Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Oh yes, patriots, the Obama Regime is starting to crack up. It appears that Eric "I defend GITMO terrorists" Holder has finally come unglued over his mishandling (to be polite) of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation in Filthadelphia.

EXCERPT: The Attorney General seemed to take personal offense at a comment Culberson read in which former Democratic activist Bartle Bull called the incident the most serious act of voter intimidation he had witnessed in his career. 

"Think about that. When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, to compare what people subjected to that with what happened in Philadelphia, which was inappropriate....to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line for my people."


"Holder noted that his late sister-in-law, Vivian Malone Jones, helped integrate the University of Alabama. "To compare that kind of courage, that kind of action, to say some Black Panther incident is of greater concern to us, historically, I think just flies in the face of history," Holder said with evident exasperation.


"There’s clearly overwhelming evidence that your Department of Justice refuses to protect the rights of anybody other than African-Americans to vote," the Texas Republican said. "There's a double standard here."

"This Department of Justice does not enforce the law on the basis of race," Holder insisted.
Is this asshat FOR REAL? In one breath, the idiot, who's law firm DEFENDS Gitmo terrorists AGAINST the US Gov't, says that the NBPP went free, blah, blah, blah, "for MY PEOPLE!" and then says that the DOJ "does not enforce the law on the basis of RACE!?"


My people? Would that be Americans Eric, or, say, African-Americans. Formerly known simply as, Americans, before the PC crowd. 

Ah, the Gunny gets it. It's AMATEUR HOUR in this regime. For example, Barry wants to throw a sop to his homo crowd on the far left, by declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. No court has ruled on it, only Barry the Self-Important One. So he simply tells his bumbling stooge Holder NOT TO ENFORCE or DEFEND the act against an assault by militant homos. You see folks, it really is that simple. King Barry don't like it, so it is no longer a law.


Even worse is Holder's red herring in regards to his late sister-in-law actions at the university of Alabama.

What meaning does it have on THIS ISSUE? Abso-frigging-lutely NONE. 

You see fellow patriots, this is how the lib works. They toss out bullsh*t faster than a manure spreader in 5th gear on a downhill run, trying to pettifog an issue and Holder, the seller of pardons, is a master at it. 

Five words here, Holder.... "equal protection under the law."

America USED to be a nation of laws until the criminals took over the government in Jan 2009.

This regime needs to be run out of America before we're done with them.



  1. Just another reason to back up my utter feeling of dread as I watched the election results, and my absolute depression, and wanting to cry on the day this traitor was sworn in. I also understand why the oath was full of mistakes. It was an omen!!

  2. Nanna,

    Yep, Barry has plenty of time to get his "Reichstag" moment before 2012 rolls around. I'm betting some SEIU thugs will commit some crimes and get Barry to usher in martial law and a suspension of the elections. I put NOTHING past this tyrant.

  3. Holder isn't racist,I ain't short. Christ,what an asshelmet.

  4. February 2012...Eric Holder and Barack Obama get charged in federal court with multiple crimes, including treason.
    (If President Crawfish was taking the Oath in January 2013)

  5. Didn't there used to be some kind of laws running this country? Doesn't seem so now. It appears they do what they please with little or no fall out. Hard to believe what is happening in this country. Political correctness run amok I suppose?

  6. This regime is a bad joke that just isn't funny.

    These clowns think that they can take the Constitution and our laws and pick and choose which one they like as if they were on a menu.

  7. I guess when Holder said we're cowards when it comes to race, what he really meant is that we're cowards if we don't let black and islamist criminals run free with no consequences, except for the victims of their crimes.
    Which, of course wouldn't be crimes because they're "his people". And it wouldn't be social justice to call "his people" criminals.

  8. He appoints a racist to AG;
    He appoints a tax evader to SecTres;
    He returns the bust of Churchill to our most loyal ally;
    He instigates muslim countries against Israel;
    He does not recognize National Prayer Day;
    He invites muslims to the White House for Ramadan;
    He subserviently bows to foreign potentates;
    He doesn't know how many states there are;
    He "shoots hoops" while affairs of state scream for attention.

  9. You honky MoFos still trying to keep the black man down! Just when they're on the verge of taking over the government, getting rid of whitey and his Uncle Toms, there you go. Homey can't let honkies hang rount here no mo!

    You dig my rap?

  10. Holder is a criminal, along with most of the Obama administration. The voter intimidation incident by the NBPP was outrageous but now Obama declares DOMA unconstitutional, unreal. Last time I checked the power to declare laws unconstitutional was not granted to executive branch of government under the constitution. We must not be following that flawed document of negative rights anymore.

    "If Obama's the answer, how stupid was the question?" -A Redneck Sage

  11. The osamaone and eric the red offend me and my people aka Am_Cons. 2 radical mussy sobs in a pod with the rev wrong, calypso louie fairacan and their brethren friend kadaffy.

  12. I wonder what would happen if the kkk had been standing at the polls with clubs?
    Equal justice or, social justice?

    I'd bet the entire farm that Holder would have prosecuted white men doing the exact same thing with the full force of the law.
    But, as it happens, Black supremists aren't held to the same standard as white supremists!
    Wrong is now defined as "wrong" depending on who's doing it.

  13. You have to realize "some animals are more equal than others...Animal Farm"

  14. Paladin,

    If you consider the long list of liberal criminals and traitors in our history, then you'll know that laws are nothing to these people.

  15. Hardnox,

    It STARTED as a bad joke, now it is just a nightmare.

  16. Buck,

    You're hitting the mark there brother!

  17. rikdergis,

    If Issa throws them in jail like they deserve, then the Republic has a chance. If it all gets buried under the kitty litter, then we're in deep sh*t and unlikely to survive it as a nation.

  18. Sepp,

    I can't argue your logic. Holder WOULD have acted after Obama labled those guys as "acting stupidly," just like he did the white cops in Cambridge.

  19. Yeah, but if you told him he was a credit to "his people" he'd scream racist!!!!!!!!!!