Friday, March 25, 2011


While it is fun to watch liberals in Operation Flail Ex (exercise), also known as the Obama presidency, it is also bewildering to the Gunny how liberals are too stupid to understand how to "grow" or "fix" our economy, especially since it only takes three basic things for a nation to thrive.
1. Stability of the society
2. Education
3. Common Sense Leadership
Stability of the Society:
First and foremost must be a citizenry sharing a common goal, which America used to have, when we were all considered members of a great “melting pot”, that liberals eventually declared “racist,” for multiculturalism and forced diversity, i.e., rampant illegal immigration and chaos, are their goals for our society. Also involved in the stability of a society is the cornerstone, or, the family. Men and women come together in marriage, with the goal of building a life together, which includes children, whom they inculcate with the mores and traditions of their society. This ensures that the society has future generations to carry on for their forefathers. Liberals, on the other hand, cannot see a future like that for they are the ones who embrace divorce, free love, abortion, and other chaotic items that rip and tear at the fabric of our society.
Consider what the Democrats have done to the Black race, which they state that they are always "looking out for." A black preacher in NYC puts up a billboard that posts the abortion rate for blacks within NYC, which is at 60%, and liberals went ballistic over it, forcing it to be taken down. So much for freedom of speech as "allowed" by the Left. It seems that the only "choice" libs WANT is the choice to murder an infant, a choice their Dear Leader endorses. The national abortion rate is 20% so how does abortion, endorsed by liberals everywhere, help the black race? In a nutshell, it don’t. Margaret Sanger would be proud of Left, very proud.
So our society loses a bit of stability because women are not getting married, not having kids, either by using the pill or through abortion. In addition, men are released from their traditional role as bread-winners, fathers, family leaders; etc, as single moms (Octomom for example) have kids willy-nilly, from various men, who often skate out of their responsibilities as fathers, if not as men. And Americans wonder why kids are running rampant in the streets, flash-mobbing, having sex at 12-13, BJs in school, dropouts, teen pregnancies, killing, robbing, etc, etc.
The government further destabilizes our society through things like TARP, QE1, QE2, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts, which is beginning to cut into the average American’s budget, to no good end. Indeed, this regime’s illegal oil drilling ban has begun to bite with four dollar a gallon gas and it is not even summer yet. But never fear, the left is trotting out the idea for a new tax on us, a driving tax on how many miles you drive; instead of drilling and refining, they’re “nudging” us to drive less! Indeed, the new scandal of this regime selling guns to the Mexican cartels through the ATF and our insecure southern border has a destabilizing effect all its own and when combined with about 20 MILLION illegal aliens, who cost us billions and billions in crime, welfare, health care, court costs, prison costs, deportation costs, etc. The Left and their governance, through Nutsy Baloney, Dingy Reid, and Obama are probably the most destabilizing effect in America today. Who can doubt or deny that Americans who have the skills and jobs are becoming angry about having to pay more and more taxes to support stupid government programs like ObamaKare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security that are rife with fraud, waste, and abuse. Why should WE pay more taxes to support Oprag viewers who are content to sit on their asses and lick the government’s hand for the crumbs? Yet it is the Left that FORCES banks to lend money to these parasites, ala CRA, that they cannot repay, and like our government, simply fall into more and more debt that cannot be repaid except by acquiring more debt, and we take the hit through Fannie/Freddie.
How can illegal aliens, criminals one and all for coming here unasked and unchecked, get handed a job, allowed to get a driver’s license, a social security card (usually false), food stamps, welfare, free medical care, free schooling and often IN STATE tuition rates, and the ability to VOTE! Destabilizing America? Does a bear crap in the woods? Yet who endorses this? Soros and his bought and paid for DNC.
Sixty-Six percent of 8th grade students in the state of Wisconsin cannot read. Think about that for a second as you think about 50% of the residents of DC being functionally illiterate! Yet in Wisconsin, and in other states, the Left is actually DEFENDING these incompetent teachers through their greedy union bosses and clowns like Jesse Hijackson and other moronic lefties. How in the HELL can one defend a position as this? We rate a raise and bargaining rights because we got 34% of the 8th graders to read? How ludicrous is THAT? Well, then again, we have a president who’s never shown a real birth certificate or his grades so there you have it. The instability of our society continues because children are not longer being taught the truth about America but rather, bullshit concocted by the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and his ilk! How many seniors across America have ever read or studied the Constitution in school? Hell, even Nutsy Baloney could not grasp that ObamaKare was unconstitutional, "are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?" The NEA and the unions who protect incompetent and uncaring teachers should be scourged from our land and exiled as the traitors they are.
Across America, the dropout rate is about 30%. So 3 out of every 10 kids drops out of high school and put themselves between a rock and a hard place. Consider that as a productive citizen in a stable society, one must create more value in his/her job than he/she consumes. For example, someone who starts a business, that produces a needed item(s) and hires people to work there, does more good to society than harm because they are giving the opportunity for people TO BE PRODUCTIVE! But if you take a high school dropout, with no skills, and no job prospects other than entry-level, if that, but who still needs to eat a healthy diet, take medicine, get public assistance, has their poor choice to dropout subsidized by the government taking money from someone else and giving it to the dropout. Fair? Not hardly. There can be no doubt that an unproductive person is a destabilizing and liability to society simply because they produce less than they offer. Unproductive and uneducated people are the direct recipients of a centralized government and what gives said government the impetus to live on even as we’re trying to kill the beast. One would think that the Lapdog Media would take note of this serious issue and condemn the public labor unions for their defense of lousy teachers who put this nation is serious jeopardy. But no, they're too busy reporting on how The First Wookie is a fashion plate. GAG!
Common Sense:
Consider the liberal’s stance on drilling for oil, refining our own gas, and using America’s natural resources for the American economy. They [Obama] halt drilling yet allow foreign nations to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, who are not liable to American regulations? Is this not an invitation to disaster? But the liberals go a step further, they create a TAX on how many miles we drive but how does that help the economy? It doesn’t. How does it help the American workers? Again, it doesn’t. Not a common sense solution by any stretch of the imagination.
How many billions did we waste on Van Jones, the Green Jobs Czar, that are now lost because they are unaccounted for? Did Van Jones funnel them to various radical organizations, such as Ruckus? Who knows. Indeed, Liberals endorse wind energy and solar energy like they are the saviors of mankind, even as they condemn oil, natural gas, and nuclear power but evidently, liberals have failed to note that the sun doesn’t always shine not does the wind always blow, now that Ted Kennedy is in the ninth level of Hell. The common sense solution (which consistently escapes the Left) is to drill, refine, mine, and utilize clean nuclear power even as we research NEW technology that might one day replace them but that is in the future and we need energy for our economy and our homes NOW! Not to mention that the recycling craze, made mandatory by the Left in many locales, has turned out to be a joke, as it costs more to separate the stuff than it is worth! One more item that shows a serious lack of common sense inherent to the Left. BTW, the Gunny predicts $6.00 a gallon for gas in California by summer. Looks like Peggy the Moocher was wrong, Obama AIN'T filling her tank...
Take the Libya Incident for the perfect example of the lack of common sense of the Left and this regime. Does it not make more common sense to have a defined goal(s) in mind BEFORE committing our forces to the fight? Does it not make more common sense to consult with our allies OR CONGRESS and not the Arab League/UN before jumping into the fray? Does it not make more common sense to examine the lessons of Vietnam as an example as getting involved in a civil war with no clear definition of victory OR an exit strategy? Does it not make common sense to find out WHO the rebels are aligned with [al-Qaeda] BEFORE you back them up with AMERICAN forces? This regime did none of the above and the Lapdog Media remains silent, with a peep here and there but NOTHING like their incessant attacks on Bush 43 who WENT to Congress and got a vote for war, and who crushed al-Qaeda where they were found, unlike Barry’s Libya Incident.
In conclusion, since the 30’s the Left has attacked the fabric of this nation and in fact, accelerated their assaults in the 60’s and now today, as they have a stooge in the White House and a backer by the name of Soros, who seeks to destroy this nation. The candidate that takes on Obama has better come out with all his/her guns firing and offer common sense solutions to the problems that this regime has created in just a little over two years! Maybe this time, we’ll get a leader who is more into leading this nation than golfing and bowing and who has a big dose of good ol’ American common sense.



  1. Gunny,

    Well said. We can only hope and pray that the American people use common sense in the next election instead of treating it as an episode of "American Idol".

    This nation desperately needs adults in charge.

  2. I've yet to see anything from this regime that makes an ounce of sense.

    Our allies are treated like enemies, the most unqualifed are handed important positions, during every emergency, O'drama go on vacation, they pass laws that nobody wants, and erode rights that we DO want.

    When this shitbag said he was going to change America, nobody thought to ask if he meant "change it for the worst"!

    Recovering from 4 years of this clown isn't going to be easy.

  3. Great post Gunny!
    You know, each day it becomes more painfully obvious that this so called "president",has set out to destroy this country!
    He decrees something in the best interest of our enemies, then he heads off to party somewhere while the decree is set forth.
    It is a mystery to me how he continues to ignore our constitution, and yet continues to govern.
    I keep hoping he will choke on some arugala(sp), or a hot dog, or something.
    Gee, he is to make a speech tomorrow. That will be so taxing that he will probably need a vacation.
    I have NEVER in my life disliked a president the likes of the way I feel about Obama. Nope, not even Jimmuh Carter!!!

  4. They ain't liberals.
    They are communists.
    A rose is a rose is a rose.
    Call 'em "liberals", "Progressives", "environmentalists", or just about anything else they can come up with but they are STILL communists. A common goal, different strategies and they are all in the same club.
    Communism has been around in this country ever since ... well... Marx. But it has not flourished. Communism prior to 1917 was limited to a few "eccentrics". After the October Revolution communism was embraced by many of the "intellectual class" and promoted as the save all for mankind.
    But it didn't go. Americans didn't buy it even in the darkest depression/dust bowl years Americans didn't buy it.
    So the CPUSA (which took its orders directly from the Kremlin) changed course.
    Now they quit trying to indoctrinate the mature, adult mind and went after the soft, pliable adolescent mind.
    Once achieved on a grand scale then their "social" (read "socialist") programs would naturally follow.
    It worked.
    It's working today.
    It seems they have returned horse sense back to the horses.

  5. To heck with Obama's birth certificate, I want to see his ANG records....Oh yeah, he doen't have any.

    I want to see his naval records...oh yeah...none.

    Why should any of his appointees have more qalifications than he? Wait many of them do.

  6. While I do not discount the value of higher education,it seems that FAR too many of the "brightest" have not a lick of common sense. Good post,Guns.

  7. Hardnox,

    I wish I could be optimistic for 2012 but there are too many stupid parasites running voting for freebies without a thought in their heads about it. I mean, 50% of DC residents are functionally illiterate? And they VOTE?

  8. Sepp

    We're gonna need 8 years of Allen West followed by 8 years of Bachmann, with 16 years of a Conservative Congress to right the multitude of wrongs the Left has foisted on us.

  9. Nanna,

    I think that the First Wookie chews Obama food for him so no dice on the choking issue! haha

    Yeah, this clown is WAY WORSE than the peanut farmer ever could have been.

  10. Pack Rat,

    Obama's resume was so thin, he'd barely qualify for a burger flipper at BK!

  11. Clyde,

    No doubt. It makes me wonder what the hell they're teaching these kids for thousands of dollars a year!