Tuesday, March 15, 2011


EXCERPT: "When President Reagan retaliated for the La Belle attack by bombing Libya itself, Gadhafi got the message and quieted down. When Gadhafi saw that America went after Saddam Hussein's (suspected) weapons of mass destruction, he rid himself of his own. He even paid reparations for the Pan Am 103 bombing. Moammar Gadhafi is a madman, but not mad."


"But it could be. And to preclude that possibility it would be productive if the Obama administration got its marbles out of its mouth. Its pronouncements thus far have been all over the lot: Gadhafi must go ... but not if he really doesn't want to."


"Amazingly, the White House wants to wait on nearly everyone to do almost anything — the United Nations, NATO, "multilateral organizations and bilateral relationships," in the words of Rhodes. This is a highfalutin way of saying that first we're gonna have a meeting and then break into committees and then report back here sometime soon ... the good lord willin'. This is very nice — very un-George W. Bush-like, and that is somewhat the point. But Obama has taken prudence to the point of procrastination. The international community can almost never agree on anything. It always looks to U.S. leadership. 

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France established diplomatic relations with the Libyan rebels, but the world hardly noticed or cared. It's the U.S. that matters. We have the bucks. We have the expertise. We have the military. We lead, they follow. This may not be as it ought to be. It is, however, how it is."
Well, Mr. Cohen, as we say in the Corps, "no screaming eagle sh*t, huh?"

YOU elected an Affirmative Action candidate with NO executive level experience.
YOU elected an idiot who voted "Present" 130 TIMES in the Illinois Senate.
YOU elected a moron with a blank resume!
YOU elected an idiot idolized by clowns like Brooks, who drooled over his "well-creased" pants leg!
YOU elected an asshat who has terrorist pals like Billy Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, and Rashid Khalidi, who whines about the Palestinian pigs yet ignores the murder of a Jewish family.
YOU elected an dipstick so devoid of a brain that he goes GOLFING on the Saturday morning AFTER a MAJOR ALLY suffers a huge earthquake and a tsunami.
YOU elected a gutless coward who cares only about himself and getting his "golf" on and his Kobe beef on.
YOU elected a clown who could not point to ONE decisive decision that he'd ever made in his life.
YOU elected a fool who SAID he was gonna bankrupt the coal industry AND kill the oil industry and is DOING IT! (Gas now averaging 4 bucks a gallon)

And you're now upset. You've seen the light. Well halle-frigging-lujah, we ARE delivered because a liberal sees the light. Well, better late than never huh Mr. Cohen? Now DO try and learn a lesson here. Voting for a Demerrhoid as POTUS (LBJ, Carter, BJ Bubba, and now Comrade Zero) is a BAD IDEA that NEVER ends well.



  1. Gunny,

    Well said. Yes it never ends well but the American people always elect a demmerhoid after a republican administration repairs the disaster of the previous. Americans reach a comfort level and then are swayed by the invisible injustices that are highlighted by demmerhoids and advertised as "change". The process is repeated throughout our history. With Zero however, we will be able to point to the disaster(s) for decades.

  2. Hardnox is right.
    Seems every time we get 8 years of conservative government we follow it up with at least 4 years of idiots like Carter, Clinton, Zero, etc.

  3. Gunny,
    You hit the nail right on the head. The msm was so into a black man running that they made him into a godlike rock star. And too many people fell for it. The young screamed and fainted at his appearance.No one looked at his non existant record. And good on you for reminding people of the horrible consequinces for their
    failure to do so, for wanting a god instead of a president. They got neither!
    Oh yes, now Fox is reporting on the dumbing down of the Detroit tests. Another time you were first on something.

  4. The ONLY thing this hapless bunch can project is weakness.He said it himself,"The U.S. will no longer be the leader of the world". And,THAT is about the ONLY thing the asshat has kept his word on. Good post.

  5. And another thing....

    Ever notice when a lib finally does see the light, They beive they have reached the holy grail, that no one else ever thought of it????????

  6. Buck,

    Absolutely true!! The asshats believe that they own the franchise on knowledge...then they write a book about it too.

    Case in point is war in Viet Nam. The Demmerhoids started it. Screwed the pooch. Then Nixon went about fixing it and the demmeroids blamed him for the whole war.

  7. Hardnox

    I wonder if the traitors had not defunded the war would the South prevailed?

  8. good post, it made me laugh at the constant buffoonery on the left...

    cheers mate, from a summer day in NZ

  9. Buck,

    I don't doubt that one bit. The Dims have the blood of millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians on their hands. That is an indisputible fact and they know it.