Friday, August 20, 2010



Ronaldus Magnum saw the enemy and called it like he saw it and that enemy was Liberalism and those who adhered to a corrupt ideology. As we watch Liberalism disintegrate into dhimmitude and appeasement, as we watch them spend us into oblivion, as we watch them lie, cheat, and steal our children's future away, let us work towards destroying their ideology once and for all. "A TIME FOR CHOOSING." NOVEMBER 2010 is but a few months off, stay active. Stay Alert. Once we retake the Congress and the Senate, we can work to eject the Caliph and the First Wookie from the White House.



  1. Thanks Gunny,

    Yes he surely is.

  2. Gunny,
    Dear Lord Do We Miss Him!!! They just don't make like they used to. What ever happened to common sense and self reliance. What he said back then still rings true today, probably even more so. Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same. This why this November's election is SO IMPORTANT to throw the bums out and make sir golfs alot a "lame duck" and we can get back to the America we love. With liberty not tyranny. God rest his soul eternally!

  3. gunny,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful memory!! How I used to take it for granted as I went about my daily life.
    I think so many of us became too complaisant and let things get out of hand because of it. I only hope it isn't too late to find someone cut out of the same cloth as Ronald Reagan!!

  4. R E,

    Ronaldus Magnum should be added to Mt Rushmore.

  5. drogers,

    Indeed. I can't WAIT to flush them.

  6. Nanna,

    I'm guilty of that. I always took for granted that he'd always be here and that his reagan Revoultion would always continue. We were asleep at the switch but NO LONGER!

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  8. the main hghway in s dakota will be closed this weekend for moving the world's largest piece of coal. 2000 tons.

    it is going for obama to be put on mount rushmore. they could'nt find a big enough piece of shit.

  9. Opps, meant to say , they don't make them like they used to, meaning him. ARGHHH! sorry 'bout that.

  10. And then there is the story about (fill in the blank) throwing the First Lady on to the base ball field and then saying "Oh I thought yoy said the first b*&**."

  11. Good ol' Ronnie.


    Not ALL Hollywood is full of idiots, Marxists and jerks.

    Maybe now. Not then.

  12. Gunny
    I have a spot on Mt Rushmore where we could put Ronnie.
    Right there
    Where they got Roosevelt

  13. Right again Gunny and he looks good up there too.

    For the whole show go to.

    Here's the 4 that deserve their heads carved out of a pile of dung right down on the shore line where the tide can wash them all away forever, ah wishful thinking.

  14. Boy if that speech doesn't hold true at this very time. We need a Ronald Reagan, we need common sense