Monday, August 16, 2010


When you get an email like the one the Gunny got on Saturday, it is almost like manna from heaven. When the Gunny first read it, he thought it was satirical because it was a mishmash of jumbled liberal talking points and leftist jibber-jabber along with the usual massive amount of liberal typos and grammatical errors. (The Gunny changed nothing but the paragraph spaces for brevity's sake.)Check out the email chain.
From: robertbXXXX at

Hello! I just came across your blog the other day,and I would like to offer some comments.First of all,I'm a liberal and proud of it. But a moderate one.I've never believed in Marxism or communism,and have always believed in capitalism-but not the kind that right-wing extremists like you advocate. Total laissez-faire capitalism which destroys the absolutely essential safety net for the unfortunate in the name of "personal responsibility and rugged individualism". Your pathetic blog just rehashes the same old reactionary B.S.

In fact,you're in the wrong field. You could become fabulously wealthy in the fertilizer business,because that's how full of it you are ! I'm sick of the way right-wingers like you blame liberals and liberalism for all our nations ills, as if the conservative republicans weren't to blame too. Yes, there are left-wing idiots and scoundrels,but there are at least as many right-wing idiots and scoundrels too,in Washington. I'm not one of those doctrinare politically correct,multicultural,blame America for everything,marxist,communist,America-hating left-wingers, but I am pro-choice,pro gay rights, pro separation of church and state, pro REASONABLE gun control,not for confiscating any one's weapons, not anti-christian but absolutely opposed to the theoicratic agenda of the religious right,and as a classical musician and advocate for the popularization of classical music in America,I am%100 for much more funding for the National Endowment For The Arts,which is pitifully underfunded. I'm also against the death penalty,and opposed to proposition 8,because it will only open up the slippery slope to the persecution of gays in America.And by the way,I'm a heterosexual.I just can't stand intolerance of gay people or intolerance of any kind.

I also believe in free speech for every one,liberal or conservative. I'm liberal but not left-wing.I don't like to call myself left-wing because this implies that you are a marxist and a communist,which I am most certainly not. But I despise the hypocritical right-wing extremists who whine endlessly about the need for"limited government" but who want unlimited power for the government to pry into our bedrooms,and to arbitrarily censor and ban any book,magazine,film,television program or whatever they happen to disapprove of,for whatever reason.

I voted for Obama not because I"worship" him and think he's "the one" but because the republicans are infinitely worse. The thought of a despicable piece of filth like Michelle Bachmann getting power in America makes me mess my pants. She's also a twit with a tw*t. Or Jim De Mint, who wants to see gays not allowed to teach in public schools,and is nothing but a bigot. If it were a choice between these two running for president and V.P, and the democrats appointed a team of Bo the dog for president and a banana as V.P., I'd still vote democrat. Or other right-wing scoundrels.

I don't worship Obama,but I do erespect him. He's not the evil monster he's been made out to seem by the conservative lying machine. He's a good,decent and honorable man and reasonable,level-headed and fair-minded.Of course he's not perfect. But he's no communist or marxist. And he has more intelligence in his left pinky that former president George W. Bush,that pathetic fool who has done incalculable damage to America amd the world in his disastrous two terms.

I don't "hate" him.He's not evil in any way,and meant well. But his incompetence was total,and he let that horrible monster Cheney run the show. As the old saying goes,the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And I don't buy all the garbage about Obama being an"illegal alien"(what anidiotic claim,foreign born and all that.It's all a pack of lies.Or all the B.S about him being linked to Alinsky and Ayers etc. Lies,lies and nothing but lies ! In fact,Obama is a much more legitimate president thanW.,who lost the election and should never have even served one term.

I'm worried as hell about the next election,and the definite possibility of electing a right-wing tyrant who will tell gullible conservatives everything they want to hear and set up a right-wing tyranny infinitely wrse than an Obama administration.

Respectfully,Robert BXXXX,proud liberal,New Rochelle,NY.
Now the Gunny thought someone was playing with him because NO ONE can be this deep in their kool-aid cup. So the Gunny asked for verification.

Before I can laughingly post something like this on my blog and rip it apart, I need to know if you were serious or being satirical. If you're serious, seek help, if you were being satirical, thanks for the laugh.

Robert's Answer: "Hello! I'm dead serious and srand by everything I said. People like you aren't conservatives.You're effin'reactionaries! You don't want to"preserve" the best o the past,you want to turn back the clock and destroy all th eenormous social progress this country has made in recent years. I'm no communist,but I'm just as opposed to tyranny of the right-wing kind as I am to tyranny of the left-wing kind.

And I'm a lot saner than right-wing loonies like you. I'm sick of the way Obama has been demonozed by the right and accused of being the antichrist. He's no such thing. And the ironic thing is that the real left in America,of which I'm absolutely no part,doesn't even think much of Obama or support him,because he's too conservative for them! But these days,any one who's even slightly to the left of the conservative establishment is automatically accused of being a socialist,marxist and communist.

It's idiotic the way Obama is being accused of trying to turn America into another Soviet Union,communist China or Castro's Cuba. There's no more chance of this happening under him than Osama Bin Ladn converting to Judaism and settling in Israel.

The Gunny asked him if he was Jewish: "Yes,I am Jewsih,but non-observant and secular,but not an atheist,because atheism doesn't have any holidays ! Robert BXXXX."
Where can one start to rebut this nonsensical pile of liberal bilge water?

First of all, the author of this email is a classical musician and sees no problem with you supporting the National Endowment of the Arts with your tax money. This individual wrote an article on it (yes Robert, the Gunny open-source researched you) and he wrote:

"But unfortunately, because of difficult economic times, the existence of many of them is threatened. Running a world-class symphony orchestra or opera companies is an expensive proposition. There are so many people to pay, and so many expenses.
And they provide employment for so many talented people; musicians, singers, conductors, skilled administrators etc. in all 50 states."

Ah, you see, Robert is a musician and he wants YOU to support his lifestyle. Whether or not you attend a symphony, pony up the dough. Well, Robert, you are against capitalism but if we had a free market where people had MORE disposable income and businesses could grow, they MIGHT  sponsor orchestras and symphonies, you'd be able to live your easy lifestyle and not have to sponge off of the taxpayer. This is the classic liberal. He wants, you that is.

Robert is also for the separation of church and state yet the idiot he voted for, the Community Organizer-in-Chief just violated that ideal (again) on Saturday with this:

"As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable." Obama on the building of a mosque, by a radical imam, on Ground Zero where Muslims murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11-2001.

Oh, BTW Robert, your president said this during a dinner given at the White House to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan. Did Obammy celebrate Passover? How about a dinner to celebrate Easter? Indeed, Obummer STILL has not selected a church to attend, the first president to do thus, yet he celebrates Ramadan. What was that about the separation between church and state? Oh, and Robert, it was Obama who stated that he thinks the sound of the call to evening prayers from a nearby minaret is one of the sweetest sounds in the world? Robert, one of Obummer's buddies IS Rashid Khalidi, a PLO terrorist who killed Jews and still supports their killing. As a fellow Jew, you're down with that? Hmmm.

Robert also wrote above that he was "pro REASONABLE gun control." What exactly IS THAT Robert? The Second Amendment is quite clear on this subject yet you would have the GOVERNMENT decide what is reasonable. What if they say that NO guns is reasonable? Like a sheep, you would no doubt go along with that. Just like they did in Germany in 1933.

Robert writes: "But I despise the hypocritical right-wing extremists who whine endlessly about the need for"limited government" but who want unlimited power for the government to pry into our bedrooms,and to arbitrarily censor and ban any book,magazine,film,television program or whatever they happen to disapprove of,for whatever reason."

Robert, it is YOUR president and YOUR party that is trying to bring back "localism" and the so-called "Fairness Doctrine." It is YOUR president's SCOTUS tool, Kagan, who stated that "some speech can be disappeared." It is YOUR president that is trying to gain control of the Internet through bills in Congress. It is YOUR party members, like Jonathan Zasloff (law professor at UCLA) that wanted Fox News censored by the Feds. BTW, it was Sarah Spitz, a liberal, working for NPR, a US taxpayer funded pablum-puking outlet, who wished Rush Limbaugh dead. Indeed, it was YOUR president who wanted to [sic] some moron on Sean Hannity to "rip him up." The only censoring is being done by the left. SEIU at Tea Party rallies, leftist twerps at Conservative speaking engagements, etc. Speaking of censorship and Pravda-like media actions, how about that Journolist huh?

On Sunday, the Brit press published this nugget: "So when he and his daughter, Sasha, took a dip in the sea off Florida this weekend, only the White House photographer was allowed to capture proceedings." (Link at the bottom of the page.)

Only the WH photog was allowed to view it? Kinda like Comrade Barry's censorship of the BP oil spill. NO ONE was allowed to view the spill. Why? Something to hide? 

Really Robert? FACT: He was mentored as a kid by Communist pedophile Frank Marshall Davis and refers to him in his two autobiographies (there is a joke in there somewhere). FACT: Obummer spent 20 YEARS in a racist church that preached the Marxist theology of Black Liberation. Commie, Marxist, Racist, Anti-American. That's what you voted for.

Robert writes: "And I don't buy all the garbage about Obama being an"illegal alien"(what anidiotic claim,foreign born and all that.It's all a pack of lies.Or all the B.S about him being linked to Alinsky and Ayers etc. Lies,lies and nothing but lies !" (Robert, were your hands over your ears as you yelled that?)

Robert, factually speaking, YOUR president is the son of a British subject. His father was a Kenyan national. His birth certificate is under wraps in Hawaii, protected by three law firms. In fact, there IS something going on there and THAT was revealed by a former employee in the Hawaii Vital Records section. Indeed, Obama traveled to Pakistan with a college friend but we don't know if he was on an American passport because the State Department records have conveniently disappeared prior to a FOIA request. As a matter of fact, in 2007 Michelle Obummer stated: "What it reminded me of was our trip to Africa, two years ago, and the level of excitement that we felt in that country – the hope that people saw just in the sheer presence of somebody like Barack Obama – a Kenyan, a black man, a man of great statesmanship who they believe could change the fate of the world." Also Robert, Ayers has admitted to writing both of Zero's autobiographies. Cool huh? Normally, leaders usually write ONE autobiography, and usually AFTER they've done something of note! haha. Ayers and Obummer knew one another from their days as board members of the leftist leaning Woods Fund, even the leftist rag WaPo covered it.

Now the Gunny did not graduate from Haaaaaavahd but he has enough common sense to know that the First Klingon outed Zero. Oh and Robert, the First Klingon referred AGAIN to Kenya as Barry's home country in April 2010, the videos are on YouTube. Check it out.

Perhaps best of all is Robert's whine: "You don't want to"preserve" the best o the past,you want to turn back the clock and destroy all th eenormous social progress this country has made in recent years."

Ah, here is the crux of Robert's email, protecting the "social progress" which is libspeak for entitlement programs and social justice run amok. Robert, where in the Constitution does it give the right for the Gov't to seize people's money and the money of their employer and turn it into a fund, that is then raped by the Feds, replaced by an IOU? BTW, Robert, Social Security is now bankrupt. Or consider Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare, Robert, pillaged by illegal aliens and scam artists, raped by fraud to the tune of billions a year. Indeed Robert, it is YOUR Congress and YOUR president that has raised the deficit to the tune of almost 15 TRILLION DOLLARS! That is 91% of our GDP, with no end in sight. Where is it in the Constitution that allows the government to force people to buy anything, from a Chevy Volt to mandated health care? Answer, nowhere.

In closing Robert, the Gunny can help you venture forth from the darkness of liberalism as he has done again here in Alaska, rescuing yet ANOTHER liberal from their kool-aid IV, but you have to WANT to get help. But from your email, it appears that you need a serious help. Try not getting your news from Rachel Madcow or Herr Olbermann and start refusing to believe the dung posted at and daily kids. Ask yourself one question. Why hasn't the White House called Glenn Beck's red phone to refute what Beck posts on Zero's marxist links, his birth certificate, his violations of the Constitution, etc?  Comrade Barry has the number.

Oh and Robert, we now call your president Sir Golfsalot for all of those vacations he takes. Yet ANOTHER one coming up after 27 hours at Panama Beach for a photo op. But keep drinking that kool-aid and enjoy your 39% approved president and your 16% approved LIBERAL Kongress/Senate.


  1. A great beatdown, Guns. This guy must be friends with Hal. ("reactionaries") On my Facebook, someone I went to HS said,"Obama is going to force me to be a republican" in reference to the COWboy's words on the Mosque. What the hell are these people smoking that they actually believe it's about religious tolerance?

  2. Darn you Gunny, you took all the good points. There is only a few that you left to add to.
    First of all Robert, I think all who visit here will agree that what gays or lesbians do in there home is their business. We do have a problem when you messiah appoints Kevin Jennings a person who openly encouraged homosexual pedophilia between for students as “Safe school CZAR”. That is moronic!
    We won't even get into his other cabinet and Czar appointments who quote Mao, the greatest mass murderer in history who far and away executed six times the number of people Hitler killed.
    Second, why has Obama retained legal staff to block anyone form seeing his birth certificate? That entire issue is wrought with inconsistencies. He claims to have been born at a Honolulu hospital, yet neither has record of his birth. Since his mother who was living in Seattle, was in Kenya 30 days before his "supposed birth date", but then all of a sudden appears in Honolulu and then is back in Seattle a few weeks later. BTW Robert, it was a well known and common practice at the time to get US citizenship for babies born out of the country by going to Hawaii and getting a "certificate of live Birth" filed with the health Dept. a practice they had for native mothers who would give birth at home not at the hospitals. You wouldn't get both; you got one or the other, a birth certificate in a hospital, or Certificate of live birth if born elsewhere.
    Lastly, First of all Robert, I've never been a big Bush supporter, far to progressive for my liking. However I keep hearing Dimocritters blame Bush for all that's wrong with the economy, yet when I ask them what he did that messed up the economy, won't give a solid answer. When pressed they claim it was the tax cuts, yet revenue shot up after the 2003 tax cuts. Then they change ships and say it was his spending. Then when I point out that he had less deficit in eight years then Obama had in his first year they ramble off about Wall Street and de-regulation and the mortgage bubble (which was created by Clinton policies pushing CRA). So Robert, if you would be so kind as to explain what George Bush did to wreck the economy, we would all be greatly appreciative.
    I could go after a few other points, but I have to work to pay your salary

  3. Jim,

    Great post and YEAH! get back to work so Robert can play his French horn! haha. Figures he'd play something with the word "French" in it.

  4. Nee,

    I could not agree more. WAIT until you see tomorrow's post. SMOKING HOT attack on the community organizer-in-chief.

  5. GunnyG

    My take is that Wobert is another teenage troll CLAIMING to be what he DREAMS of being ala many another TH Troll.

  6. Georgetwin,

    No, he's a for real libturd, I open sourced him.

  7. There are plenty of people who think like Robert in the Louisville and Lexington areas. Maybe something to do with the presence of UK and UL.

    It does appear he has some difficulty with linear thinking. (Staying on track)

  8. @Nee:

    It is about tolerance. All of what liberals are clamoring about is about tolerance, not just the current mosque fiasco. After thinking about it for a time, I've come to a couple of conclusions.

    First one: Liberals are right - that is, the average liberal is, in fact, more tolerant than the average conservative.

    Second one: The word 'tolerance' is being used almost correctly here.

    Despite it's misuse as a sociopolitical term, 'tolerance', when I've seen it defined in a non circular manner (Tolerance -> being Tolerant; Tolerant -> Showing Tolerance) the word 'tolerance' is applied to one of two fields. It's either an engineering term (marking the point at which stresses on an object will cause it to collapse/break down) or it's a medical term (indicating the break point at which a toxic substance causes a negative reaction). Note those words - 'stresses', 'break down', 'toxic substance', 'negative reaction'.

    So yeah, liberals are more 'tolerant' than conservatives; they realize that we refuse to shoulder the Grand Government's tonnage on our backs like good little donkeys, and that we won't swallow their [CONSCIENCE FILTER IN PLACE - NO APPROPRIATE WORD AVAILABLE] in silence.

    As for myself, I don't 'tolerate' anything, unless ignoring it counts. A true threat I will challenge at cost, an annoyance I will ignore until it goes away or graduates to a threat, and anything else I will observe to determine if it should be challenged, ignored, or welcomed with open arms.

    @Gunny: Sir! Request permission to dissect message for myself and display the results herein, SIR!

  9. Ender,

    By all means, dissect and send to me in an email at my contact email.

  10. Pack Rat,

    SCARY POST! It amazes me that people can actually think like this OUTSIDE of LA/SF/NYC or other blue state ghettos.

  11. The good news is that when you get into the rest of the state, attitudes change. How else did McConnell get elected?

  12. I was building up a response, but you nailed most of it for me. Carry on, Gunnery Sergeant.

    So sayeth the possibly soon-to-be unemployed (AGAIN) retired Sailor.

  13. Pack Rat,

    And thank GOD for it. I love reading about the libzones suffering. good about reaping what they sowed.

  14. Craw,

    Let me know how I can help. Hit me with your resume on my dead drop and I'll see it I can route it towards some contacts.