democratic Rep. Bob Herron.

Of course you're interested Bob, or is it Boob? May the Gunny simply refer to you as The Boob because you're an idiot Mr. Herron. You're interested in it because it gives you yet ANOTHER chance to piss Alaskans hard-earned money away on some bullsh*t that won't work. Why not? Let the Gunny count the ways:

1.  Las Vegas is dying. One view of "Casino Death Watch" says it all (link below)
2.  People DO NOT come to Las Vegas to see a few stuffed bears, yaks, etc., they come to gamble.
3.  People in America are NOT like your messiah Imam Obysmal, who takes a vacation every other week; no, we cannot AFFORD to take vacations what with the rising food costs and the fact that your messiah has raised the price of gas 95% since he took over.
4.  The only people employed would be Nevadans, NOT Alaskans. No return for our money!

This idea is akin to eating some borscht and deciding, "gee, I think I'd like to visit Russia." Ignorant.

This bullsh*t is gonna cost 4 million RIGHT OUT OF THE CHUTE for a "study." Sounds like something out of the Obummer White House! Pissing away tax dollars on a "study" that will validate what the Dear Leader thinks, and that will, as usual, fail in the end. The add the tens of millions in tax dollars that go to fund and build this crapulence! And on and on and on. 

Here is a real hoot: "We'd come back and present to you and say, 'OK, we recommend a 50,000 square foot building, we recommend this location, we can lease the location for $2 million a year, it's going to cost $30 million to build it or whatever,' " he [Bob Coe] said.

You really gotta love that statement. It's gonna cost $30 million to build...or whatever. So it could be 50 million? 100 million? Hell, the sky's the limit when these pigs rape and pillage the public's treasury! And NOTHING like a little self-interest when you have access to homies that have access to the public's money... "Green said his own family's fur business depends on the promotion of tourism." Nice. He needs it, we pay for it. Ah, Mr. Green, here's a couple of words for you on this, "HELL NO!"

This then, is liberalism exposed. The embrace of a stupid idea, because it gives them the thin gruel of an excuse to piss away other people's money. Here's and idea Boob, YOU and your fellow Libidiots (and your RINO cronies) take up a collection amongst the other libidiots unfortunately living here in Alaska, and YOU morons put up the money for it all. And hey, if it works, good on ya. The Gunny wonders how many trips the legislature and their families will have to make to Las Vegas, to "check out" the site, on our dime.

If the legislature wants to promote tourism among the lower 48 population, why not lower that cruise tax they slapped down a little more? Why not simply run commercials on TV? Why not run a few commercials on Fox, Beck, Rush, etc ., who have millions of viewers and listeners? Why not offer vacation packages for families? It would be a LOT CHEAPER in the long run!

No, what Alaska REALLY needs is new and more jobs, lower energy costs, better roads, upgraded infrastructure, less liberal idiots, more industry, more mining, more drilling, more refining, more timber cutting, yet all we hear from the leftist moochers is "no" followed by frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit that costs the WE THE PEOPLE mountains of cash. Did the Gunny mention less liberal idiots? We can benefit from increased revenue with MORE PEOPLE WORKING! That would mean more tax revenue coming into the state from WITHIN the state. Wow, what a concept huh?

Liberalism is a mental disorder, that much is a given. They cannot think past their eyelashes and that they're allowed to vote continues to keep the Gunny up at night. That Boob and his parasitic horde of tax and spenders can loot the public treasury at will is disgusting. From Alaska to Washington DC, ANYTHING that the scummy politicians do should be put to a vote BY THE PEOPLE since oddly enough, these vermin work for us. That Mayor Sullivan and any so-called Conservative would back this crap is heinous.

Good God, this nation is on the brink of bankruptcy and morons here in Alaska wants to piss more tax money down the drain. Gee, here's a thought, how about taking the tens of millions of tax dollars and dropping it into the Principal Dividend Fund and return it to the people who PAY those taxes. Or even SAVE the money until we really NEED it. Wow, yet another breakthrough in critical thinking skills huh libs?

Now if the legislature wanted to spend a few million exporting Alaskan liberals (and our RINOs) to, say, Tora Bora, well, the Gunny (and likely the rest of America) would give a loud, "HELL YEAH!"

US GOING BANKRUPT SOON! http://www.cnbc.com/id/42209447


  1. "Las Vegas is dying."
    And just why is Las Vegas dying?

    According to a resident the town has been on the downslide because the "bean counters" have taken over.
    No more free booze for players.
    No more dollar beer and buck and quarter mixed drinks for others.
    No more 99 cent shrimp cocktails
    No more $4.99 prime rib dinners.
    So folks went elsewhere.
    Like Prim, Nevada, about 50 miles up the Interstate where that stuff still happens.
    Or Laughlin, I guess. Never been there...

    Now. To comment on your Alaskan politicians.
    Isn't it funny they just can't keep their dick skinners out of the treasury? No, I guess it's not. Just remember EVERY CENT IN THE TREASURY CAME FROM YOU, THE TAXPAYER. Some folks think it just materializes. Politicians think they HAVE to spend it or they are not going to get a bridge named after them or a statue erected in their honor. Ipso facto.

  2. Now as for myself,I love going to Vegas. Haven't been there in a couple of years,and at this point in time,I will NOT go simply due to the fact the idiots sent dingy Reid back.You need to start taking them out in the bush by the busload. Get them to known polar bear habitat,it's the LEAST we can do to offset their dwindling food supply due to gorebull warming,you know. In fact,for a couple mil(and a new motorhome)I'll come up,do a study,AND a take out a few busloads as a "pilot project".Gunny,there simply is NO end to liberal stupidity.

  3. Buck,you should go to Laughlin. We used to lay over there while waiting on our loads out of Ford's former facility in Yucca,Az.Stayed at the Riverside.Had a BLAST.Go out in boats,gamble if you are so inclined,etc etc.And a LOT less crowded.

  4. Only a Liberal would talk about spending money, during this economic crisis, in Vegas. Gunny, you have to wonder if Alaska's Bob Herron was dropped on his head once too many times while he was a baby.

    I sincerely wonder how Liberals have remained at the top of the food chain this long.

  5. Buck,

    Good post and I concur. Also, Americans NO LONGER have "extra" money to play with, as EVERYTHING is going up under this regime. Zimbabwe, here we come.

  6. clyde,

    If I could start an airlift service...

  7. Gray Ghost,

    Libs have survived only because they have Conservatives to protect them! haha

    Maybe we can BREAK that habit one day.

  8. Gunny,

    A few years back I was visting a buddy in Dillingham. Long story short... we are up in a float plane and I asked the pilot the name of the village below. He grunted and said "Bethel, you don't want to go there". Upon landing I asked him about Bethel again and he said the same thing again with some disgust. "Why is that" I asked. He said the place was full of alcoholics and everyone had VD. The pilot was a real polite religious sort that was a veteran flyer so I took him at his word.

    So that might explain Bob Heron's condition...just sayin'.

  9. Hardnox,

    HAHA! I have heard the same thing. We have some DUMBASS liberals up here. BTW, you'll LOVE tomorrow's essay.