Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last weekend, Obama skipped Lincoln's Inaugural Sesquicentennial Commemoration in the Capitol, presumably because of a conflict with his tee time at Andrews AFB because to this nattering nabob, golfing is far more important than honoring Lincoln, someone Little Boy Barry has linked himself to, along with JFK, FDR, Reagan, and ultimately, God Himself!

Why is it that this clown the Left installed in the White House, Soros' puppet, always seems to miss critical events that presidents before him have made a point to attend? Among many other, it appears that Barry would rather play golf or play hoops, than attend:

The National Prayer Day breakfast (maybe Obama lost his prayer rug)

The end of the Cold War anniversary
The downing of the Berlin War anniversary
The Normandy (WW2) Ceremony (did not want to offend the Germans/Brits)
The Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington
The Ball honoring Medal of Honor Winners
The Scouts Jamboree (100th anniversary) to be with Joyless Behag on "The View"
The King of Norway's meeting at the Nobel Peace Prize award for Little Barry
The funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski (a long-time US ally and Barry went golfing)

And this is just the short list.

Can there be any doubt that Obama is nothing short of an embarrassment to this nation? That he is nothing but a narcissist clown, more concerned with self than with nation, as many of us stated back in 2008? That Zero ignored the Ball for the winners of the CMOH, few enough are alive, is proof positive that this idiot's priorities are anything but pro-American. In fact, the Gunny surmises that the Kenyan Usurper skipped that event because in his heart, he knows that he isn't fit enough to shine their boots or draw their coffee, much less honor them with his presence!

Hopefully, America will learn the lesson in electing an inexperienced idiot without an ounce of patriotism is his nasty corrupt body. Even better, let's hope that Americans have learned their lesson of electing Demmerhoids after the exhibits not only of Obumbler and Gaffes Biden, but also of the Demmerhoids in Wisconsin and Indiana, and in every other rotten Blue State. 

"See you on the links, that's my REAL job." 


  1. Obama=professional screw-off.

  2. Pardon my French but Obama is such a douche bag that I can hardly stand it anymore!

  3. There is one event I want Obama to miss. That will be the 2012 swearing in of the President of the Uniited States. Because he was defeated in the election.

    None of those events were of any importance TO HIM.

  4. Clyde,

    Indeed! If this clown ever had a REAL JOB in the private sector, he'd last, MAYBE, a day, before he was canned. Or as my Brit friends say, SACKED!

  5. Zilla/MJ,

    I could not agree more. Hearing this nauseating puke insert himself into every aspect of our lives is downright disgusting. Firing that steaming turd in 2012 WILL BE SATISFYING!

  6. Gunny,

    I refered to BHO as resident since day one, due to his lack of documentation, and more lately as Zero. Resident Zero is most appropriate because that is exactly what he is.

    Next year November can't come fast enough.

  7. I can't stand this man. I can barely call him presi....! For an old lady, you should see me move to mute the tv or change channels when the WON comes on to spout the lies someone has written for him.
    He has the plan to destroy the country, and just asked someone to work out the details and he would see that it was done.

  8. Face it.
    The boy-child is an arrogant, pompous, egotistical, narcisstic ass.
    He could give a shit less about America.
    I/you/we tried to tell the dumbasses who voted for him but nobody wants to believe they are wrong any more. Not only that most don't have the energy to read up on who they are electing to run the country.
    Other than that there are the ones who will vote for him again because they don't give a shit about the country as long as they keep getting their welfare checks.

  9. Hardnox,

    I could not agree more. The ONLY thing I fear is massive voter fraud committed by the Left, as we saw in Nevada for Reid, by the unions, for Obama.

  10. Buck,

    Yep and what is more unsettling is that these idiots CAN'T AND WON'T see past their next welfare check. Like they'll continue coming even AFTER the gov't crashes. The teacher's union has accomplished their mission of dumbing down the sheep.

  11. Hey Gunny, I linked to and quoted from your awesome post over at my place:

  12. Full Disclaimer: My husband works 60hrs a week as an Ironworker, I'm a stay-at-home mother, we pay our bills, we've never filed bankruptcy, nobody collects welfare or gov't $ in our home, we know there is a God watching over what we do, how we behave, how we treat people, & whether or not we are fulfilling our purpose on earth. I thought I'd mention all this, before I get "trolled", & accused of being some crack-head welfare queen 4 saying what I'm about 2 say:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE what has happened to "good Christian people" in this country. When people who sit in pews every Sunday at church proclaiming they love Jesus, turn around & yell @ a handi-capped person "You're not gonna get better on MY dime!", I have to wonder: how u can sleep at night, & where in the New Testament did u ever see Jesus say that helping people only when it's financially beneficial to YOURSELF, is the correct path to righteousness.

    And oh my gosh... the racism of a statement like this:

    "In fact, the Gunny surmises that the Kenyan Usurper skipped that event because in his heart, he knows that he isn't fit enough to shine their boots or draw their coffee, much less honor them with his presence!" This, coupled w\Newt Gingrich (a man on his 3rd wife) calling President Obama a "Loudmouthed Tribesman", & Fox News @ one point calling Michelle, his wife, "Obama's Baby Mama", not to mention all the hatred & demonization towards poor immigrants, laborers, those who've ever fought for the common man's working rights in a Union, or women chosing to keep their children (w/food stamp help), rather than Abort them, & etc. etc...

    Leads to me believe that u people have given up the Lord as your God a LONG TIME AGO, and have replaced him with the demons of money, nationalism, colonialism (which I thought we were SUPPOSED to be against in this country), your weapons, & your "stuff". THESE THINGS ARE YOUR GOD NOW.

    But nevermind what *I* think, right? Just a bystander stopping by, seeing what all the latest conservative blogs of the "good Christian people" of this country are saying....


    Pray on this my friends.
    All the souls watching your example of Christ's Love

  13. Oh, yeah.
    The other day you posted a picture of Zero on the golf course. One thing I didn't understand. With all the secret service, court jesters and just plain ass kissers around, why does Zero need to wear a cell phone on his belt?
    Oh, yeah. The dope dealer. Forgot the dope dealer.

  14. Yeah... I didn't think you'd have the guts to post the message I wrote on here yesterday.

    You guys aren't interested in talking about your responsibilities to God, and to all of His Creation.

    All you want to do is b*tch & moan about money, welfare queens, poor & disenfranchised immigrants, and how much you hate our "Kenyan" President. (even though, let's remember: HE NEVER GREW UP THERE, NEVER KNEW HIS DAD, AND ONLY MET HIM ONCE IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE, but of course, those are FACTS, so nobody wants to talk about those.)

    He's done everything an average American has asked of a black man: He worked hard, put himself through school, never joined a gang, has never cheated on his wife, never STARTED any wars, didn't have anything to do w\financial crisis when it actually started, and is a family man & decent father.

    I can understand disagreeing with his policies... but you people don't really talk about politics when it comes to him, do you? It's just "socialist" this, "Hitler" that, "Kenyan" this, and "Communist" that.

    You people need to GET IT TOGETHER, and put your priorities in check! You conservatives all claim to be DECENT, HARD-WORKING PEOPLE, WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, even though:

    Half of you are on welfare as well
    Most of you are NOT up-to-date on science or religion
    Most of you people don't listen to a WORD Jesus preached, about the poor, the orphans, the widows, etc.
    And most of you do NOT act decently. Period.

    You just don't! You people act crazy, paranoid, angry ALL THE TIME, and money-obsessed. My husband and I don't make much, (I'm a stay-at-home mother & he supports us), but we've said many times that we'd gladly give up a $1 or $2 an hour of pay, if it meant other low-income people could afford to go to the doctor, without losing their home.

    You people have no shame, you make excuses ALL THE TIME for you heinous behavior towards people who are less fortunate than you, and rather than placing the blame on people who are *actually* in power, and have the power to cause serious damage in this country... you instead, want to give THEM tax-breaks, and blame all the people on food stamps for the crisis. (lol)

    You guys are a joke. Why do ANY OF YOU bother going to church?

    You're just wasting God's time.

    But again... I doubt you'd have the balls to print this on your blog anyway, so I'm probably just wasting my time.

    But when you all are alone, and having your private thoughts, just you and God... I hope you remember what I've said here, the words of the Good Book, and Love of your Creator.

    You "Christians" and conservatives are *supposed* to be a reflection of Christ's love, here on earth.

    Wow. Major fail.

  15. You know it's not just events he misses. He has an incredible record of missing disasters via the links. During the Somali Pirate hostage incident, he golfed, during the BP oil spill he golfed, and while Japan is melting down he golf. What a role model for our children.

  16. Outraged,

    Wow, major fail...ON YOUR PART.

    Please show me where in the Bible it says that the government can seize the fruits of my labor for redistribution?

    You can look but you WILL NOT FIND IT.

    In fact when you can tell us how to STOP the BILLIONS in welfare fraud, the BILLIONS in medicare fraud, the BILLIONS in waste, fraud, and abuse in hundreds of other government projects, we might listen. Otherwise, you're just another liberal crybaby.

    What the government GIVES to someone, they have TAKEN from someone else.

    Get over yourself lib.

  17. Outraged? More like DERANGED.Are you for real,or simply one of Organising For America's paid bots? As Gunny told you,get over yourself.