Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Now some say that it ain't right to gloat but somehow, the Gunny never learned that lesson. So, the Gunny is gloating like a cat looking at a barrel full of mice over the slow agonizing death of the enviro-nazis' and their globull warming/globull colling/climate change/disruption or any other BS name that these clowns dream up.

Now, these deaths go unreported by the Lapdog Media, whose lips are still firmly attached to the Kenyan Usurper's butt, like a remora, since it doesn't fit in with their agenda, one designed to cripple and weaken America, much like the European Socialist's find themselves today. 

Case #1:  "The U.S. Supreme Court today denied the petition for mandamus filed by plaintiffs in one of the major — and preposterous — suits claiming damages against industry for causing global warming, Comer v. Murphy Oil. This should be the end of the case because the plaintiffs did not file a petition for certiorari, but given how convoluted the lawsuit’s path through the courts has been, perhaps there’s a strange maneuver that could revive it."

The amicus brief stated: "The plaintiffs, Mississippi residents and property owners, alleged that the emissions from more than 150 energy and manufacturing companies increased global warming and contributed to the severity of damages resulting from Hurricane Katrina."

One has to wonder if the HUGE hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas (6-12K dead) in 1900 was caused by mankind. Wait, there were no SUV's then and Bush 43 was not born yet, so HE can't be blamed, not even by the libfreaks. Even stranger is the Great Hurricane of 1780, (1780 was a BAD hurricane season, not like the ones that NOAA and the libstains keep saying is just around the corner) which killed over 20,000 people, but again, with no SUV's or Bush 43 present. Hmm.

Case #2: "WASHINGTON, D.C.-Wisconsin has withdrawn from a Supreme Court case in which it defended a court of appeals decision that allowed a public nuisance lawsuit to proceed against American Electric Power and several other utilities for their greenhouse gas emissions (American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut, U.S., No. 10-174, party withdrawn 2/21/11)."

Oddly enough, it appears that with Republican Governors running the show in these two states, common sense has returned to the court system.

Case #3:  TRENTON — New Jersey has withdrawn from a lawsuit brought by several states that sought to have five electric utilities cut the greenhouse gases emitted by their power plants in 20 states. State Attorney General Paula Dow notified the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday that New Jersey "will no longer be a party" to the case, though the decision was not publicly disclosed. The Associated Press obtained a copy of Dow's March 11 letter to William K. Suter, clerk of the Supreme Court, which was signed by Deputy Attorney General Lisa J. Morelli. Paul Loriquet, a spokesman for Dow, told the AP today that the "lawsuit that was originally filed in 2004 has been effectively mooted by the 2007 Supreme Court decision declaring that the regulation of greenhouse emissions is a federal issue." In an e-mail, he added that, "Considering the Supreme Court's ruling and the Obama Administration's subsequent position that the EPA must determine an appropriate plan of action, it does not make sense to incur further taxpayer expense on an unnecessary lawsuit."

Oops, a Republican Governor HERE as well. Hmmm. Yep, only a libturd would protest not being able to spend taxpayer's money on bullshit. Wait, old decrepit and probably half-senile Senator Frank Lautenberg, who has been involved in global warming issues, whined about it. There isn't a tax or fee that this clown has opposed and back in 2007, this nitwit tried to shove the camel's ass under the tent when he proposed the, "Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2007," which, oddly enough, would give the executive branch the ability to deny weapons purchases by persons they classify as "dangerous terrorists." That kinda reminds the Gunny about how the former Soviet Union would classify dissidents as "insane" and strip them of their "rights" and then institutionalized them. Lautenberg, just another tax and spend, gun-grabbing, NJ libturd. The Gunny wondered how long before The Kenyan and his crowd were classifying Tea Party members as "dangerous terrorists" using that bullsh*t report Napolitano put out on evil right-wingers.

If we're lucky, this globull crapulence will die out as these old senile grasping libvermin and their "stuck in the 60's peace, love, dope, crowd," die off.

Speaking of dumbass libturds, anyone seen Owl Gore lately?

But the Left is NOTHING if not persistent, like a weed ya can't get rid of, or a pesky varmint. Now the enemy is NITROGEN, a gas that makes up 78% of our atmosphere and vital to plant life, is now a pollutant and therefore, hazardous to our health. After that gets kicked to the curb, the libdolts will start bitching about that evil O2.

Libs, do America a favor and STOP BREATHING for a year or two.



  1. Gunny,

    Good post. It is difficult for the libtards to seperate fact from fiction especially when other people's money is involved.

    The left has been especially good at using legal terrorism as a means of advancing their agendas. Their anti-business posture has exported many jobs and then the retards wonder why.

    The problem is also the legal system. Judges should dismiss these bullshit suits at first sight. The problem is that judges are first and foremost lawyers and thus members of the club.

  2. When the PROFIT is taken out of the globull warming scam,only THEN will it die the death it deserves. As long as those who profit MOST from this insanity keep the drumbeat,we still have to get in their face about it.As to the Fraudacle,it would poetic justice to hear he'd been turned into polar bear shit.Good post.

  3. Oh, wait! Haven't you heard?

    The Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown were all products of....

    ta daaaa

    Global Warming!!!

    Which was all Bush's fault

  4. New Hampshire has the right idea, they are repealing the RGGI (I believe) which was the imposed cap 'n' tax shite... so some states have common sense restored... could it be because of the influx of Republicans last November?... I think so