Friday, August 6, 2010


And so it begins, the rats begin to jump ship and the Gunny fully expects that the closer we get to Comrade Oblunda getting the boot, the more we’ll see that his regime was an absolute failure. In fact, as of 6 August 2010, the Dear Leader has only 898 more days left to play golf, eat $100.00/lb steak, enjoy Date Night, and vacation here there and everywhere, all on our dime. Thus, the rats will bail on this loser faster than Michael Mooreon running from hot water and soap.

EXCERPT: “Christina Romer, chairwoman of Pres. Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, has decided to resign, according to a source familiar with her plans. Romer, an economics professor at the University of California (Berkeley) before taking the key admin post, did not respond to repeated calls to her office.”

Now THIS is funny. Comrade Zero STILL has not filled his cabinet and one bails. Hilarious.

The Community Organizer-in-Chief hires a Keysenian idiot from an ivory tower university so far removed from reality (and mainstream America) and he was obviously unhappy with her performance or was she merely tossed under the bus. (This regime stated early on that unemployment would not top 8% after Porkulous was passed but it is over 15% for blacks (and rising) and currently at 9.5%.) And today, we find out that unemployment rose AGAIN as those fantastic shovel-ready temporary jobs ENDED and the private sector hiring fell short of the expected goal. Well DUH! Comrade Oblunda has turned loose the dogs of Bezerkley and Hayyyvahd on our economy and allowed idiots like Summers, Romer, and a host of other idiots who have never held a real job (other than at Goldman/Sachs) in their miserable lives to run this nation…right into the ground.

Now it gets even better when one considers that Romer is supposedly one of the nation’s leading scholars on the history of macroeconomics AND an expert on the Great Depression. Now the Gunny never went to Hayyvahd but using common sense, one might figure that hiring someone steeped in the HISTORY of macroeconomics might be a good thing except when they’re a proponent of Keysian economics, which has been proved to be a failure to everyone but the most diehard of liberal idiots. Oh, and in being an expert on the Great Depression and then advocating that Zero do some of the things that made it WORSE? (Romer helped draft the $862 BILLION democrat slush fund called the Economic Stimulus Package but better known as Porkulous). Again, the Gunny isn’t an expert on the Great Depression BUT, he has the frigging common sense to look at the economic boom of the 20’s, that pulled us out of a recession, and think, gee, THAT stuff might work. Damn, liberals are just dumber than dog crap and they prove it every single day.

And in Missouri, where the regime was b*tch-slapped like a 3 dollar wh*re over ObummerKare, we can expect that this regime will continue to crumble but that Ozero and the First Klingon will continue to enjoy the perks and vacations of the office of the president, until we kick them out in 2012 (or earlier God willing). Indeed, The First Klingon just spent $148,000 on Air Force Two, to fly to Spain to meet with their king for TEN MINUTES! She could have VTC’d him at a much less cost to us but that is not how this regime of parasites, takers, and criminals works. Moreover, they have occupied 60-70 rooms at $2,500 a night! Let’s figure 65 rooms at $2,500 a night, equals, $162,000 for lodging. The Gunny thinks that MIGHT exceed the government per diem but what the hell are rules for right Barry? Add in AT LEAST $1000 a day for their food, only the BEST for the First Klingon because things like Chech'tluth (an alcoholic beverage) and Rokeg blood pie are not cheap to make. So the total cost to the US Taxpayer for a TEN MINUTE VISIT with the King of Spain is a whopping 313,000+ US Dollars. Unemployment claims are up THREE WEEKS IN A ROW but the First Klingon can fly to Spain on us. How nice.

What makes this so damned disgusting is that liberals whined like little girls when Bush went back to HIS RANCH for a break but we hear nothing from them now on this. Oh no. Golfing wildly, snacking on fat steaks, having Stevie Wonder over to the crib, AF One fly-bys over NYC, it’s all good.

And now the first real RAT jumps ship, Van Jones and Anita Dunn aside. My, my, will wonders never cease? Comrade Oblunda and the rest of the Carterites and a Clintonites in this cabal of bastards OWN this economy after 18 months of running amok, pissing away our money in the failed Stimulus “Porkulous” Act that did nothing to create any new jobs. Their Cash-for-Clunkers program was a bust. Their takeover of General Motors, now renamed Government Motors (of which the Gunny will never buy another) was a bust. The evil trifecta of Barry, Reid and Pelosi are GUILTY AS HELL as are everyone who has voted YES with them in the rotten halls of Kongress and the Senate.

The Left, along with idiots like AARP, stood in the way of Social Security reform and now it’s bankrupt but it does not appear that those responsible will ever be held accountable. Too bad. Unfortunately for America, liberals cannot “quit stupid”. Indeed, Ol Jug Ears has let the EPA run rampant along with the enviro-nazis to the point where we’re hurting for new energy source and we can expect energy costs to rise dramatically because after all, that is what the Left WANTS! Our economic recovery and affordable energy are intertwined but the morons in this regime are busy sniffing the anal fumes of Marx, Mao, and Keysian. Expect more pain and "sacrifice" on OUR part before it gets any better.

In closing, Romer is returning to the University of California at Bezerkely to teach economics. The blind leading the blind.


  1. GREAT!!! TRUE!!! Makes me smile!!

    Romer and Berkley deserve each other!
    Twenty other states are filing lawsuits against health care today I think.
    Oklahoma is not in on it yet, as we have a Dem governor and AG, but that will change this November, and then we will go after this awful bill too.
    While the American first Klingon as you call her, (rightly) is enjoying her Holiday in Spain, Obama was stumping for another "mafioso" in Chicago, to get his old Senate seat. But as I understand it the Republican is out doing him, and has raised more money. Figure he tapped the Opra for some bucks. Or maybe she jumped ship too.

  2. Nanna,

    That is great news on other states filing suit against ObummerKare.

    Maybe the drones in Sh*tcago will wake up and smell the coffee but I doubt it. The roaches are too entrenched and and liberal voter fraud is rife.

  3. BTW ALL,

    Obummer had FOUR VACATIONS in the month of July alone!

  4. You are going to have a COW !!!
    I just read on Michelle Malkin that Government Motors is investing 500 million dollars in a plant in Mexico!!!!!
    I was so angry that I just shut down the net and walked around before coming back to tell you.
    That is really making jobs for Americans. Everyone Remember this along with the hundreds of other things!!

  5. Michell went to Spain on an Air Force VIP jet. They are called "SAMs" or Special Air Mission.
    The presidential 747 is Air Force 1 when the president is aboard. It is a SAM when he isn't.

    Air Force Two is call sign reserved for the Veep.

    But my info is 35 years old. Someone of more recent Air Force or FAA experience might correct me......if I'm wrong.
    If I am wrong....IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Team Obama acts clueless in their economic evaluations. It makes sense when you realize that almost all of the underlings have zero experience in the private sector. Most administrations in the 20th century had cabinet members with real world jobs ranging from 30-55%, with a low of 24%(JFK). Of Barry's appointees only 8% have real world experience. Another of Barry's heroes must have been Ted Mack.

  7. Nanna,

    I saw that. Typical. The last GM car I bought was in 1990. Had it until I went overseas in 1995. Came back and bought a VW Jetta and never looked back.

    I suggest WE ALL BOYCOTT GM, just like we did to Smith & Wesson when they kicked BJ Bubba's ass on the gun control issues back in the 90's. It hurt them BAD and they got the message.

    I for one WILL NEVER buy another GM. Ford? Maybe, if VW ever starts making as shitty a car as GM does.

  8. Buck,

    I think it has changed, or so I heard on the radio.

    But in ANY event, it's Bush's fault. I burnt dinner last night and cursed Bush for it. HAHA!

  9. The U.S.Government as a whole is a failure,entitlements and freebies growing daily,a war we can't financially sustain,Congress giving away billions daily,Government Motors & Chrysler getting 3.5 billion every six months and contributing that to the Democrat campaign coffers,50% of American households do not pay taxes and that percentage is growing weekly,is there a rosy future for America? I dont think so.

  10. Gunny,
    Jimmie Pittman here. I've commented a couple times. We don't agree an awful lot but I have to state there a few things to note that we have in common. We both dislike Obama and Obamacare. We also both served in the Corps. One thing, I assume your goal in the writing of your blog is to spread information, persuade, change minds etc... I just have one suggestion. I would tone down the name calling and the like a little bit. I get angry as well when I start talking/typing/reading but I am pretty sure that It will not do your cause any favors. Some of the language makes seem like a crazy uneducated person wrote it(I know you aren't) Just giving a tip I thought might help you out. Just my .02, take it or leave it.

    And one more thing. Your last response to me regarding corporate personhood. My point was that you said we should follow nothing but the constitution. Corporate Personhood is not in the constitution anywhere. Yes I know the effect this would have on industry, but my point is that it's not in the constitution.

    Thanks for your blog Gunny. As much as some on here might assume, I do read from both spectrums and agree on some things from both as well. Keep it up.

  11. Donnie,

    There is a rosy future for America, if we get rid of the Liberals in Nov 10 and 12.

  12. Jimmie,

    Thanks for the comment. I see your point but IMHO, we are past the time when politeness achieved our goal. The Left is steeped in venom and hatred and one must fight fire with fire. Obama told his zombies to, "punch back harder." Can we do less? Do they deserve better? I saw GI's in the late 60's being spit on in Oakland as a kid. One liberal politician (Andrew May D-PA) put my father at risk in WW2 to get his face in the papers. I will never cut them any slack brother for they rate none.

    I understand your view on corporate personhood but nothing could get done in industry without it. For example, my research shows that Stora Kopperberg in Sweden was incorporated in 1288! And in America, the first industrial corporation was the Boston Manufacturing Company in 1813.

    Before you condemn industry, think of the things you get from it that you could not live without.

    Semp Fi.

  13. Jimmie,

    One more thought. I don't know if you hang with the anti-war Left, that's your business. But you might want to consider that Code Pink, with the help of Henry Waxman, sent over $600K in aid to terrorists who were fighting our brothers in Fallujah. I had buddies there as I am sure you did. That, as far as I am concerned, was treason of the highest level.

  14. Buck,
    still correct info,
    Air Force 1= Prez AirForce2=VP

    A1F= family of prez
    A2F= family VP2F

    per FAAH 7110.65

  15. Pack Rat,

    Thanks for the update. The Brits write:

    "the use of Air Force Two, the Air Force version of a 757, comes in at £91,900 for the round trip. This does not include time on the ground."

    So did they violate something ELSE on this boondoogle?

  16. Gunny,
    Thanks for the reply. I fully understand what the lack of corporate personhood would do to industry. I am not anti industry, but I believe that we should have an amendment in the constitution that concretely nails down what can be incorporated and what there rights are. I had friends in Fallujah and I was there as well in the initial assault in 2004.I have not read about code pink. I'll look into it. If you have a link to a few good reports, I'd be interested.

  17. AF 1 = POTUS aboard
    AF 2 = Veep aboard
    Spoiled 1 = micHELLe aboard

  18. Link for Code Pink and $600K for Fallujah:

  19. From the idiot Gunster's latest moronic rant:

    >Keysenian idiot

    There is no such thing as a "Keysenian" idiot.

    >when they’re a proponent of Keysian

    There is no such thing as "Keysian" economics.

    >the anal fumes of Marx, Mao, and Keysian

    What the HELL is "Keysian?"

    >the Gunny isn’t an expert on the
    >Great Depression

    Or on American history, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, current events, English spelling, grammar, soap, deodorant. . . .

    What a little clown you are, Gunny.

    Are you as embarrassed to be you as you ought to be?

    Of course not. You're a rightoid.

  20. As per usual, Ivan cannot counter any of the FACTS, so he resorts to nit-picking.

    Gunny never claimed to be a spelling champion.

  21. Ivan,
    There are possibly things we could agree on as I just told Gunny earlier but all the name calling and belittling is unnecessary. This, the internet, is the only medium we real people have to truly converse and share information. Why don't you add in a few facts or opinions you would like to rebut with counters, and leave out the elementary school antics. I assume we all want what is best for the country so why don't we just focus on discussing the actual history/events/issues? There are just as many blogs of this nature on the left btw.

  22. At 14:55, Jimmie Pittman said:

    >I fully understand what the lack of
    >corporate personhood would do to industry.

    Do you? Then tell us -- what would be the deleterious effects of industry being denied its bizarre status as a "person," to lose its ability to act as a "super human" in public affairs, to be shorn of the privilege of vastly outstripping normal, *biological* humans in electing public officials and formulating public policy, to lose its ability to intimidate and bully ordinary mortals with its "right" to sue them in court, using its unimaginably greater resources? Just how would being regarded as what it is -- a conglomeration of capital and people far more powerful than any individual -- impair a corporation's ability to serve its owners and employees by making money?

    Acceptance of the principle of corporate personhood is a horror that continues to pervert human affairs, to the great detriment of the humans.

    ALSO. . .

    >all the name calling and belittling is

    Are you joking? That's what this little hate-fest of Gunsel's is all about, or haven't you noticed? There's hardly a day goes by that the cowardly, traitorous cur who owns this blog fails to hurl the most outrageous accusations and calumnies at the president of the United States and millions of American citizens who support him.

    Since the beginning of this verbal cesspool on another forum (which shitcanned the Gunster as soon as it had a good look at the toxic spew he was foisting on an unsuspecting public), Gunny has expended heroic efforts in his attempt to instigate armed insurrection, or at least incite some mentally unbalanced fool to go postal against the president or other government officials. (I've reason to believe he was warned to tone it down by the FBI.)

    Believe what you want, Jimmie my brother, but don't imagine that this place is one where reasoned, civilized discourse is appreciated. It's a bedlam of anti-Americanism and racism where only voices screaming with hate are welcomed.

    Don't believe me? Stick around and see. You've been warned.

  23. thanks, Jimmie, for your balanced comments.
    Even though I might not agree with you, I appreciate civil, thoughtful comments.

  24. Ivan, as usual, jumps into the fray attacking the posters and showing his "superior intellect".

    Quote “It’s a bedlam of anti-Americanism and racism where only voices screaming with hate are welcomed"
    Jimmie, please continue watching and commenting. I think, in a week or so, you can detect the personalities

  25. Proud Aryan,

    Please take your racist rant, and your fake Tea Party post back to your DU site.
    You would be outed in a moment at a real rally.

  26. Proud a,

    A Yankee pretender, from south (Boston, probably).

    Keep on showing us what you are.

  27. hot sun, that's PA's problem.
    can't tell who he's talking to.

  28. Proud A,
    the real Tea Party supporters are Constitutionalists, not racist scum like you. I would gladly vote for JC Watts if he ever decided to run for President. Ditto for Colonel Alan West. Guess what...both are black.

    The Crawfish: veteran of two Tea Party rallies in April 2009 (interviewed on TV at one), Gathering of Eagles III rally in DC, Gathering of Eagles rally at the Army Experience Center on 9-11-09, retired US Navy, wife is active US Navy, member of Fort Worth (Texas) 9-12 Project

  29. Oh, and real conservative would have that photograph associated with his own link. So now we know that you are a liberal plant. Go back to your hole, troll. You have no powers at our bridges!

  30. Pack Rat,
    he ain't in 'Bama. He's a Than Franthithco boy fer sher!

  31. OMG IVAN! You skewered me on a typo. Did that impress your gay lover Lemmewinks?

  32. Jimmie,

    Here is where it got reported, every other news org missed it but it was also reported in the French press.

    "In an article dated January 1, 2005, the online publication Peace and Resistance reported that Rep. Henry Waxman had written a letter addressed to the American ambassador in Amman, Jordan to help facilitate the transport of this aid through Customs."

  33. Ivan,

    (I've reason to believe he was warned to tone it down by the FBI.)

    Really? Funny but the Feds I work with have never said anything to me about that and they READ my blog.

    Oh, and that includes a buddy who is an intel specialist for the FBI. Oops, your slip is showing dearie.

  34. Proud Aryan, if you are wondering where your posts went, I wiped them and will continue to do so. I left one up as a great example of what liberal racist infiltrators are up to under Team Soros and Team Obummer.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I see the liberals are showing their true colors, so typical.

  37. Looks like we know where the koz kids are this morning.

  38. Looks like someone is TRYING to impersonate us again.

  39. Yeah, Crawfish,
    They can't argue on merit, so they try cheap tricks.
    Typical, racist claptrap.

  40. All,

    Apologies for the racist liberal trolls spoor. In the future, if you see this garbage, please drop me an email and I will clean up the dung they leave behind.

    As Pack Rat so aptly noted:

    "They can't argue on merit, so they try cheap tricks. Typical, racist claptrap."

  41. The idiots are at it again, showing their stupidity.

    So good at proving our point.