Saturday, August 7, 2010


The Gunny got an outstanding hate mail that simply has to be passed on. Enjoy.

From: joyXXXXXXX at
Subject: Die pigf***er
August 6, 2010

"I came across this stupid site by accident. You are a stupid paranoid repukelikan!! you are a liar and a peace of sh*t and I wish you dead. Youre the fascist pig and gutless and you should thank liberals for laws that help people nott let them starve and be homeless. F**k you nazi. You are full of hate hate hate. I cannot wait until Obama puts you and your fellow fascists on trial for treeson and hangs you rightwing a**hole racists. I hope you die in a car accident f**ker. Have a good day." (only the obscenities have been changed)

Libs, when you email the Gunny at: PLEASE use spelling and grammar check FIRST. It makes you appear less stupid than you really are.

One has to really wonder on the depths of liberal hatred. They lay claim to being tolerant, loving, peaceful, the original “peace, love, dope” crowd yet nothing could be further from the truth. Oh how they LOVE to seize the moral high ground on issue after issue but it is, in reality, nothing more than another pack of liberal lies.

Consider this:

Liberals literally froth at the mouth when they claim to be for female rights, yet when Ann Coulter speaks at a college, the leftists pull an Alinsky and screech so loud, that she cannot speak! Oh, and they claim to be for freedom of speech but again, work to stifle everything except the talking points from Media Matters, which they blather on about, like parrots looking for a cracker, or should that be, cracka? They are simply clueless as to how stupid they appear.

Their hatred was never more palpable when the Iraqi War kicked off. It was American troops willy-nilly dropping bombs everywhere, bullets flying in every direction, and OH THE HUMANITY, over 100,000 Iraqis were slaughtered by those evil right-wing knuckle-dragging military pigs! General Be-Tray-Us! WHAAA! Then, wonder of wonders, over 70% of the Iraqi people voted ON PAIN OF DEATH, and the left no longer cared about them. It was all, SAVE THE TROOPS before Bush can kill them, get them out, whaa, whaa, whaa. What the real deal was, was that the Leftists NEVER cared about the Iraqi people and they NEVER EVER EVER have cared about the US military, it was only that Bush43 MIGHT have been right and woe to any success of American policy in the world (when the Right does it). Lest America be upheld as the champion of freedom in the world, the “shining city” as Ronaldus Magnum called it, the Left went into full moonbat mode and undercut us at every turn. “I voted FOR the war before I voted AGAINST it.” Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry (BTW, where’s that boat docked Lurch?)

Indeed, if the Left LOVED oppressed people, where the HELL were they when Pol Pot was stacking up corpses in Cambodia?

Their hatred comes from the fact that conservatism is principled and grounded by solid proven beliefs and absolute values. WE, as Conservatives, firmly believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. WE firmly embrace individual rights and that will never change. Our view of limited government is one that works FOR the people, not against them. And since we unashamedly embrace free market Capitalism, the economic version of individual rights, they writhe and gnash their teeth! The freedom of the individual in every aspect of their lives, from freedom of speech, to freedom of choice, to the freedom to keep and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, to the freedom of religion, are part and parcel of the Conservatism we support. It is anathema to the ideology of the Left, and they hate us for it. WE produce, they TAKE.

Indeed, everything is “personal” to a Leftist. For example, when a whale is harvested legally, by, say, the Japanese, the Leftist enviro-nazi suddenly has a revelation and sees the “real deal” of corporatism at work, joins the eco-terrorist group Sea Shepards (now on Animal Planet BTW), and works to impose THEIR version of reality on the world. Taking a whale, cutting down a tree, drilling an oil well, it is ALL evil to the leftists who are too blind and stupid to see that unless they are living in a mud hut, walking to work (if they even have a job), with no running water, no electricity, no A/C, no computer, no TV, etc, etc, they are USING the results of evil oil refineries, evil fisherman, evil lumberjacks, etc. Then, their fellow Obots goes along for the ride without understanding or knowing or even caring why. Monkey see, monkey do. Just like they spat on and reviled the returning GI’s from Vietnam in a group act. (No leftists, we will NEVER FORGET.) They are the eternal child, hating authority, that is, until they screw up so badly that they run crying to mommy and daddy to bail them out. They HATE to rely on us to fix their screw-ups. They want to be free to do whatever they want to without any shred of responsibility or judgment. They are teenyboppers with unresolved anger issues towards their parents on the Right. Liberalism truly IS a mental disorder and they prove it daily.

What is the crux of this issue? That liberalism is built on a pack of lies. We know it and they know it but in order to deflect any criticism of their failed ideology, they aggressively attack us and use SEIU thugs to issue out beat downs (as long as it is four of them against one of us) and violently confront anyone who disagrees with their group think. Just look at the way Code Pink not only vandalized US Marine Corps recruiting centers in Bezerkely but they actually sent $600,000 of aid to terrorists fighting the Marines in Fallujah, all with Henry “Nostrilus” Waxman’s help. Now the Gunny knows why Waxman is so full of hate, he was born the spitting image of the Phantom of the Opera but the rest of his ilk? Indeed, the Lapdog Media has worked overtime to shelter the left from the results of their lies. They covered for FDR, they covered for LBJ, why, they even had a Pulitzer Prize winner by the name of Walter Duranty (NY Obama Times) covering for Stalin as he starved millions to death in the Holodomor! And now with the colleges and universities in their pockets, they can rewrite history to their own designs. Hoover baddddddd. Stalin gooooood.

In another example of their hatred is the e-mail list of over 400 liberal Lapdog Media “journalists” who would consult each other in order to lie to protect their candidates, Obama, and then parrot lies to hurt Republicans. They even went so far as to wish a painful death on Limbaugh and not ONE of the so-called journalists voiced any objection about it. Indeed, they were probably laughing about that at their cocktail parties.

Liberals are totally devoid of any moral values, as typified by BJ Bubba Clinton, Rangel, Solis, Maxine Waters, etc, and they are as spiritually empty as well. All the better to not have to justify the fact that they befoul, destroy, and ruin all that they touch. Since they have nothing of value, they project that on others, and let their hatred run rampant. Misery loves company and the left leads a miserable existence and one day, will reap what they sow. They seek instant gratification, quick fixes, and handouts, yet heap scorn on those of us who see working for a living, being charitable, loving our traditions and customs, serving the nation vice taking from it, and embracing our God given rights as scum to be reviled. If that is to be, then the Gunny is PROUD to be hated for embracing what the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us as well as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We must be on the right track if the Left hates us so much. As the Seventh War Bond motto so aptly stated: “Now All Together.”


  1. Elsewhere on this blog, liberals have shown their true colors, thinking they could fool someone that they are Tea Party types, NOT! more like Toilet Paper.
    They exhibit the behavior mentioned, tossing insults about like monkeys with scat.

  2. Then there's the company that Obama bailed out and turned over to the union thugs...who then decide to build a new plant in Mexico. How's THAT for unions looking out for the rank and file?

  3. Darn...wrong link. Here it is:

  4. Gunny we live in a new world of Nazis call liberal and progressive rule which directly lead to socialism and outright Marxism.

    In the past these ideal lead to the deaths of tens of millions and horrors beyone belief, freedom did not live in these countries for decades.

    If the comming election and the next presidential election dont turn things around we had all better prepare to hang together for the common defense or we will surely all hang apart.

    War is brewing the only question left is will it boil into action or will we turn this socialist agenda around.

    My American Flag is upside down, my military wool blanket has the US on the outside and facing upside down.

    Minutemen must prepare to support the oaths they swore... Defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    The fule force gale of a American Storm must defend freedom in the elections and should we lose that we must be prepared for our Marxist enemies.

    I have always chosen to live lawfully and I will always do so but I will uphold the oath I swore if liberty demands it.

  5. Gunny,
    No disrespect, but if you are going to criticize spelling you should run the checker as well. Not saying I care either way, misspellings do not bother me. Just a tip.

    BTW, I read up on the Code Pink fiasco. It appears as though you are correct. That is a shame. We just finished up with the fallujah assault a few months prior and were leaving al-asad on the way back to kuwait for our flight home when this was going on.

  6. Wonder if our resident spellchecker/dictionary will point out the libretard spelling errors?

  7. Gunny,
    One more thing. I was just curious as to your take on the anarchist activities in Spain around the 1936 Revolution. From what I've read about it, which is not a lot, it seems as though communities were able to come together and run it themselves. This is of course on small scales. Just curious. Thanks JP

  8. A couple of things

    Jimmie Pittman: As best I can remember from my 7th Grade Civics class of 56+/- years ago it seems that the Spanish Revolution was basically communists vs facists.
    Russia offered to the Spanish royal family to hold the crown jewels for the duration of the revolution. The facists, as we know, won the revolution, allying the country with Germany.
    Uh...Spain never got the crown jewels back.

    Gunny: Funny thing. I can't find a single person who will admit to any act of disrespect towards returning GI's. I guess they felt like Godzilla only when they outnumbered the returning GI's who, by the way, would have been brought up on charges had they fought back....
    I'm still looking but they are nowhere to be found.

  9. Gunny,
    This person is deranged, as I find most liberals,aka progressives. Keep in mind you are loved and respected by those that are right.

    I agree totally about all yu have said. And these EPA people must be brought down too. They are out after drinking water in Southern Calif., in order to "save" another 3 inch fish, called the Santa Ana Sucker. Here in Oklahoma they are after the farmers because they are causing too much dust. Farmers say that they will ruin their lilvlihoods just by doing the things they want to cut down on dust!!
    And I was certainly around when the lefties were spitting on the service men coming home from Viet Nam. I watched it on television.
    I have come to the conclusion that they are against anything that is good.
    And as Rush says, "If you don't believe in God, you will believe anything." Most of these people don't believe in God. So anything that is actually low life, they will do, just to get their way.
    Take what this idiot had to say as a badge of honor. Like Coulter says, if she isn't making the left crazy, she isn't doing something right!!

  10. Don't know if you guys know , but the post "Rats Jump Ship," has been invaded by some horrible name callers. Some are using Crawfish and Pack Rat said, then write some awful things full of hate at N------!
    If you can do something, then something needs to be done. It has been posted today!

  11. Pack Rat,

    I get a lot of hate mail but some of the more venomous ones make me laugh. Liberals are truly juveniles of arrested development.

  12. Craw,

    Nothing new there, the libs and unions have been hooking each other up for decades.

  13. Anon,

    I believe that we are getting close to the tipping point. For example, liberals now have us at a debt to GDP ratio of 93%! How much longer before we end up like the Weimar Republic, bankrupt and rife with violence?

  14. Jimmie,

    I usually DON'T criticize someone's spelling as I could care less but when they appear as a deranged lunatic in a hate mail, it only makes them look more nutty!

    BTW, I never post anything that I have not researched, regardless of what Ivan mewls about. The Left uses their anti-war groups like pawns and does crap like bus them in, pay them to protest, etc. They "claim" to be for the troops but history has proved them to be lying there as well. I saw with my own eyes as a kid, as did many others, their foul treatment of vets. It is no different today and if you support their agenda, you hurt yourself and your fellow vets.

    Again, thanks for stepping up to the plate with your service.

  15. Jimmie,

    I am a firm believer in the original intent of the Founders in that states should run themselves in an "experiment." For example, if Taxachusettes wishes to impose universal health care on their citizens, so be it. Businesses will move out to avoid taxes, citizens will relocate to another state, etc, as they intended for us. But when the Feds impose it, that us just tyranny as we cannot escape it.

  16. Buck,

    You're exactly right. Funny how they all supported us in the First Gulf War and celebrated us when we came home. No one ever admits to spitting on the GIs during Vietnam but maybe they're all brain dead from their drug days! Too bad they still vote dummycrat.

  17. Nanna,

    The more they bitch and moan, the more I know that my bomb load hits dead center.

    BTW, that idiot is Proud Aryan, another leftist infiltrator, who will have his posts wiped as I find them offensive as well.

  18. I see the racist libs are out showing their ignorance.

    Pretenders that know nothing of real world, chosing to pretend to be a regular poster so they can vent their secrect racist feelings.

    Yet again profanity is the method of those who have no argument.

  19. Michelle Malkin posted a similar blog where her emails consisted of the most racist, sexist, hateful people (liberals and progressives) and there were frequent spelling errors and sentence fragments, which I find amusing considering liberals consider themselves above all human kind. To me their a step backwards.

    By the way, love the liberal who copied your blog name and is pretending he/she thinks they are representing conservative views. Actually, that is the liberal view in short. They think down on all the minority groups. Shame the black community votes dem. Luckily, more conservative blacks are coming out in the open.

  20. bwhawhahaha. Is Ivan looking up gay porn again! Then using that link, he posts his true beliefs! BWHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  21. Sure hope school starts again soon. The children are bored! As evidenced here.

  22. Hey Gunny, I think you have a fan for life. Although he should watch that video I posted for Stewie, then he might understand that Nazi and Fascist are left wing, not right. But what do you expect from someone infatuated with fornication with a pig.

  23. Nice to see a libidiot emailer so full of lov...oh wait, that was a little hateful, wasn't it?