Saturday, August 7, 2010


Or should it read, Liberals versus decency.

Due to the filth that has been posted on this page by Soros trolls and liberal infiltrators, all comments will be moderated by the Gunny AND only those with a REGISTERED (vice a Google) account will be allowed to post.

It will slow down the transfer of information among us but as usual, we adapt, overcome, and emerge victorious. The truth cannot be defeated, it is really that simple.

To the liberal vermin who contaminated this site, thanks for giving us great examples of the perfidy and foulness of liberals and their fetid little brain housing groups.


  1. Heh. Little basturds...can't even be grown-up and spew!
    So Guns, get your devil dog self over here, and read this...

  2. All we have to do is be patient,simple finances will destroy this new liberal diverse society they have created,for the most part liberals have no idea where money comes from, it just magically appears for most them and the rest it comes in the mail every month,the downside is the rest of us are gonna suffer too.

  3. Good for you Gunny,
    I was worried about what would happen, and how this situation could be handled. Should have known you would know what to do.
    I hope these people are proud of themselves for, as usual, trying in the most degrading way, to stiffle our freedom of speech.
    Folks like these have no shame, and somewhere down the line will pay for what they are doing to freedom loving people.

  4. Gunny,
    Great !!!! We don't need no stinking trash anyway. Typical libtardation, thinking that free speech only applies to them alone and if we conservatives have a opposing and right viewpoint they have a temper tantrum. Just as a 2 yr. old would. Good ridance. I think you've been very tolerant of these vermin for too long. Go back to huffy puffy or daily kooks where you can be w/ your fellow travellers that are on the road 2 hell. GOD BLESS AMERICA and God Bless you and yours Gunny.

  5. But Gunny she had that joy joy joy down in her heart.

    I think she meant that she hoped to see the bamster in the treesoon as he is the only unAmerican treasonous scumbag I know.

    God Bless America and God Bless you and yours Gunny.

  6. He hit my blog as "The Anti Liberal Zone"

  7. Nee,

    Great read. Thx. That is libs for ya, immature as hell and proud of it.

  8. Donnie,

    We MAY suffer but they'll suffer worse as we can adapt and overcome, they can't. They are children an w/o mommy and daddy to send them their welfare checks, they'll go belly up.

  9. Nanna,

    I could have moderated all of my comments from the start but choose not to. The side bonus here is that Ivan's putrid rants go into crapper! haha

  10. drogers,

    I have been pretty tolerant of their crap but I love giving idiots enough rope to hang themselves with. It gives me blog material AND gives us good examples how low libs have sunk.

  11. R E,

    Right back at you brother. We live in the greatest nation on earth and are DAMN PROUD OF IT!

  12. Stewie is throwing a tantrum as we speak. he'll have to clean up his act! Pool little Marxist turd!

  13. I saw this post after I posted a comment on the above fine essay.

  14. Beachmom,

    Disgusting huh? On the bright side, I can read Ivan's garbage and decide if it rates being posted or not! haha