Monday, March 28, 2011


Looks like the house of cards concerning the liberal's energy stance, ala Obama and his myrmidon Steven Chu, appears to be crumbling. The libs, for DECADES, have told us that oil is running out but guess what, it is yet ANOTHER liberal LIE busted out.

So we have to ask ourselves WHY the Leftists WILL NOT allow States to drill on their own LAND ala the 10th Amendment? WHY are liberals forcing higher energy prices on Americans when we are SWIMMING in oil, natural gas, and coal? Is it control? Is it sadistic behavior from liberal scumbags who LOVE to see others suffer (misery loves company)? Perhaps the most important questions is:



  1. Yup.

    Here's another link for you:

    According to that report, which is published by the Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management:

    "Estimates of the oil resource in place within the Green River Formation range from 1.2 to 1.8 trillion barrels. Not all resources in place are recoverable; however, even a moderate estimate of 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil from oil shale in the Green River Formation is three times greater than the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia."

    Yet we don't do anything at all with it, except just let it sit there, unused.

  2. Brian,

    Thx for the link. It is in the archives in case it disppears from the Net.

    This can all be blamed on liberals. Hell, he have libs up here stifling oil production who are supported by out of state money, i.e/., Tides, Greenpeace, Soros, etc. They don't care if oil comes to a halt because they ain't tied to it but thousands of Alaskans ARE!

  3. I gotta admit, though, Exxon et al are the ones who gave the libs the idea of an oil shortage.

    I was on Guam in the Chief's club in '72 or '72 whenever Nixon announced the cessation of the bombng of North Viet Nam.
    We were listening to it on the radio and a chief said, "Well, there goes the price of gasoline."
    I said, "What do you mean, chief?"
    He said, "Think about it. The B-52's won't be flying, the Air Force is going to cancel a bunch of JP-4 contracts. Mark my words, you'll be paying more for gas within 6 months."
    Paraprased as close as I can remember. But I do remember the conversation and I do remember withn 6 months there came rumblings that the United States was running out of oil and the price started going up. By the time I returned to CONUS the price for premium had gone from 31.9 to 85.9.

  4. While for the most part true,we can't blame it all on liberals,Guns. When the damned R's had the reins,THOSE cocksuckers did NOTHING about it either.BTW,WE are NOT allowing liberals to tell us what to do. It was the OTHER 65+ million moron march to the polls that gave us this bunch of screwups.That,and the RNC slackers who wouldn't know a true conservative if one kicked them in the ass.

  5. okay, I'm going to try this again. Only shorter!! Haven't had the chance to turn in a phone number.
    The EPA, Van Jones, and Al Gore had a big meeting (yesterday I think) It was about the evils of fossel fuel, and global warming. It was to a large audience of young people.
    Some nut case in England is wanting to do away with automobiles by 2050. All of these people are crazed communists. They want total control of our lives. I mean they are determined to bring us down.
    We simply must defund the EPA, stop this power that Obama and the dems have given them. They have had a huge land grab to stop drilling, and deny us access to numerous places that are needed for our well being.

  6. I recall OAPEC having a U.S. embargo in '73...

  7. Buck,

    That was also about the time the eco-nazis were getting started, ala Silent Spring, Holdren's BS, etc.

  8. clyde,

    Yeah, too few Repubs supported Bush 43 and his drilling gig. The GOP majority Congress is too blame for not going all-out against the libs back in 2003-2006 when they could easily have done so. We're getting shafted by both parties.

  9. Nanna,

    Add the BLM, the DOEnergy, and the DHS/TSA to name a few. WAY too many bureaucracies in the way of getting business done in America and most of them created by the Left.

  10. Kevin,

    I remember it well. We should have started MORE drilling then vice cutting back! Carter started killing us during his reign of Hell, Carter version two is finishing the job.

  11. Let's see...

    How many more will the liberals kill with their lies.

    They killed millions when they banned DDT.

    How many will die when all fuel gets to expensive for those a fixed income to buy??

    Kinda reminds me of the scene in "Dr Zhivago" when Yuri anf his family are stealing wood from the fences.

  12. Brian,
    That's an interesting link. Enough oil to last us 400 years.

    Our elected leaders are morons of the highest order.

  13. Gunny,

    Although I often don't comment (I have been very busy with work the last two months and went to Gatlinburg, TN with my family during spring break for a wonderful time), I couldn't help but notice your reply to BrianR.

    Twenty years ago I would have never said this, but perhaps it is time for all of us to start coinsidering the Mississippi River solution concerning these reprensentatives of Greenpeace and Soros. (Note Concerning the Mississippi River Solution: "They tried to swim the Mississippi River with more chain than they could tote.")

    In Alaska, with its vast wilderness, the solution-makers would be hard to catch after the bodies were ravaged by animals. Pack Rat has it correct. How many lives will the Left take with this cr*p before we all rise up in "righteous indignation"?

    Perhaps I am not to this point yet; but I am quickly getting there. And as I see it, all it will take for much of the country to rise up in an armed rebellion is a spark.

  14. Gray Ghost,

    I agree and that our leaders are FORCING us to this point is what is troubling. They no longer have the best interests of the USA in their minds but rather, lining their pockets and getting their exit plan straight before we crash.