Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Boy, it just gets deeper and deeper for the tool the Left stuffed into the Oval Office. Had the Lapdog Media and the bootlickers on the Left done their due diligence, this clown would still be working with Hanoi John Fonda Kerry in the Senate to screw the military over and NOT in a position to screw the entire US of A. Looks more and more like those birthers are right, this clown was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, and scammed into office in full violation of the Constitution. Let's see, so far, white military vets returning to the USA from Iraq and Afghanistan are a threat to the nation because they might join a right-wing group but giving to Zakat is cool. Remember how the Left HOWLED in agony when we called Bur'aq al Obama a Muslim during the campaign! His middle name was BANNED from the airwaves! Well, we were right.

BTW, this just in. Nazi Pelosi wants anyone opposing the mosque at Ground Zero to be INVESTIGATED! Here's one for YOU Robert. The fascism of the liberals raises its ugly head (and not just as the Speaker of the House.) See y'all in the gulags.


  1. Thank you Gunny!!
    How in the world can anyone not see what he is? This should be the icing on the cake!!
    He is aiding and abetting Islam to destroy our service men, and more attacks possibly here at home!! Our men need to come back from Afganistan, and guard our borders, and surround Washington, and keep those invaders out too!!
    I blame a lot of this on McCain. He was such a woose during the election. No one could call it like it was on his campaign.
    I am again just beside myself. This man is such a danger to our country, I can't believe we are in this position.

  2. Nanna,

    Indeed. Had the lapdog Media done THIER JOB, they could have uncovered this but they wanted to play kingmaker like they did for JFK in 1960. Only this time, they listened to Soros, took his money, and ran with the Kenyan Usurper.

    BTW, McLame was merely liberal-lite. I would NEVER have voted for him!

  3. Come on, his whole birth story has more holes in it then Bwaney Fwanks shorts. If you're born in a Honolulu hospital as he claims, than why would he have a certificate of live birth which was created for Hawaiian women that gave birth at home? That's just one peoblem, I have about 20 problems with his lie, I mean story.

  4. Jim,

    HAHA! Bur'aq al Obummer is as bogus as a BJ Bubba Clinton deposition.

  5. That video gets Claw'd this evening.

  6. Craw,

    Thx. My main focus of effort has always been to get the word out on these vermin. We got a fraud foisted on us and it is becoming more and more evident. One look at the frenzied efforts of the Left trying to silence all dissent is enough to know we are on the right trail.

  7. Would to God we would fill his zakat with his earned and just desserts, this no good muslim sob.
    Sharing this with everyone I can Gunny thanks.

  8. Yeah, Nan, baby, don't DARE investigate who is financing the Ground Zero mosque..
    Don't DARE investigatw why the new black panthers were not prosecuted.
    Don't DARE investigate how wikileaks got classified information.
    Definitely investigate who finances the opposition to the Ground Zero mosque.
    You'll spend several million dollars to find out the financing came from about a zillion individuals.
    Those "astroturf" folks, y'know??