Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Liberals LOVE to swoop in, befoul the nest with their dung, and fly off to the next “crisis” as if nothing happened, clean as a preacher’s sheets. The Gunny figured on doing a little fact checking on where we stand in the Life of Bur’aq al Obummer. BTW, please do not consider this the full list as the Gunny just wanted to remind the leftists what their lordgodking, the Leader of the Unicorns and Flowers Party, has had a hand in since his coronation by the Lapdog Media.

Who can forget:

1. That stunning $49 million inauguration of King Barry! It was TRIPLE what the US taxpayers spent at Bush's first inauguration.

2. That it was Education Secretary Arne Duncan who decided not to admit any new students to the D.C. voucher program (allows low-income children to attend private schools). Obama then enrolled his daughters in a DC private school.

3. That Obama became the “Teleprompter President” in the first 100 days of his regime.

4. That Obama and his myrmidons moved the census out of the Department of Commerce and into the White House, in order to rule over how federal aid is distributed and electoral districts are drawn.

5. That Nancy Killefer was picked by King of the Unicorns for a new administration job, First Chief Performance Officer. Too bad a tax lien was slapped on her DC home in 2005 for failure to pay unemployment compensation tax on household help. (Not the LAST of his ill-picks)

6. That picture of Obama and Hugo Chavez shaking hands.

7. That Hugo Chavez gave him the anti-American screed "The Open Veins of Latin America."

8. That Daniel Ortega (commie pissant) gave a FIFTY MINUTE anti-American rant while Bur’aq al Obama just stood there like a fool.

9. That executives at AIG got $165 million in bonuses after getting $173 billion in taxpayer bailouts by the Leftists.

10. That Zero pushed Congress for weeks to hurry and pass Porkulous and then promptly jetted off for a three-day holiday getaway.

11. That is was HIS appointee who said: “The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today." (DHS right-wing intel report)

12. That in their first meeting, Obummer gave British Prime Minister Gordon Brown 25 DVDs that don't work in Europe after Brown gave him a carved ornamental penholder from the timbers of the anti-slavery ship HMS Gannet. (Bur'aq al Obummer also send back the bust of Churchill)

13. That Timmy Geithner had failed to pay $34,000 in Social Security and Medicare taxes. That Timmy ALSO employed an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper. (The Left confirmed him anyway.)

14. That Obama made Louis Susman the US ambassador in London. (Susman was one of Zero’s biggest fundraisers).

15. That Obama directed defense officials to sign a pledge stating they will not share 2010 budget data with individuals outside the federal government.

16. That Obama allowed Iran to keep nuclear facilities open during negotiations.

17. That Obama dropped plans for a missile shield in Europe in exchange for Russia's help in resolving the nuclear weapons issue in Iran. (Russia now fueling Iran’s nuclear reactor.)

18. That Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at a G-20 meeting. (His courtiers whined: "It wasn't a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he's taller than King Abdullah."

19. That Obama fired Rick Wagoner as president of GM. (Unconstitutional)

20. That Obama threatened to fire Vikram Pandit as CEO at Citigroup. (Unconstitutional)

21. That Obama threatened to fire anyone the administration doesn't like from any company in America. (Unconstitutional)

22. That Obama forced banks that didn't want TARP money to take it and then added on regulations and stipulations about pay and government control after the fact.

23. That Obama forced Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch (sub rosa) and criticized them for overpaying!

24. That Obama, in his first 20 months, wasted a trillion dollars on Porkulous that was little more than a wish list of pet projects for Democrat congressmen and bailouts of the teacher’s unions.

25. That Obama and Holder wanted to try the mastermind of 9/11 in New York City.

26. That Obama vowed to drive out the lobbyists yet a huge number of his appointees were lobbyists, most from Goldman/Sachs.

27. That Obama appointed czars who are hardcore communists or murderous mad scientists (John Holdren, etc)

28. That Obama censored the Gulf of Mexico oil leak after they mismanaged the crisis and then used the crisis to shut down oil production from other rigs.

29. That Obama appointed two women to the Supreme Court, both leftists loons and one who had NEVER been a judge but it is rumored that she once slept in a Holiday Inn Express.

30. That Obama weighed in on an arrest in Cambridge…"they acted stupidly."

31. That Obama has left the southern border open while SUING Arizona for doing something about it.

32. That Obama outlawed the words "islamic terrorists" while downplaying the skivvie bomber, the failed SUV bomber in Times Sq, and Muslim murderer at Fort Hood…in a very politically correct manner.

33. That Obama had a Ramadan dinner at the White House where he backed the building of a mosque only two blocks of where 3,000 Americans died from an Islamic terrorist attack.

34. That Obama allowed the radical imam to journey about the world on our dime, in the quest to "improved relations with the muslim world." (THAT's NASA's MAIN MISSION NOW BARRY!)

35. That Obama pays THREE Chicago law firms to keep his birth certificate under lock and key.

And last but not least....

36. That Obama is a tool of Soros, bought and paid for, with money from Hamas, the Gaza, SEIU, NEA, AFL-CIO, Hollywood Limo Libs, and a host of other anti-American scum.


  1. And yet the democrats (for the most part) pant after him.
    Say anything against him, and his policies, and they rush to defend him.
    I wish there was a way, after the Republicans take over, and straighten things out, to let the dems that so defended his policies, live by his policies.
    You heard that they are saying that the outbreak of salmonela, is being blamed on Bush didn't you? They have no shame!!

  2. Gunny,
    Also, adding to you're post. He is making a grab for land in amny states along with the EPA, to grab more for the government. Especially in states that have oil and coal.
    And he is doing the same with oceans, to control fishing, and how they can do it "greener". What a maroon!!

  3. Re: #31.

    So when do we get to declare open season on all drug smugglers, coyotes and cartel?

    I gurarantee there are enough old farts, like me, who would take kindly to some rancher allowing them to lay in wait about 1000 yards from the river and pop invaders entering the country illegally, armed and carrying illegal substances.
    Show me a jury that would convict....

  4. Sir Golfsalot is the dumbest,most inept,incompetent,ignorant person ever elected to the office of President bar none,the economy will continue its slow descent into 0,NO economic recovery until labor unions are outlawed and the EPA and OSHA are abolished,millions of jobs will continue to disappear while a few bullshit "green" jobs will be created.

  5. Nanna,

    It is ALWAYS Bush's fault. Liberals are like children.

  6. Nanna,

    The EPA is a rogue agency that needs to be axed when Conservatives take over. They are out of control.

    BTW, did you see where Brad Pitt called for he death penalty for BP execs!? HAHA! The leftist loons in Hollyweird are simply superglued on dumbass. No wonder I rarely watch the crap they push out.

  7. Donnie,

    I concur. Abolish unions, OSHA, EPA, and liberals and we'll be rolling in the right direction ASAP! DRILL BABY DRILL!

  8. GunnyG

    At this rate, only the barrios and ghettos will be voting for Barry in 2012.

  9. Georgetwin,

    We can only hope brother and even THAT is too much.

  10. I see that the weather rained out Obama's golf game .

  11. Oh, just the short list...You forgot healing the Earth, curing illness, ending hunger, uniting the world, fixing the economy and restoring respect from the rest of the world.
    I know, just the short list, but I have an excuse, I have to catch a plane (I'm in liberal hell, the land of fat hippies and peace signs; Portland, OR) at 5:30 in the morning.

  12. All so true and yet the press lies about how popular I_maam obam is, no way a public enemy number one like this muslim twin of the bin laden can have an approval rating as high as they claim.
    As for number 17, the next 9/11 or worser we as a country suffer will have a direct tie to him by this huge oblunder. It's sad that most here at home either don't admit it or don't have enough marbles rattlin around upstairs to know that 9/11 was a direct result of the great wonderful first black pres we had in the guise of BJ Bubba. bin laden nailed clinton knowing he would bend over and grab the ankles and take it without nary a squawk.
    and now...
    bin laden questions the bin obama whether America "is capable to keep fighting us for more years" because he knows that limpbamster has even less spine than bubba.
    Didn't geo soros and I_maam obama sneak across the border in the dark of night carrying arms and illegal substances?

  13. I forgot to add earlier another poser. What happened in just 2 short years that those libs in DC and the lamestream media quit shouting to the moon about how off course we are and why hasn't bin laden been caught and killed like they would do if they had control?
    I think this is the reason.
    Mar 16, 2010 ... "He will never appear in an American courtroom," Holder said. "The possibilities simply do not exist."

    Most likely direct orders from I_maam obam.

  14. Pack Rat,

    Yeah. I see that libs are increasingly turning against him. BIG opportunity for Conservatives to hit the DNC hard.

  15. Jim,

    GEEZ! Talk about being behind the lines. I was in San Fruitcisco a few weeks back changing planes in the airport and THAT was enough to make me sick. Saw a guy in a dress and LMMFAO. Ah, the Left Coast.

  16. R E,

    Good post. Historians will be the ones to pin the blame on OBL where it belongs, on BJ Bubba's regime.