Thursday, August 5, 2010


Liberalism is a zombie. It is still walking around, dropping a limb every now and then, moaning and groaning, and making a pest of itself but rest assured, it is dead and merely postponing it’s eternal dirt nap. Liberals, for decades, hide the debt they piled up in state governments and blamed the right for the deficit in the Federal government, usually Ronaldus Magnum, as THEY took credit for the economic boom he started. As BJ Bubba Clinton took credit for that what with his “peace dividend”, the jackass in the White House now is taking the credit for winning the war in Iraq, a war he voted against, a war whose funding he voted against, and a war he told his fellow zombies that he would get the troops out of with a magic wave of his wand. But what really happened? He followed Bush 43’s doctrine. But he’ll take the credit, that’s what the zombie of liberalism does. Lies. Smoke and Mirrors.

For example, Liberals have run the State of Mexifornia, formerly known as California, but definitely the Land of Fruits and Nuts (the small Conservative population located therein is excluded), has a deficit of $20 billion dollars! ONE STATE! Liberalism through the Ninth Circus Court blocked Proposition 187 back in the 80’s (it stopped benefits to illegals) and they’ve reaped the whirlwind every since as have the other Blue States (NY, NJ, MI, NM, PA...). The tyranny of Liberals and Liberalism seeks to impose upon us debts that are literally impossible to pay. To date, 93% of our GDP is debt. What happens when it hits 100%?

What has Liberalism given us? (Other than 14,000,000,000,000 in debt?)

It has given us the Ponzi Scam of Social Security, now in the red, raped by the Left, even as they continue to forcibly seize our money and the money of our employers, in order to keep funding benefits for illegal aliens. In fact, a reliable source told the Gunny last week while he was on travel in Virginia, that illegals and foreigners come into the VA Health Dept for maternity benefits, scamming the system and dropping their larva on our soil. Nice. Thanks libs. The Left has given us single mothers to the tune of 4 out of 10 new mothers are not married! Do they even KNOW who the father is? Obviously, they could care less but they know that free handouts await them. Ah, the irresponsibility of liberalism. The mere fact that 50% of all pregnancies in this nation are either aborted or are born to single mothers should anger every American. Liberalism, through abortion and single parenthood has almost destroyed the family unit, which, oddly enough, is one of the tenets of socialism/communism, for taking over a nation. We now have activist judges who say that they are protecting the Constitution even as they shank it in the back ala Kagan, “some speech can be disappeared.”

Liberalism is nothing more than a thralldom for idiots who think they have it made. Slaves with golden chains are still slaves.

When Comrade Oblunda was elected, liberals mewled that Conservatism was dead and gone. Wrong answer idiots.

Consider the following from Fred Douglass at the American Thinker:

“A marvelous thing happened over on Paul Krugman's blog at the New York Times last week. Krugman effectively conceded defeat on a range of economic debates. Who defeated him? People who posted comments on his New York Times blog. Mere commenters. For those who do not know, Paul Krugman is one of the few who still claim that Keynesian progressivism is the answer to America's (and Europe's) problems, not their cause. He repeats that claim many times each month. Amid these repeated expressions of his "progressive" faith, he now also repeatedly expresses grim despair because his progressive policy prescriptions are being accepted less and less in the public square, even by the Obama administration. Krugman is an academic. He has never run a company. He has never created a job. (Sounds like Obama!) The closest contact he evidently ever had to "business" was as an adviser to Enron, where (in his own words) he was paid $50,000 to help build Enron's image.”

How awesome is that? Average American COMMENTERS on a liberal’s blog tore him a new one to the point where the sissy boy living in Obummerland GAVE UP THE GHOST! This idiot was SCHOOLED by Conservative Americans! In fact, one libpuke named Latrina (the female version of Latrine) whined: "Who is this Sean from Florida? He takes everything that [the] Professor [Krugman] [says] and shreds it, piece by piece. He shouldn't be allowed to post his comments on this blog since he seems to be winning all the debates. We progressives need to stick together and embellish our talking points without someone from the outside pointing out fallacies in our ideology." Kudos to Sean for kicking Krugman’s ass and kudos to Latrina for pointing out the dishonesty inherent in liberalism and in the ProgStats (Progressive Statists). The one silver lining to the black cloud of Obomunism is that America got an “in-your-face” look at Marxism and the redistribution policies of a racist radical community organizer and rabble-rouser and DID NOT LIKE IT! We embrace American exceptionalism, liberals embrace the downfall of America’s greatness. We embrace God, liberals embrace godlessness. In God We Trust libs, so suck it.

Conservatism is freedom. Freedom to enjoy the fruits of YOUR LABOR! Freedom to smoke, eat salt, put your thermostat at 55 degrees if you want. Freedom to LIVE! Conservative is Liberty. People want to be free, it is simple human nature yet the ProgStats fight it at every turn and LOSE! We now have the ascendancy of Conservatism in local, state and federal politics with women like Michele Bachmann speaking her mind and liberals writhing in agony over it even as they STILL attack Sarah Palin and Governor Jan Brewer who REFUSES to back down! Not to mention that there numerous BLACK Conservatives in the 2010 race, who have seen through the smoke and mirrors of the ProgStats, and jumped the liberal plantation. They who have been in the crosshairs of LBJ’s welfare programs since the 60’s known who and what their target is. The slavery offered by liberals. The Right offers limited government, low taxes, and a strong stable nation FOR AMERICANS while the ProgStats offer big government, big taxes, and a hodge-podge nation full of criminals from south of the border and utter chaos from sea to shining sea.

Liberalism has lost this fight, Comrade Oblunda was merely the last gasp of a dying ideology, trying to force their agenda through like ex-lax through a goose but they did not count on the rise of the American people. The collapse of the bankrupt ideology of progressivism is at hand and there is MUCH to be thankful for. We must remember that as the Silent Majority (no longer), we are not in this fight ALONE! Join the Tea Party and be among your fellow Americans. Support the CONSERVATIVE candidate. Our tent is filling and the ProgStats know it. Just take a look at the ProgStats in full attack, flinging the race card like shit out of a donkey’s butt, hoping it will stick to SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE. BE optimistic even as you work for Conservative victories and the retaking of our nation and remember that WE refused to surrender our nation and our Liberty to a sniveling gang of progressive vermin and a ridiculous Soros puppet in the White House. We are literally giving them a fight they will not win nor will they forget it. We have them on the ropes and we need to keep up the attack. This not the time for sunshine patriots or summer soldiers. We fought these vermin by their rules for far too long and now, when the left trots out a New Black Panther Party member with a club at the polls, we bring a camera, some friends, and we STILL VOTE! NEVER AGAIN must be our motto as the Silent Majority. This is OUR NATION not the nation of a minority of fascist liberals. They WILL cave in the end because Conservatism springs eternal in the hearts of a free people.

The Rise of Conservatism, ain't it GRAND!


  1. GunnyG

    What I'll do on Liberalism's Grave won't be mistaken for mourning.

  2. Georgetwin,

    Maybe we can hold a rally when Obummer is going out and BOO HIM like they did Bush 43. I plan to eat a BIG MEAL of mexican food and LOTS of beer prior to visiting liberalism's grave.

  3. Glad to see you back in action.


  4. We'll see in November if the left has lost its steam.
    After all
    ACORN, SEIU et al have not weighed in with their cemetery bloc, entitlement bloc and illegals voting.
    It also depends how dedicated the folks on the right are, how much they stay focused and get to the polls.

  5. Great piece Gunny. You know it reminded me that most black people don't even know why they vote Democrat. You probably know this, but blacks registered democrat because if you were a registered Republican, the kkk would lynch you. the kkk handed out hit cards to it's members with pictures and names of Republicans (black and white, 1500 white Republicans were lynched)to lynch. So blacks would register Democrat and hope they wouldn't get cauught voting Republican. Only a trouble maker (like MLK) would actually register Republican.

  6. Gunny!!
    Boy do I miss you when you have to be gone a couple of days. It seems much longer!!
    This was an excellent post! People seem to be rising up all over the country, and I couldn't be happier. They seem to be saying NO MORE!!!

    Obummer's latest apology is to Japan. He is sending emissary to Heroshima(sp) for the first time since the war. Is this not the same thing as an apology? I am so disgusted with this little boy playing as if he is president. of the U.S.
    Gee even James Carville has come out saying that Democrats are in big trouble. (From his lips to God's ears.)

  7. Helcyrus,

    Thanks for the kudos. Just doing my part in the war against the fifth column traitor Dhimmicrat Party.

  8. Buck,

    We will have to be OUT IN FORCE to make sure it doesn't happen as well as volunteering at the polls to enforce the laws.

  9. Jim,

    Great post and no, I did NOT know that but it figures. I wonder how many blacks KKK Byrd intimidated...

  10. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kind kudos and it is good to be back.

    I'm surprised that Comrade Oblunda HIMSELF ain't over there bowing and scraping but he probably figures that he already bowed down to the Emperor!

  11. The only way liberalism will truly die the death it so richly deserves will be when these sixties radicals,and those they taught,are all dead and stinking.