Saturday, August 14, 2010


The enemy comes out into the open when they feel bold enough to claim victory. According to the website ( the SPA (Socialist Party of America) claimed 70 Congressional scumbags back in October 2009:

Q: How many members of the U.S. Congress are also members of the DSA?
A: Seventy.

Q: How many of the DSA members sit on the Judiciary Committee?
A: Eleven: John Conyers [Chairman of the Judiciary Committee], Tammy Baldwin, Jerrold Nadler, Luis Gutierrez, Melvin Watt, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Steve Cohen, Barbara Lee, Robert Wexler, Linda Sanchez. That is almost 50% of the sitting members on the Judiciary Committee.

Here is the full run down of the Dishonorable members of the Politboro on the Potomac.

House Members (Short List)Preamble of the Socialist Party of America to the Socialist-Liberals in the Politboro on the Potomac and keep at it:

Tammy Baldwin (WI-02), Corrine Brown (FL-03), Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05), John "Corruptocrat" Conyers (MI-14), Elijah Cummings (MD-07), Keith "Mr. Nation of Islam" Ellison (MN-05), Barney "Banking Queen" Frank (MA-04), Alan "Nutso" Grayson (FL-08), Jesse "Buy Me a Senate Seat Barry!" Jackson, Jr. (IL-02), Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18), Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), Dennis Kucinich (OH-10), Barbara Lee (CA-09), Jim McDermott (WA-07), Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC-AL), John Olver (MA-01), Bobby Rush (IL-01), Pete Stark (CA-13), Maxine Waters (CA-35),  and Henry Waxman (CA-30), Lynn Woolsey (CA-06) name a few.

Now the Gunny wrote about these vermin back in late 2007 and 2008 as he was busy digging up the dirt on a scumbag state senator by the name of Bur'aq al Obummer, who was being celebrated by the socialists back in Chicago, but here we are again, coming up on November. Indeed, the Gunny has been calling the Congress, the Politboro on the Potomac for a long time, way before the Socialists finally anted up their list. How many more in the Jackass Party are sympathizers to these vermin? Even more disgusting is the thought of the so-called Americans who voted FOR this trash. Another excellent question is WHY do these scumbags have to run "under cover" in order to get elected? Why can't they come out of the commie closet and own up to what they are? An even BETTER question is WILL THE GOP use this against them in the next election? Answer: Nope. The GOP still has their kid gloves on and a stooge named Michael Steele at the helm. Softball vs Hardball.

Indeed, if the GOP had some guts to play hardball politics, they'd tack on the

"We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo. We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane international social order based both on democratic planning and market mechanisms to achieve equitable distribution of resources,meaningful work, a healthy environment, sustainable growth, gender and racial equality, and non-oppressive relationships." (HUMANE? How many did Marxism murder in the 20th century? 100 million?)

But will the GOP do anything about it? Nope. It is up to us, the REAL Americans, to find out of we have any of the vermin representing us, and vote them the hell out of office. If the SPA claims 70 Congcritters in the Politboro on the Potomac, then why don't they claim the clown in the White House? We already KNOW he's a Marxist. 

For the archived list that includes one Red Nanny Pelosi, click on the below link.


  1. You are indeed on the ball my friend. Thank you for pointing out these traitors to the United States of America.
    Those of us who truly beiieve in "In God we Trust", must put that belief to work, and stand up for what is right and true. Throw these people on the garbage pile of history, and get back to our greatness.

  2. Nanna,

    I could not have said it better. WAIT until you read Monday's blog. Awesome email from a raving leftist moonbat.

  3. Gunny,

    I just finished reading much of the same at American Thinker and I have included the link here. Meanwhile I am going to forward it along with your link to all in my contacts list. Thanks Gunny.

    Socialist Party of America reveals 70 Democrats as belonging to their caucus

  4. I was actually reviewing some olld stuff from the Progressive Caucus and my old TH blog and stumbled on the scribd link! I later saw the AT story and today, saw another piece on the Obomination's commie stooges.

    The truth will out!

  5. did not link to socialist website

  6. Pack Rat,

    Did they scrub that site? I can't get into it right now. I think I got the archived list from Internet Wayback Machine, have to check my notes. If I could access my old TH blog articles, I did a piece on the Progressive Caucus back in early 2007 after the commies took over the Politboro on the Potomac.