Monday, August 9, 2010


Liberals have to be the dumbest creatures on this earth, really. Consider the following:

1.  Liberals love socialism. It’s in their blood. They swear that it’ll work out this time around yet back in the 20’s, even before the Great Socialist FDR began to stack the SCOTUS and pass his unconstitutional Raw Deal, a guy named Ludwig von Mises exposed socialism for the fraud it was and showed that it could not allocate resources properly without a free market to determine fair prices and that in the end, it would fail.

2.  Then a guy came along in the 30’s, by the name of Friedrich Hayek, who showed through a logical approach (this differs from the liberal’s emotional approach to life and life’s problems) that there was no way on earth that a centralized government could make informed and correct decisions, regardless of any efficiency involved, for an entire nation, and that was when there was only about 100 million Americans, not 320 million as there is today. His book, “The Road to Serfdom,” should be required reading for all Americans.

3.  And as far as historical examples of socialism, one only has to look at places like Oliver Stone’s and Michael Mooreon’s Cuba, so corrupt and poverty stricken that non-Cubans are “banned” from visiting the outlying areas in order to perpetuate the Castro regime’s lies. Then there is Obama’s Uncle Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, what a socialist paradise on earth. Starvation, disease, 10,000% inflation, but Ol’ Robbie Mugabe is eating good. From Cuba to North Korea (where the peasants dine on grass and animal droppings) to China, Russia, Chad, Europe, DC, Filthadelphia, Trenton, Detroit, Oakland, SF, etc, etc, ad nauseum, liberalism and it’s bastard child socialism suck and suck hard.

Liberalism and Socialism cannot survive unless propped up through lies and OPM (Other People’s Money) as well as having a dictatorial clown in office who rules by fiat while taking vacations to rest up from his vacations.

Along this line of thought, Sir Golfsalot mewled: "And finally, because of this law, the American people will never again be asked to foot the bill for Wall Street's mistakes. There will be no more tax-funded bailouts -- period. If a large financial institution should ever fail, this reform gives us the ability to wind it down without endangering the broader economy."

This boldfaced lie came out of those lying lips when he signed the capitalism crushing Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act into law. NO MORE BAILOUTS was the message yet a mere two weeks later the Gunny read where Fannie Mae was asking for ANOTHER $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds after the 12th consecutive quarter of LOSSES! To update you, Fannie has stole over 86 BILLION from us and Freddie Mac has nabbed around 120 BILLION through the legislation of a corrupt Congress, run by Nazi Pelosi and the Democrats! TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS given over to a Democrat slush fund managed by Banking Queen Bonnie Fwank and the corrupt idiot Chris Dodd. BTW, let’s remember that Chris’ daddy, also a Senator, was imprisoned for fraud and corruption. Obviously the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

1.  The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) was created in 1938 in yet ANOTHER unconstitutional act from the FDR regime in order to buy votes through giving Americans access to cheap home loans, thus bypassing the free market, merely in order to pump up home sales, which looks good in the media. Smoke and mirrors. Then, the liberals running Congress figured that creating Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (Freddie Mac) in 1970 was a good idea in order to end Fannie Mae's hold on secondary mortgages!

2.  Remember Franklin Raines? He was the Chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae and bagged a PHAT 90 million dollar bonus but the Gunny did not hear Sir Golfsalot bitch about that. It was Raines who started a program under BJ Bubba’s watch to give loans to people who simply could not pass the underwriter’s test and thus, should NOT have gotten a mortgage. We all know how that ended up. But other famous liberals have been involved here, from Rahmbutt “The Ballerina” Emanuel to Jamie “9-1-1gate” Gorelick, to James Johnson (former aide to some clown named Mondale). It is amazing that two guys named Lay and Skilling go to trial while Raines and Gorelick go free AFTER overestimating Fannie’s earning to the tune of 10.6 BILLION dollars. All done in order to get phat bonuses. Now the Gunny is uncertain here but did Sir Golfsalot ever bitch about THAT gig? 

3.  BTW Libs, it was Carter who started the CRA and BJ Bubba who expanded it. Just thought you should know.

Some pigs are more equal than others.

“There is no other alternative to totalitarian slavery than liberty. There is no other planning for freedom and general welfare than to let the market system work. There is no other means to attain full employment, rising real wage rates and a high standard of living for the common man than private initiative and free enterprise.” Mises

So where is the Gunny going with all of this? Just this, that the idiots running the show today are liberal morons and criminals who need to be run out of office and put on trial because THEY have inflicted this misery on the American people simply for greed and avarice. Just like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry docking his New Zealand made boat in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes and his Senate buddies do nothing about it. Liberals are simply without shame. Term Limits anyone? Repeal the 17th Amendment?

The squishy nations located in the Northern Islamic province of what is formerly known as Western Europe have had social welfare states since Uncle Same took over protecting them in 1945. Why not since WE were footing their defense bill, they could have welfare for all. Free college. Free dental. Free Medical. All thanks to Uncle Sam but guess what, they’re bankrupt. Yet the idiots in our government, Sir Golfsalot in particular, are moving the US towards the same path the Euros took, and refuse to see where that train wreck ended up. USSR took only seventy some year to fail. Duh. Liberals being idiots STILL REFUSE to admit that socialism is a failure. How did Maxine Waters put it, “this liberal will be all about socializing, er, basically taking over and running your companies.” BTW, Maxine Waters was heavily involved in Fannie and Freddie but the Gunny’s question is, WHAT PROGRAM has the government run efficiently? The answer? None. Socialism is a fatally flawed ideology but they cling to it like Michael Mooreon clinging to a truckload of free Krispy Kremes. The Iron Lady, Margeret Thatcher once stated that, "the problem with socialism is that you run out of other people's money." She was dead on the money and after re-privatizing industry in Britain, their economy took off, until the socialists took over again. From their welfare systems to their government healthcare systems, the Euros are moving AWAY from those failures while the Leftists in America, led by the evil trifecta of Sir Golfsalot, Nazi Pelosi, and Dingy “Land Deal” Reid, are forcing it down our throats.

Governor Bradford knew that socialism was a failure back when Virginia was a COLONY but the leftists are simply to damn dumb to understand it. Or maybe they understand it but don’t give a damn because they’re gonna be the pigs first at the trough and might be kind enough to leave us a few crumbs. It is the fault of the liberals and the RINOs, that we are in the mess we are in but WE have allowed them to pervert, twist, rend, tear, distort, mutilate, and misrepresent the Consitution. We have a portion of the blame here that allowed an idiot like Nazi Pelosi to answer the question of “Is ObummerKare Constitutional?” with, “are you serious? Are you SERIOUS?” Yes Nazi Pelosi, we ARE serious. Serious about booting your flabby ass out of the Majority leader position and putting our government BACK in the hands of the people under the Constitution our Founder’s wrote for us, NOT that "living document" bullshit that you have foisted on us.

Friends, we have an uphill fight to rid ourselves of the liberal's pestilential welfare state that rewards sloth with other people’s money (which buys the liberals their votes) as well as ending the belief in many American’s minds that THEY are entitled to what other people earn. We have to return to the America where people SAVED money, where they fixed things vice chucking them out and buying a new item to replace it. Where we demanded that our leaders have the same moral and ethical code we have and who see integrity as a way of life, not something to be pointed at and laughed about at their cocktail parties. Our Founding Fathers had a strong commitment to individual freedom, personal responsibility and accountability, and honesty and we had better start demanding that from government on down or we’re gonna get a big dose of liberal totalitarianism and the welfare state, just like the Euros got. It’s time to pony up America. In 2010, FIRE CONGRESS and FIRE THE SENATE. In 2012, GET RID of Sir Golfsalot for some adult leadership and then completely purge our government of the liberal and RINO crooks.


  1. UPDATE:

    To read about the exploding LIBERAL Congress and Senate TRAVEL COSTS...

  2. The Corruptocrats are all scrambling to steal as much as possible before elections on the off chance they might not get re-elected,I myself do not hold out much hope for fall elections the electorate is not gotten any more intelligent since they elected sir golfsalot.

  3. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Obama that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?
    Gunny, I like Krispy Kremes, I'm sure Michael Mooreon eats DumbDem Doughnuts.
    I was thinking about a quick but effective sollution to the budget, the economy and the state of the nation in general. My solution although very simple in principle, very tricky in practive but when you think about it, very practical in the end, is this... Just CUT a Trillion dollars, just take it out of the budget. That's it! It's there, we could do it without cutting the military or anything else important. Cut froreign aid, cut several departments all together (Dept. of Energy, Dept. Of Educ.)cut administration, cut Washington's huge salaries (that combined with term limits and the government will clean up alot on its own.
    Just a few ideea, but I could come up with a hundred in no time.
    Good post Gunny

  4. Great Post Gunny! You've blasted it out of the park again.Liberals love failure because a lot of people (mostly their constituents) can't learn from it and choose to blame someone or something else, thus feeding the cycle of failure. This enables Liberals to step in (as government) to rectify some external injustice.Nobody likes to see people habitually fail but that's what charity is for not government.Freedom is a double edged sword. On one side is success and on the other is failure.Free people are allowed to do both.

    "Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself." Milton Friedman

  5. Gunny,
    Excellent !! You describe liberal, socialism perfectly.
    I saw this morning that already since the government has taken over student loans there ia a lot of cheating going on. Money going to those that don't need loans, etc. And people that are there to take the applications are helping them cheat. Isn't that just the same as everything else the government has their fingers in? Your Socialists at work!!!
    Things are going to be in such a mess because of these dem crooks that it is going to take a while to get it straightened out after 2010, and 2012.

  6. Donnie,

    They're just following Sir Golfsalot and the First Wookie's fine spend-alot example.

  7. Jim,

    Thanks for the kudos. There is a lot of crap we could cut from the budget but if the gov't just got the hell out of way of the private sector, much would get better. Cutting taxes, deregulation, getting rid of the depts you named, etc.

  8. rikdergis,

    What a great comment.

    "Freedom is a double edged sword. On one side is success and on the other is failure.Free people are allowed to do both."

    Well said.

  9. Nanna,

    I saw that but even worse is that it takes LOCAL BUSINESSES out of the student loan business where it could create jobs, and further businesses in the area through car loans, etc, from these students and their parents.

  10. Not only are some pigs more equal than others, pigs don't know pigs stink.

    I think many libidiots really think socialism just hasn't been done right because it hasn't been done by them, but I also think there are those on the left who see it as a big money making, celebrity making scheme.

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  12. beachmom,

    I now have to approve of a comment before it gets published thanks to the immature idiots who slimed the blog because they can't face the facts.

  13. Jim,
    Moore-on prefers Krispy Kremes, and their calendar!

    Oh Gawd...I need eye-and-brain bleach after looking that one up.

  14. This is a test. Hopefully now I can comment.

  15. jkelley1944,

    You're good to go. The one bright spot in this pain in the ass process is that I can reject Ivan's drivel! At least I get a little fun out of it! haha

  16. Oh come on Gunny, every time you need to demonstrate just how truly stupid liberals are capable of being, Ivan volunteers to prove you right.

  17. I believe that Margaret Thatcher said it best
    and Gunny I am almost sure that you were the first that I heard say when ole purples are movin he's a lying.
    Good post including all the lowlife SOBS involved in the destruction of our free market, almost, because I include osamaobama, soros and acorn in on the CRA deal since 1995 or 6 and maybe before.

  18. Oh yea I forgot sometimes you gotta let ivanazak post just so the rest of us can have a good laugh.

  19. I'll have to agree with Jim on that Gunny. It is always fun to see if Ivan breaks his own record for being stupid every time he comes on.

  20. Ha ha Gunny! The libs never got out of kindergarten.
    They have to be constantly monitored.
    Maybe that's why they love big brother/sis govt. intervention in every area of their lives.
    They know that they need to be monitored in order to know what to do next.

  21. At 17:14, Gunster grumbled:

    >I now have to approve of a
    >comment before it gets published
    >thanks to the immature idiots
    >who slimed the blog because
    >they can't face the facts.

    And, of course, it provides a convenient excuse to finally censor people, like that nasty Ivan, who keep on kicking my racist ass by coming on here and countering my lies with truth.