Wednesday, August 18, 2010


1. Mosque Developer Rejects Meeting With NY Gov.

2. Won't Rule Out Taking Funds from Saudi Arabia, Iran.

EXCERPT: "The developers behind the Islamic center planned for a site near Ground Zero won't rule out accepting financing from the Mideast -- including from Saudi Arabia and Iran -- as they begin searching for $100 million needed to build the project."

Did they ask the Boss of the Dhimmicrat Party George Soros? He is ALWAYS ready to pony up the dough to screw America and Americans (Real ones that is) over.

Hmmm. Did Bur'aq al Obowmao KNOW about the mosque backers taking Wahhabist money from the same people who brought us 9/11? Money from President "I'm-in-a-jihad" who was involved with sacking the American Embassy in Tehran and seizing American hostages for 444 days, on Jimmy "the dhimmi" Carter's watch? If Bur'aq DID NOT know, then he's dumber and more clueless than we thought. If he DID KNOW, why hasn't the GOP (after they find their balls and spine) gone into full salvo mode?

Or are they afraid that Nazi Pelosi will investigate them?


  1. Isn't this something? I don't understand how this can be going on! I keep thinking we will all wake up and find we have been living a nightmare.
    Something else. Will the Unions find the where with all to say,"No" to building that abomination?

  2. Nanna,

    Give the unions enough money and they'll roll over and bark for the Islamofascists. As for the liberals, they're in full appeasement mode and they want Bush 43 to SPEAK out for them on this! haha

  3. Whether they build it or not, we are fucked. I am so frigging pissed. Have you heard that the COWboy in chief has not been seen eating until after sun-down? ARGHGHGHHHHHHHHH!!

  4. We should all go to NYC and go to the future site of Cordoba House, Invite some gay people, and have a Bar-B-Que. We could roast some pigs sings some hyms, and watch some videos of Apache gun ships taking out Muslim terrorist.

  5. "Full appeasement mode" that,s a great line,the whole country is in "full appeasement mode"is this country worth one military life anymore?? I feel more dislike towards the multitudes of greedy ,cowardly,liberal Americans than I do towards our foreign enemies.

  6. Smart move on Gunnys part going to Alaska,those in wilderness areas have some hope of survival in the dark days to come as the lower 48 continues to spiral downward into massive unemployment,crime,appeasement, and bankruptcy.

  7. Never the first doubt in the half my brain that is not tied behind my back just to make it fair about his radical muslimism. I think the new black panther house motto is You gotta a brand new nuclear weapon, I'm in a jihadtoo. The bum steer and malmud or wtf ever jihads name is are surely bros and hate America just about equally. One has to wonder what would happen to the bum steer if he was in I_ran with jihad and how long he would make it when he tried to take over being king of I_ran from the little piece of shitte?

  8. Can we trust TAQIYYA?
    Does Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle?
    Aint the bin obama living proof of where that gets you?


    "While Americans are being accused of biggotry, racism and phobias of all colors we must remember a few things:
    1. Iran, previously named Persia, aligned itself with Hitler and the NAZI philosophy way before WWII.
    2. During that time Persia changed its name to Iran.
    3. In the farsi language "iran" means "aryan".
    4. The "Cordoba Initiative" gets its name from the buildig of a mosque in Cordoba, Spain after a great muslim victory there back about 700 AD.
    5. It is a muslim tradition to build a mosque at the site of great muslim victories over the infidel.
    6. Ground Zero is the site of the greatest muslim victory since Lord Gordon at Kartohum.
    7. And here is the kicker:


  10. Nee,

    You're surprised? He's a MUSLIM! We all knew it back in early 2008.

  11. JIm,

    Drive-bys with lard filled balloons.

  12. Donnie,

    Thanks. Plus, there are only a few ways INTO Alaska and we can block them! Patriots IN, liberals OUT!

  13. R E,

    Indeed. The Left and the Lapdog Media LIED and COVERED IT UP. Time for them to pay.

  14. Catch the "grassroots" movement by construction workers concerning the mosque:

  15. who ever is in charge of the materials should make sure it is full of radioactive waste. then when they go to worship the devil and his human mouth piece mohammed, we can tell who was there when they glow in the dark!

  16. At 08:52, Donnie belched:

    >I feel more dislike towards
    >the multitudes of greedy ,
    >cowardly,liberal Americans
    >than I do towards our foreign

    Of course you do. As I've been saying for so long, it's you rightoid douchebags who are America's enemies, who hate your own country with a passion that dwarfs al Qaeda's.

    You want to see an America-loathing enemy of your country? Look in the mirror.

  17. Ivan,

    did you look in the mirror?

    We aren't the ones who refuse to pay taxes or serve in the military.

  18. Really Ivan? My daughter is on active duty, the 4th generation to serve. My family has five wars under their belts.

    BTW, aren't you an immigrant here? Ever serve in the military in your country or just sponge off them like you do here?

    Also, was it not OWL GORE who told you leftoids to "take to the streets because your gov't has failed you?" That would be THIS REGIME.

    So WHO hates America? WHO has spit on the troops, vandalized recruiting stations, defaced monuments and public buildings? The Left.

    But keep trying loser.

  19. At 20:17, Pack Rat whined:

    >We aren't the ones who refuse to pay

    Don't be ridiculous. Rightoids never stop agitating for lower taxes in order to cripple government and prevent it from governing. I've paid plenty of taxes in my life -- just never to the U.S. gov't while it was waging illegal war or executing people.

    >or serve in the military.

    Refusing to join an organization whose primary mission is to kill people is one of the most honorable things a person can do.

    It's astonishing that you death-lovers on the right can't see that.

    "The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service." -Albert Einstein

    In case you haven't heard, Einstein was a very, very smart guy.

  20. Now 20% of the country has figured out he is a muslim.
    His cabinet consists of tax evaders, Marxists and pro-muslims.
    He is here for one time. He knows it. He will do as much damage as he can in his 4 year tenure.
    He plays golf while Americans are dying.
    He uses the AF 1 like his personal ghetto pimpmobile.
    He sends his wife off on a trip to comfort a friend who'se gynocologist died.
    He disses England, Israel and any other close allies he can.
    I truly hope Americans have their collective heads out of their collective asses 11/2

  21. As usual Ivan tells only part of the story out of context. Like most persons, Eisteins views changed over his lifetime.

    This quote was attributed to Einstein, but when and where did he make it?

  22. Ivan bloviated: "Refusing to join an organization whose primary mission is to kill people is one of the most honorable things a person an do.:
    If your talking about Al-quada or Hamas, your right, if you're talking about the U.S. Military, you're wrong. That organization's main mission is to protect the citizens and the Constitution of the United States.

  23. At 23:32 Gunsel boasted:

    >My daughter is on active duty,
    >the 4th generation to serve.

    Not everyone thinks that's something to crow about. Ask Lynndie England's folks how proud they are of their little girl.

    >My family has five wars under their belts.

    POSSIBLE TRANSLATION 1: I come from a long line of homicidal maniacs.
    POSSIBLE TRANSLATION 2: My people have always been sterling examples of compliant cannon fodder, ever ready to kill and die at someone else's bidding.

    >BTW, aren't you an immigrant here?

    We are ALL immigrants here. Except the Indians.

    >Ever serve in the military in your country

    The U.S. IS my country. And no, I've never been messed up enough to want to be someone's armed thug.

    >So WHO hates America?

    You rightoids loathe everything America is today, although you claim to venerate everything you FANTASIZE the country used to be.

    >WHO has spit on the troops,

    Not me. I always considered America's troops mostly misguided, gullible and dumb as shit, not spitworthy.

    >vandalized recruiting stations,

    Fair game.

    >defaced monuments

    Also fair game.

    >and public buildings?

    See above.

    And now, WHO has repeatedly manufactured "incidents" and issued blatant lies as excuses to push America into war? WHO has collaborated with torturers, both foreign and domestic? WHO has assassinated a slew of foreign leaders, union officials and other dissidents and conspired with dictators and warlords in every corner of the globe? The Right. Always the nasty, power-crazed, death-worshiping Right.

  24. Ivan,

    I'd rather be the son of a homicidal maniac, from a family that has stood up for American time and time, than the son of a whore fathered by some sideshow freak as you are.

    BTW, I heard that your family is so ugly, that they only keep the negatives of the pictures they take.

  25. "We are ALL immigrants here. Except the Indians"

    Most scientists believe the Native Americans came over the Bering Strait.

    "WHO has spit on the troops,

    Not me. I always considered America's troops mostly misguided, gullible and dumb as shit, not spitworthy"

    Actually, many have Bachelor degrees and beyond.

    I doubt that Ivan could pass the mental and physical requirements to enter.

  26. Pack Rat,

    No doubt. I got my BA on active duty and one year of my MA before I retired. Finished my MA while in the private sector.

    What makes Ivan so funny is that females go where that sissy CAN'T!