Thursday, August 12, 2010


Cicero described traitors as someone who: “rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,” and Liberals and their failed ideology are no less than that. Liberalism befouls everything that it touches, what with its lies, deception, and sly governmental aggression. How did Sir Golfsalot put it? That the US Government was going to put a “boot on the neck of BP,” for an oil spill that they would not let reporters visit to document? The deceptive ideology of Liberalism demands that they lie, cheat, and steal in order to pass their agenda, a soul-destroying agenda, that they pass with sweet sounding words for example, “it’s for the children, don’t you support the children?” even as they put our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren (if this country lasts that long for some of us) into a crushing debt. Or even better is their pleas to allow criminals into this nation because, “they’re only seeking to do the jobs Americans won’t do, your ancestors were immigrants, won’t you give them a chance?” However, these criminal immigrants are here to take take take and they give little or nothing back, unless you count their violent crimes against us but only a liberal, living in their gated communities, would see that as a plus. Their compassion and pity is all smoke and mirrors.

Consider the Mayor for Life, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City. This moron sought to “protect the children” (gotta love their phraseology) from those evil guns that come in from those filthy Red States, so he sent out strawman purchasers who ended up coming back empty handed. He was uncharged by the DOJ/ATF for these felonies but it was all for the children. This is the same asshat, who must be related to Red Ken, the Mayor of London, who is bending over for the Islamofascists, who want to build a mosque at Ground Zero in NYC. Quite the slap in the face for Americans but the honey-sweet words of liberalism, as they ooze from Strawman Bloomberg, are tainted with the poison of forced multiculturalism and forced tolerance. We MUST let this be built to show tolerance, Ol Strawman bleats, but try to build a church in downtown Mecca. 

Liberals love to play the race card and in keeping with their failed ideology, Dingy Reid, dumbass from Nevada, whined the other day that he could not understand WHY Hispanics would be Republicans. Simple really Harry. Liberalism has lied to the minorities in America, as they lie to everyone else. You see, the Democrats have been racists since the days when they invited KKK creator Nathan Bedford Forrest to their DNC Convention but they have slyly conned minorities in America that they are hated by evil white people on the Right. We heard this and saw this when Sir Golfsalot slammed those evil white cops in Cambridge for acting stupidly and then we saw how the evil white cop helped the physically challenged black professor down the White House steps while Sir Golfsalot, sans jacket, smiled like a jackass for the camera. Liberals affect the body politic, as traitors, when they poo-poo things like Cold Cash Jefferson taking 100K in bribes by saying, “he was the son of a sharecropper, we have to try to understand that.” BULLSHIT! We have ethics and only when everyone is equal under the law do we have true equality. Liberals enable crime and criminals through their false compassion and their failed ideology and Americans are sick of it.

It was Liberalism that foisted scams like Affirmative Action on the nation. What a tainted program that steals the initiative away from blacks because they are handed things that they did not work for! Ask a Black Marine what he or she thinks of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor that they EARNED at Boot Camp and they’ll tell you it is in their blood. They found their worth, just like every other graduate did. But Affirmative Action forces blacks to doubt not only their worth but their achievements because they have been given a free ride thanks to liberalism. Think of the movie “Men of Honor” and think of that white sailor who got that medal that Seaman Carl Brashear should have gotten. HE KNEW he did not rate it in his heart of hearts and it lessened him as a man for it. THAT is what liberalism has done to the black race in America. THAT is why minorities need to desert this cesspool of racism called the Democrat Party. Affirmative Action sets up minorities for failure by sending them to schools like Yale or Harvard, where they fail or dropout, when they could have easily attended, say, Virginia Tech, and proudly graduated, perhaps with honors. But liberals love the victims they produce.

Liberalism crows about how they seek to protect the children, the weak, the helpless yet in reality, they have done everything in their power to screw them over, unto the future generations. For example, Social Security was passed to “help the children” to “help the widows” and then liberals proceeded to rape and pillage that trust fund, under LBJ and onward, to the point where it is now bankrupt. THERE is your liberal equality America, we’re all equally BROKE! Yet they continue to seize the fruits of our labor, to supply their slush fund. Oh yes, they do it for the children all right. It was liberals who gave us Roe v Wade, a law so poorly conceived that it is now considered “bad law” by all but the golden goose of abortion is the leftist’s Holy Grail. What the hell, only 70 MILLION children have been slaughtered with no end of the liberal’s blood lust in sight. Indeed, it was Sir Golfsalot who voted to allow the survivors of an abortion to die cold and alone in some backroom, like unwanted trash. And he defended it [abortion] with a remark about his brats not being punished by a mistake. Doing it for the children, that’s liberalism.

Oh, and speaking of the children, liberals sure do love that death tax. Guar-an-teed to make sure that mommy and daddy have a hard time passing an inheritance to their children without the Federal Imperial Government doing, as the Mafia calls it, “wetting their beaks,” even while rich liberals like Ted Kennedy created trust fund after trust fund to avoid that tax and rich liberals like Rangel simply don’t PAY those taxes.

And when it comes to family values, why, liberals and liberalism has that base covered. Need a fast divorce to break up your family? No sweat. Who needs to strive to make things work out, or seek martial counseling to fix problems? Hell no, screw the kids, get a divorce, move on, make more kids, move on, etc, etc. Indeed, liberalism PRAISES the single mothers in Hollywood, where we sees actresses having kids without a daddy, no problem, or having kids and raising them in a gay household, i.e., Rosie O’Donnell. It was the feminazis who cackled: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Naturally, these children are well adjusted and will be a boon to America in the future, especially if they get into programs where EVERYONE gets a trophy, everyone is a winner, because we can’t have anyone actually LOSING a game lest their self-esteem be damaged. Then they hit the real world and their fantasy world crumbles and we have another nutcase liberal non-hacker to deal with. They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intention and if that is true, than the off-ramp to that road is paved by Liberalism.

Ah, the sweet world of welfarism. Such a deal. Instead of teaching a man to fish, so that he can feed himself and his family for life, liberals just dole out welfare checks and a few kind words. “Ah, the evil Republicans outsourced your job?” (BJ Bubba signed NAFTA and people like Hanoi Jean Fonda Kerry buys boats from other countries) “well, here’s a check you poor bastard. Remember, vote early and often, for Democrats.” What a soul-destroying way of life, doling out other people’s money to someone who ain’t earning it. Liberalism has ghettoized the black race and the perfect example is what happened in Atlanta yesterday, with people rioting over subsidized housing! Instead of prodding people to SUCCEED in life, liberalism sucks their self-respect from them, like a succubus, by giving them a check and pointing to the evil rich (most of whom are self-made, who work hard, who strive for success) as the enemy. “TAX THE RICH,” the liberal’s cry, (as they dodge those taxes) and thus, penalize those who create businesses, who create jobs, who might have hired those out of work and on welfare. If that is liberal compassion, the Gunny would rather take a Conservative “kick in the ass and get on your feet man,” moment! Liberals have chained an entire race of people through their entitlement programs for golden chains are still chains. Jobless claims are again UP but the corruptocrats in the Kongress and Senate will just print more money to pay more unemployment, instead of working to CREATE an environment that would foster job growth. Redistribution of OPM, it is all the Left is good for.

Yes, liberalism has given us a divided nation (that was always their intent) and things like Gay Marriage (that does not produce any offspring to further the society they are in-which is the basis of marriage for a man and woman but it’s “fair”), the sexual revolution which now has 9 year olds sexting and 14 year olds getting abortions without their parents consent, disconnected parents because both of them have to work to pay all of the taxes imposed by a leftist Congress, children of single mothers who end up in prison, a military being used once again for a social experiment (remember McNamara’s 100,000) of allowing gays to serve “openly” (there is a joke in there somewhere), and a host of military leaders who are as far away from being warriors as Banking Queen Bonnie Fwank is from being a man. Quisling Casey the Appeasement Hero of Fort Hood? Admiral Mullen and women on subs? All for the God of Political Correctness and that next promotion. And we’re bankrupt to boot. To liberals, white is black, left is right, and up is down. We’re living in a word where 2+2 = 4 yet liberals shout from the rooftops that this it is really 5 and that more is less and freedom equals slavery, to borrow a couple of phrases from Orwell (who was right about liberals, as it turns out).

Liberalism is a thief in the night that is a soul-destroying and foul ideology. Let’s make sure we set it back on its heels in 2010 and work to destroy IT before it destroys US, starting in 2012. This is a fight WE HAVE TO WIN!


  1. Truer words were never spoken by man. Thanks Gunny.
    It was just this morning that I thought about the nanny state and how they went on a rampage against smoking,(and haven't quit) This story was on the news. North Carolina had many tobacco farms that went belly up because of people quitting cigarettes. Anyway, a lot of people lost their jobs, and farmers were hurting. Then they went to school, planted vineyards, turned tobacco plants into wineries, and now they are known as the Napa Valley of the South. Instead of giving up, and taking from the government, they did something about their plight.
    If liberals leave people alone, they do okay. They may hit rough places in the road, but they will make it. God made people with the fighting spirit of survival, and if left alone, they will survive!! And if they get enough of NOT being left alone, that same spirit of survival kicks in , and one way or another, they make sure that they are left alone to survive their own way.

  2. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kudos and I absolutely agree. I was once unemployment wth less than 100.00 to my name but I did not stop looking for work. I did not take unemployment benefits (I had gotten off active duty in the early 80's) and worked odd jobs until I landed a decent job. But that was under Ronaldus Magnum, not Sir Golfsalot's regime.