Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This past two weeks we have seen the rise of the parasite class, in Wisconsin and in other areas, with leftist pigs soiling the capital in Wisconsin with their filthy presence, costing the state taxpayers 7 MILLION DOLLARS in clean-up costs. The Gunny says, Bill the Unions and the DNC, and if they don’t pay, sue everyone involved, from Obama on down. They think that they are OWED a pension, bought and paid for by others. The teachers think they are OWED a pension, even though our education system SUCKS and we are falling further and further behind the world and it is not that THEY are getting better, but rather, our teachers, for the most part, suck. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are a few ones out there, blah, blah, blah, but like those "moderate" Muslims we keep hearing about, these too are AWOL. You pigs want more money, then PRODUCE RESULTS like the rest of us have to.

Evidently, these parasites have no real idea that the ONLY rights we are OWED are those granted by the Creator and they are, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

That means that fat smelly slobs like multi-millionaire Michael Mooreon’s call to tax the rich (does that include him?) is bullshit. Class envy. Crybaby leftist politics. The Gunny heard a clown named Steve call into the Glenn Beck show yesterday, whining about the greedy rich, and how it should be redistributed, so that we ALL have something. He went on to say that he made 47 dollars an HOUR and was pissed that the people on Wall Street made more. One wonders if Steve went to college or chose not to, for whatever reason. Why should someone who went to college, got an MBA, busted their butts 50+ hours a week, and made something MORE of themselves share ANYTHING with ANYONE other than his/her family? The answer? They shouldn’t. It is the LEFTISTS who are the lazy greedy bastards in our midst. How DARE a teacher who works only NINE MONTHS out of the year yell that WE need to pay THEIR pensions? How DARE a union puke, whose own union bosses have screwed them (their pensions are fully funded, the rank and file IS NOT!) yell that WE need to pony up more dough? Screw em.

Here is the truth on freedom in America.

The Gunny works for a living and for YEARS worked two jobs to get ahead, WHILE going to night school. The Gunny makes MORE money than some, because of hard work, correct actions, and self-discipline and self sacrifice. The Gunny also makes LESS than some, either through their luck or their hard work and more power to them, for the system works! The Gunny has the inherent and God-given RIGHT to the fruits of HIS LABOR. If the Gunny CHOOSES to support charities, that is HIS BUSINESS, not the Left’s and not the Government’s! He owes NO ONE a portion of his earnings other than that as authorized by the Constitution under a FAIR and JUST government, for reasonable taxes. NO ONE OWES ANYONE, PERIOD.

The Gunny owns a car and has the right of property ownership as the buyer. No one has the right to take that vehicle unless the payments are not made and legal obligations under a fair contract not met. If the Gunny sells it and you buy it, you own it AFTER payment is made, and no one else has a claim to it. That is the right of ownership in a free land in a free market, where, if the price is too high, one can walk away from a sale. This idea of private property covers all that the Gunny (and you all as well), own. NO ONE can walk into our house and take control over it unless certain legal issues have occurred. No one can take one’s business away again, unless certain legal or monetary issues have happened, i.e., bankruptcy.

The Gunny enjoys God-given RIGHTS under a Constitution and as a Free Man in a Free Country (as do all Americans) and NO ONE, not even this corrupt regime can deny them, though they try over and over and over again. Our rights cannot be voted away, taken away, or denied us though we may not be using them at the moment. The Right to Life has long been denied fetuses in this nation, by the current president and the Left in general, but it is a Right that cannot be denied by anyone on Earth. Only the Creator can truly deny life without fear of punishment. However, this regime, led by a corrupt clown, seeks to deny Americans their Right to Life in a secure nation by allowing an open southern border, by allowing a failed and corrupt TSA to lord it over us at airports, and by selling our very nation into debt slavery to our enemies. Indeed, the corruption of this regime is a stench in the nostrils of honest and decent Americans as a scandal committed by the ATF (selling guns to the cartels) has already deprived several Americans of the Life. This is a manmade usurpation of our God-given rights and a crime against the American people and if the GOP had any courage, charges would soon be levied, arrests would be made, and trials started. That is, if there is any justice LEFT in America.

Jesse Hijackson Jr., well-schooled in redistribution efforts by his race-baiting, greedy, and grasping father, the shakedown artist Jesse Hijackson Sr., now calls for the RIGHT of every American to own a laptop and IPod. Of course, others will have to fork over more money, but this is how the Parasite Class thinks. Yes, one has the right to PURCHASE a laptop, with their own money, or not, as they choose. They have the right to PURCHASE an IPod, or not, as they choose. They also have the ABILITY (not to be confused as a Right) to use the FREE computers at their local library, bought and paid for by the TAXPAYERS! But NO ONE has the RIGHT to force others to buy them a Laptop or an IPod or a frigging cheeseburger for that matter.

In addition, one has the ABILITY to work, or not, as one so chose’s but that does NOT give one the right to take from the fruits of someone else’s labor to support one’s sloth. This is where the unions get derailed for an employer is there to get a job or job(s) done for a price, oddly enough, the best price a free market can offer, not a price extorted by crooked union thugs and dumbass Demmerhoid politicians who flee like little girls from their responsibility to their constituents. One has the ABILITY to quit a job any time, in order to find and take a better job, for better pay, benefits, etc, if they are able. In America, NO ONE has to settle for second-best, NO ONE has to settle for remaining in their "class" because here, we make ourselves into what we want, or not, again, as one chooses. But for a parasite class comprised of lazy idiots and greedy union thugs to grasp more and more from others, thus depriving THEM of wealth and treasure THEY earned, is not American, it is evil. When someone is given something, someone else has had it TAKEN from them, and the Left wonders why decent hardworking, honest Americans are in an uproar as every day passes!

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It may BE the Pursuit of Happiness for some lazy bastard to drink all day, lay about and watch Oprag, and dodge honest labor, but they have no claim on anything that anyone else has. Nothing. Once they get cold enough and hungry enough, they WILL find a job. Benjamin Franklin said to make such people, "uncomfortable in their poverty," yet in America, the Left REWARDS IT through welfare, food stamps, Earned Income Credit, and other freebies, now, evidently, to include laptops and IPods! And we wonder WHY the Entitlement Class grows. It is good that Jesse Hijackson Jr, a joke Congcritter from Sh*tcago, has finally come out in the open and declared his redistribution dream, which is so much different than the dream of MLK, Jr., to have a strong Black race, competing freely with every other race, in a melting pot called America.

Liberty then, is being deprived of the Black race through the actions of useful idiots like Jesse Hijackson Jr, his Daddy, Al "grimma-wormtongue" Sharpton, the Demerrhoids (the KKK party), and other race baiters who oppress anyone in their quest to enforce equal misery on all Americans. It is the Conservatives who call to the Black race to join us and find the REAL freedom of being able to pursue one’s dream in a free country, as a free person, without interference of a corrupt union or a corrupt and unjust government, that taxes and regulates our Life and Liberty away through activist judges. For only when we can live our lives, with a limited government and a free society, competing in a free market, within a secure nation, with secure borders, where truth and justice are held higher than lies, power, and corruption, will we really be free. This was once how it was in America and will be again, once we purge this corrupt regime from our midst and clean out the government like mucking out a stable. To succeed or fail on one's own merit, on one's own choices, and one's own actions, is the only real justice and the only FAIR way of life.


Further Reading  on our RIGHTS...(attention Jesse Hijackson Jr/Parasite Class):

US Constitution
Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence


  1. Gunny,

    Outstanding essay!

    The left is consummed with the notion of "more equal" which can't possibly exist by any definition.

    The whole notion of wealth redistribution is a vote getter created by the Dims that has served them well. Now we have reached a point where the adults that remain in America have woken up to this scam.

    The left knows it and the antics of late prove their desperate attempts to cling to power.

  2. We all had a chance at the golden ring.
    I sure had a shot at it.
    Didn't get rich.
    But I don't hold it against those that did.
    We all had the chance.
    That's what counts.

  3. Hardnox,

    Thanks for the kudos and I agree, the Left is getting desperate as they see their cash cows wandering off of the libtard plantation to the slaughterhouse! haha.

  4. Buck,

    I could not have said it better. The American Dream summed up nicely.

  5. excellent comments Gunny,
    This whole thing has me so angry that I had to just stay away from most of the news for a couple of days.
    Why can't these people see that they are running out of taxpayers?
    I was so sick of seeing these slobbering, screaming,nasty, selfish, self absorbed, idiots, demanding their "rights".
    And then they said that Governor Walker is going to negotiate because has poll numbers are dropping!!
    And Jesse Jr. wanting Ipods and laptops for black kids!! They would have been much better off with the vouchers to go to decent schools that Obama took away!!

  6. Nanna,

    It is depressing BUT there is also a bright side in that, the Libvermin have come out of the closet and shown their true colors, and America ain't buying it! The more they protest, the more they grub for our money, the more they look like what they are, parasites.

    As for Gov. Walker, a few years ago, he'd have done NOTHING but rubberstamped it but the RISE of Conservatism in America is giving our side some BACKBONE! Rejoice.

  7. Take a bow. Good post. The only part I have a difference with,is our rights ARE being voted away by assholes who just do NOT get what is happening.

  8. Clyde
    Our rights are being voted away by assholes who don't give a shit what is happening.

  9. I take solace in the fact that everyone on here is old and will die soon and leave the decision making to those who live in the real world. Its hilarious that you spend the entire essay preaching about how you keep what you work for and shouldn't have to pay taxes. Then you transition seamlessly into how African Americans are taking advantage of the system by accepting help that the government offers. Love tuning in to catch my daily dose of RACISM AND LUNACY! I still remember that GEM of knowledge when NANNA said she didnt like hearing the words "freedom" coming out of "Obamas purple lips" Keep trying Gunny if you hate them loud enough you may be able to get rid of them!

  10. libsauce,

    I had to laugh at your post and posted it to give others a good laugh. I'm in my forties and FAR from dying! haha.

    Now, if you'd of READ the essay, I talk about paying REASONABLE taxes that keep the government RUNNING, as per the Constitution, not giving it away to parasites like youself.

    And how is it racist to discuss Jesse Hijackson and his son grubbing for money from the DNC in order to keep them on the plantation? I would direct you to the historical fact that DEMOCRATS were/are the KKK, not the GOP. In fact, it was the NAACP who got the billboard discussing that the abortion rate among blacks in NYC is 70%! How does THAT help the black race?

    Also, please note that I WHOLLY ENDORSE and would eagerly work for LtCol Allen West for POTUS. Note that LtCol West is 100% black and not 1/8 black like your false messiah. Any racism is in YOUR CAMP.

    Nanna didn't like hearing the word freedom from Obama because HE DOES NOT MEAN IT! The FCC trying to stifle the 1st AM, Obama trying to get an internet "off switch", the ATF scandal along the southern border in order to kill the 2d AM, Holder only enforcing laws he AGREES with, etc., it appears that Nanna was RIGHT!

    So libsauce, when you grow up and grow a brain, come on back and apologize for being a dumbass libstain. We'll forgive you because you MTV babies are simply clueless and dumbed down by your teachers, who now want more money! haha!

  11. As long as the teachers union controls education mouth breathers will keep voting democrat and we'll keep sliding into the socialism sewer

  12. milwaukeerob,

    I could not agree more. I laugh when these union parasites want more money and more benefits yet turn out a substandard product! If they were teaching kids and we were #1 in the world, I MIGHT buy off on it, but now, SHEEEEEET no.

  13. Ah, now Gunny, once again your problem is that you have functioning brain cells and actually use them for more than demanding nonexistent rights. If you would just let go of the facts and data, and feel how badly those poor poor union thugs feel, then you will understand!

  14. theinterface,

    Ah, THAT is the Rosetta Stone for understanding leftist thinking! haha Like Barry closing Gitmo before he kept it open because he had NO CHOICE! haha

  15. No wonder they want to shut down the internet. You could never have a discussion like this in the old liberal controlled media and newspapers. We only knew what they wanted us to know. Now they fear the ability of the Internet to spread information quickly to millions. I have to confess I used to be a robot too. Didn't really question what Walter Cronkite et al told me. It is very refreshing to have access to this kind of open discussion. Enjoy you posts Gunny, keep up the good work.

  16. hey Libsauce,

    Ditto here. We'll outlive you jacksasses. You all will die of stupidity or starve when the government teat stops producing.

    You probably assumed that we are old as dirt since we refer to history. You a-holes think that anything before 1999 is ancient history.

    Try learning something first. In fact take some reading comprehension classes before commentating. Your old racist label is a tired slogan. Try looking in the mirror. It's not us on the right that are obsessed with race.

    As you watch your liberal house of cards falling in on itself we on the right delight in the scene.

    One last thought... name ONE, just one liberal ideology, program, product, invention, or even a fad that has been worthwhile.

  17. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the kudos. I think that many Americans were fooled by the Leftists which finally led to the eruption of the Tea Party, which the Left AND the GOP hate. We have upset the apple cart that they have been riding for decades but they are not going down w/o a fight.

    What annoys the Left is that FACTS and worse, the TRUTH is getting out and they can't stifle them any more.

  18. Hardnox,

    Great post and a fantastic visual, "As you watch your liberal house of cards falling in on itself we on the right delight in the scene."

    Let the schadenfreude flow!

  19. Gunny,
    I thank you for explaining a few things to libsauce. Now I have a couple of things to say also.
    I am mixed white and Choctaw Indian. I have 5 "white" grandchildren. I have 3 half black grandchildren. I have two half mexican great grandchildren, and 3 mixed black great grandchildren..
    I am so sick of this racist junk!! It's a constant cry from the left, without even knowing who a person is!
    When I paddled one of my grandchildren or great grandchildren, I paddled whoever was doing something wrong, and I don't count the color of ones skin as a reason for a spanking, or punishment. But if you are wrong, if you lie, cheat, steal, or any of the seven deadly sins. Your sin color doesn't get you a pass. Neither does the president.
    He is wrong, he lies, and he is trying to bring this country down. His lips are purple because of some idiot picking the wrong make up for him, But Purple just the same.
    I am a proud tea partier, a proud American, and what this man is doing he will have to answer for, in this world and in the world to come. Also all those inablers of the crimes he is perpetrating.

  20. Hey all,
    check out the comment that I got from a lefty on last week's column (the edition at

    Dedicated Vet Says:
    March 8th, 2011 at 12:33 am e
    It’s pretty shocking to see a website supposedly dedicated to serving the troops mock our Commander In Chief. When I served, I didn’t always agree with the acting President, and I didn’t always agree with my Commanders, but I respected their rank and followed their orders.

    If you want to be a political website, don’t disguise yourself as a military website. Under this President, soldiers received much better benefits and attention to their needs than anyone previously, including increased GI Bill opportunities and support for the equipment and welfare both overseas and at home.

    You’re a disgrace to the military and our loyal American soldiers who fight for our country’s ideals with honor and respect that’s the hallmark of a true warrior. Don’t disguise yourself as a soldier when you’re nothing but a hack writer looking for someone to share your hate. Look at if you want to see what you were “supposed” to aspire to.

    Feel free to nuke him.

  21. Hey libsauce How do you know you won't fall victim to a drive by shooting from the youth you think are going to be running things? There are decent youths I don't think your taking into account, just look at what James O'Kieffe has done to some of the biggest liberal organizations in the country and I think he is in his 20's.

  22. Gunny,

    The "worms" are turning. I just spoke (not more than 15 minutes ago) to a black plumber. I knew and used this man's father for plumbing work; and I now use this man for my plumbing work. He is a vet (US Army, Desert Storm, honorable discharge) and a small business owner with 4 employees. He voted for Obama, mainly because his Church and the black community just about demanded it.

    He said it ain't happening again. He apologized for voting for Obama. He said he now realizes that the color of a man's skin is no reason to cast his vote. He also said that the vote for Col. West proved to him that the white community is way beyond any racist hangups.

    He said he really started having negative thoughts about Obama when no one (including his pastor) could show him where the over one trillion dollars of the stimulus money actually went.

    Gunny, if Obama loses a sizable number of black voters, the Democrat Party is "toast". And it appears that the black voters in Mississippi (at least those who work for a living) are starting to have buyer's regret.

  23. To be accurate, I'm somewhat ashamed, I forgot one white grandchild. I have six white grandchildren,not five.

  24. Gunny your blog is not only right on but awesome and my honor to read whenever you update!!!