Thursday, March 10, 2011


EXCERPT: "WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama smiled when he said his large ears and funny name once made him a target of school-yard harassment. But he was all seriousness Thursday when he told a White House conference on bullying that torment and intimidation must not be tolerated."

Okay, thanks for the update there, Captain Frigging Obvious, tell us something we DON'T KNOW. The Gunny has long said that Obama was a wimp who could not fight his way out of a thick fog and BAM! Zero confirms it.

What is really amazing about this story is that we have SO MANY REAL PROBLEMS facing America, from Democrat incurred massive debt, to Democrat incurred higher UNemployment (especially since this regime changed the formula for tabulating it so that it SEEMS lower), to Democrat incurred betrayal of our allies, to Democrat incurred higher gas prices, to Democrat incurred Union thuggery, to Democrat incurred violence and calls for revolution, to Democrat incurred racial divides (thanks to Obama
and Holder), yet Obama can take the time out to dictate to schools across the land?

Does anyone else think that it is creepy as Hell that this crybaby seeks to insert himself into every aspect of our lives? It reminds the Gunny of what the First Grifter puked out back in 2008:

"Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed."

So Soetoro the Kenyan will require US to work? When does that triple-vested jackanape plan on WORKING? In between rounds of golf? In between vacations in Hawaii that a majority of Americans will never get to do, especially with this Democrat incurred sh*tty economy? Obama got bullied because he is a gutless pansy and lacks the cods to stand up to a bully. Maybe that is why he fawns and bows to foreign potentates. Carter was bad but this milquetoast is enough to make a red-blooded American projectile vomit. 2012 cannot come fast enough.



  1. Well said gunny.
    I can't for the life of me understand what the hell has happened to my once great country. I remember going to school in the 50's. We started the day with a reading from the Bible, (yes, believe it or not), then we ALL stood up, with hand on heart, and recited the pledge. No one complained, no one was offended. Then somehow, one woman took on the entire country, and because of a bunch of liars for hire, changed all that. The country has been on a downhill spiral since.

  2. Gunny, please!

    Don't encourage the jerk to "work".

    He might screw up something that otherwise might slide by.

  3. Crap! After all the years I spent getting my butt whupped defending my sister (who was 5 years older than me), I now find out that O'Vomit was bullied. (He probably cried too.) And now the Big O says he will no longer tolerate bullying and intimidation.

    Quite frankly I kept trying to find ways that a 1st grader could take on a 6th grader and win. After all, she was my sister! I learned that baseball bats are a good equalizer. But Dad said to cut it out after I broke one 6th grader's arm. Then I tried the sneak attack. They work good too, unless the odds are five 6th graders to one 1st grader (me that is). What I did learn is that there are some things you have to stand up for, no matter the cost.

    With all the trouble going on throughout the world, all Obama can talk about is bullies?

    What a wimp.

  4. Hmmmm....Obama is all against bullying, and the lamestream media covers it in depth. Meanwhile, Obama supporters are engaging in bullying, including death threats, and the media is silent or just giving the thugs' side of the story.

  5. Buck,

    OUCH! Maybe we should encourage doofus to take a permanent leave of absence! haha

  6. Gray Ghost,

    Yep. Dad always told us if you're getting bullied, kick their ass and it'll stop. He was right. Now I know why gutless libs are afraid to serve in the military, they're nutless from birth.

  7. Crawfish,

    That's liberal hypocrisy for ya but the more they cover, the more it comes out, and the more REAL Americans are finding out that liberals are traitors.

  8. Gotta agree with Crawfish. This sonofabitch WHINES about BULLYING?? And what,pray tell,was done to the R's and recalcitrant d's over the HC fiasco?? THAT wasn't bullying? Fuck him. With a capital F.This prick EPITOMIZES bullying. Fuck him again.

  9. Gunny,

    Zero is a pussy and he wants to garner some sympathy from the adoring masses. As always, when pussies have power they become the bullies as was proven when the had both houses. Once neutered they revert back to pussyhood and start that sysmpathy crap again.

    I read a fair amount of english language foreign news. The general concensus outside our boarders is that Zero is a pussy. Case's unanimous!

  10. Gray Ghost,

    I had a similar incident when I was in the 3rd grade. I stood up for a little Jewish kid that was being bullied regularly. That got me into regular fights with 6-7 kids at once for weeks. My mother chastized me for coming home with ripped clothes each day and my father gave me the hairy eye-ball look and said to take care of it.

    The cure: I followed each kid to their homes then fed them knuckle sandwiches one by one. All seven kids ended up with TWO black eyes. Problem solved.

    The best part was the grin from the teacher afterwards but she never said a word to me.

  11. Gunny: Zero's story about bullying sounds much to me like Hillary's stories about, "..spiraling down through anti-aircraft fire.." and "..Chelsea and I running through sniper fire.." Or Hanoi John's stories about going into Cambodia and all the atrocities committed by young American military.
    Face it.
    Politicians will make up facts of their past as the moment suits. Next Zero will be telling how he talked the bully into being 'nice'.
    Frankly, I'd sooner believe a Second Class Boatswain Mate's sea story.

  12. You got that right Crawfish.
    And let's not forget his political bullying.
    And his social justice bullying.
    And his bullying of government employees who whistle blow in the One's administration or flunkies.
    And his hiring of bullies such as Rham "dead fish" Emmanuel and Big Sis and Eric "my people" Holder.

  13. If the totus lacks a sack full of codrills makes you wonder who was pumpin up moochelle. Looking at her you gotta figure he aint got enough a** to mount and handle it, handle it. Could it be they aint his? All the rest of his life is and has become a lie sooner or later.