Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Folks, THIS is the PERFECT example of WHY our Founding Fathers chiseled the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in stone. A thuggish DEMOCRAP using a thug to silence dissent. Stand by for MORE of this come November. Carry your video cameras folks, this is gonna get ugly fast.


  1. Someone should have had him arrested. That was definitely a dubious case of assault. But more to the point someone should have taken him outside and taught him some manners.
    What can you say though, typical Marxist right by the playbook, intimidate the opposition.
    I surprised she didn't get a cabinet post. Maybe she should have openly praised Mao.

  2. Jim,

    I am PRAYING that I witness this crapulence and I PRAY that one of them gets in my face. Doubtful that it will happen here in Alaska but I can always hope.

    THIS is why we MUST catch it on video to prove the foulness of the Left.

  3. It's hard to believe that this can go on in the United States of America.
    I hope he pulls it on someone about twice his size with a real nasty temper.
    Had that thug done to me, what he did to that other woman. I would have yelled "Get your hands off me, and asked for someone to call the police." This game can be played both ways doncha' know?

  4. Nanna,

    That is exactly right. Put them into the criminal justice system where they get a record and may lose their voting privilege. (Although that has not stopped the Dimocraps before)

  5. Gunny,
    This is a typical example of a demon rat congcritter thinking we work for them. Just as the pos congcritter we have here that's ducking having a debate with her challenger. A navy TOP GUN piot and now a sucessful local business man. Damn right this why we have the 2nd amendment. The same type of crap happened here, except the police were the security and seiu thugs took up most of the seats for a phony twnhll meeting. This is why we need to stay envolved! WTF come Nov. kick these libturds to the curb. We need real LEADERS not lords and masters who rule us and are so disconnected from real life. Gunny keep up the great work of kicking the libdolts in the ass!! SEMPER FIDELIS!

  6. Gunny, nothing a simple self defense wouldnt take care of. as the libtards say, personal space. so if they invade your personal space, you have a "right" to evict them. and when questions start as to why, you just use the libtards own words. PERSONAL SPACE!

    and did they put up a notice that recording devices where not allowed? maybe he should bill the congresscritter for on air ad time?

    and a little stun gun to the cohones wouldnt be out of humor! especially if repeated until batteries were drained.

  7. Sheeet!
    Dat ain't nothin' compared to what San Fran Nan's thug did to a reporter just trying to ask her a simple question.