Monday, August 23, 2010


Defense Secretary Robert (100K) McNamara, oops, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has finally gotten his marching orders from Comrade Barry today concerning the Muslim murderer Hasan's rampage at Fort Hood. 

EXCERPT: "In a 26-page memo released [Friday] and signed Aug. 18, Gates ordered a series of procedural and policy changes that focus on identifying, responding to and preventing potential workplace violence. On Nov. 5, 2009, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an American-born Muslim of Palestinian descent, allegedly shot and killed 13 people and wounded dozens more at the Texas base. The changes include plans to educate military commanders on signs of potential workplace violence, increase commanders' access to personnel records and improve emergency notifications and the 911 system."

Actually the death count should be fourteen since Hasan murdered a pregnant woman but since liberals engage in wholesale murder of infants, using Roe v Wade, they simply ignore that one, and hell, pseudo-science CommieCzar John Holdren probably short-stroked over it.

But consider Gates and his sock puppet Admiral Mullen for a moment and their fantastic leadership skills.

First of all, both of these idiots checked off on women serving in submarines. The Gunny followed up on this by emailing a retired Navy Commander he knows here in AK who has a lot of time on subs on, this very question and the answer he received in a nutshell was, "this is total bullshit."

If one has never been on a submarine, then they could not know the extent of how bad a decision this is, and not just from a sexual standpoint. But let us first look at the differences between a warrior leader and a corporate leader, which is what clowns like Gates, Mullen, Weasley Clark, Casey, are, versus warrior leaders like Puller, Patton, and Petraeus. 

A warrior leader leads by example and never expects others to do what he or she has not done before and will not do again. A corporate leader leads via email and is never exposed to the vicissitudes of what they order. A warrior leader could not give a damn for political correctness, especially when it impacts his or her troops whereas clowns like Gates, Mullen, Casey (who was quick to go PC on the Fort Hood murders), swim in that cesspool.

Take Weasely Clark's decision to ground the Apaches in Bosnia after an accident for example:

"And General Clark issued a secret order that NATO's first requirement was to avoid the loss of any aircraft, according to his book. The preoccupation with avoiding NATO military casualties limited the effectiveness of the air campaign and increased the prospect of civilian casualties, because allied warplanes bombed from high altitudes. General Clark defended the order in an interview as necessary to maintain public support for the war." (NY Times)

THAT is what the Gunny means by Corporate leadership, not warrior leadership. It was not ordered to maintain "public support" for the war since one, BJ  Bubba Klintoon stated that we'd be there 6 months (now in our 15th year), two, it was not a war, it was bailing out Europe's chestnuts (once again), three, it was a wag the dog for BJ Bubba and four, it was cover for Weasely Clark so that he would not have any "accidents" to explain. Safety before caution and caution before action, that is his motto. He MAY have been influenced by the poll-driven BJ Bubba White House, who had idiots like Les "Black Hawk Down" Aspin running the defense show but that makes Clark MORE of a Corporate leader not less of one.

Consider the recent decision to overturn "DADT" in the Armed Forces. Gates stated that he'd do a study, blah, blah, blah, before making a decision and then shortly after, came out and stated that the ban was lifted, troops be damned. It was a political decision that an wildly unpopular president [Comrade Barry] ordered made and Gates snapped to like the rubber stamper he is. Irregardless of the problems of discrimination (homos showering with same sex whereas heteros are prohibited from showering with opposite sex), health reasons, unit cohesion, morale, etc, Gates should have stood tall and told Comrade Barry to wait until the study was completed before making a decision. Nope, he rolled over...

For example, General O.P. Smith, a Marine, held back his troops advance in North Korean since HIS intel was that there were a few Chinese divisions advancing whereas Dugout Doug's staff of asskissers said there were none. Smith took a buttload of flak from Tokyo over this decision as well as a lot from the Army command in Korea. He was right in that there were EIGHT Chinese divisions in his path, waiting to attack the 8th Army and the Marines. THAT is warrior leadership. HE took the heat for HIS troops.

Take Patton slapping a soldier for instance, and the hell he took over it. He knew that fear in a unit is bad juju and acted on it. The Gunny's father told him about times in WW2 when the crap was hitting the fan and they looked at their C.O. who was calmly going about his business under fire. Warrior leadership. They make an INFORMED decision and they stick to it, come hell or high water. Patton called it like he saw it concerning the "mongoloid Russians", caught hell for it, and was proved right in the end. Warrior leadership.

So now we have Fort Hood as "workplace violence" not the act of a Muslim of Palestinian lineage, shouting Allah Akbar!, AS HE MURDERS US soldiers at Ft. Hood. Imagine if, say, a white soldier came in and shot up a mosque, screaming Jesus Rules!, what would the leftist media say? A hate crime. Or if a white soldier came into a gay bar, shouted "all fags must die" and shot up the place? Hate crime.

Considering that we have a Muslim sympathizer, if not a bona fide Muslim as president, this outcome should surprise not one. Comrade Barry, when not on vacation, puts pressure on Gates, who pressures everyone on down, to come up with this PC bullshit. Until we call it like we see it, Muslim violence from a pseudo-religion that supports violence (where are all of those moderate anti-violence Muslims, who are speaking out against this stuff at Ivan?) we're going to keep having to deal with this crap and appeasement doesn't help.

As far as women in submarines, consider one, their physical strength and trying to close hatches in an emergency, etc. and two, what happens when they become pregnant say, two months into a six month pump (no pun intended), and the mission is hampered because of it? Helo lift HER out and put a MAN back in her place or just call it quits and return to base? The Gunny saw that time and again in the Corps, a female gets pregnant, drops out of the rotation, and a man, usually married, has to pick up her slack and deploy or worse, they pop up pregnant ON deployment, get rotated back, leaving the unit shorthanded. To the women out there who make it happen, time and again, YOU are the exception to the rule, rock on and BTW, the condemnation above include MALE non-hackers who probably end up getting out and becoming democrat voters!

Maybe the next time Muslims blow up a building, instead of say, bombing their training bases in Afghanistan, we can just call THAT workplace violence and institute sort of public education plan to make us all aware of the plight of those who seek to kill us. Those poor poor terrorists, er, freedom fighters. It's all America's fault. Right Ivan? Gates? Comrade Barry?



  1. When it comes to the military I guess I'm a dinosaur but I know this:
    There is no place in the military for women beyond the original intent of the
    WAC's, WAVE's, BAM's and SPAR's
    and that was to man the typewriters. Personnel and Clerical and Disbursing work. Do the stateside jobs and free a man to fight the war.
    Go with all female crews/combat teams/ships and subs.
    Wow. Can you imagine being transient on a 300 woman crewed Destroyer? With all of them on the rag at the same time???

  2. HAHA, that would be a tour in HELL all right.

    While I have seen a few women measure up in the field, many don't and many of them do not even finish their first tour, which is a waste of money in training and then a waste of a billet.

    At one unit I was in overseas, we had seven females report in for duty and THREE were pregnant and one was unable to deploy for female health reasons. The C.O. was hopping mad but this is common place in the the military and I hear that it is far worse in the US Civilianized Air Force.

  3. Gunny and Buck,
    I so agree with you. I have been against this women in the height of battle since it was first mentioned. Women have too many things that must be done differently than men.
    For instance they must squat, while men can stand to relieve themselves, and I can't imagine this on a battlefield. Women at that time of the month draw wildlife. No joke, it is real!!
    As far as being in close quarters, well unless they think they are men, they do end up pregnant, or cause fights.
    As far as the "workplace violence" I am furious, and wish there were more workplace violence in Washington DC, Oh yeah, I could go along with "workplace violence" if Someone went off on Nancy!!

  4. I am waiting for the Article 32 hearing on Hassan in October. Gates and company can't stall it forever. In fact October would be a great time to remind people about the Ft Hood killings.

  5. Since the muslim I_maam osamabinobama was going to speak and the waters lower ,the climate fix itself and the world love America again why cant he just order no monthlys while you're on active duty? Is he not god?

    Real leaders do not need more training, they know who needs to go to the wood shed aka be Put Down.
    No mussy American born or otherwise is fit for service in the good ole USA. If you aint American you aint fit.

  6. Nanna,

    I concur although there are many jobs women can do in a combat theatre. Unfortunately, we have PC idiots who give out Bronze Stars to Jessica Lynch for bumping her head, having a jammed rifle (likely due to a lack of cleaning), not shooting back, not engaging the enemy, and becoming a POW. They do it merely to further the myth.

    I have had the honor of serving with women WHO COULD hack it and did but doing crap like this, for PC purposes, will only get people killed.

  7. Pack Rat,

    INDEED! This is going to be a CYA White Wash, bet on it. Casey himself needs to go for his apologizer efforts on this mess. Until we call it like we see it and ID the threat, we're doomed to repeat it.

  8. This one belongs to Obama and Gates:

  9. Pack Rat,

    Cutting and running and declaring victory in a defeat, its how libs roll.

    They did it in Korea, they did it in Vietnam, they did it in Bosnia, and they'll do it here.

  10. Gunny,
    I know that there are many women pilots, and those that can do many things during a war.
    But to be a constant on a battlefield is not a
    good idea to me.
    And there are so many that just want the money, never thinking that they will go into battle, also, as you said those that want to go just to have the same "rights" as men.think they have something to prove, (which they can't)
    Most women aren't strong enough to cut it in a battle. There are exceptions to every rule though. ( I mean most presidents don't want to ruin the country, but we found an exception to the rule) Ha ha :-)

  11. While not against female in the military I cant see them them on combat ships and certainly not subs. Too many potential problems. Combat land units, sorry the risk of capture is too high with the predictable results. (Of course, the lib idiots think that our enemies treat US POW's as royalty. All this torture stuff is just propaganda.)
    As for Admiral Mullin. What a load that clown is. I saw him on TV a couple of times. A complete embarrassment to our military. This dickwad must have kissed a lot of asses to get above Lt (jg)

  12. A) It was NOT workplace violence. It was Islam in action.
    B) As for women in the military, I have a rather unique perspective on this compared to the rest of the commentators around here. My wife is an Aviation Electricians Mate in the US Navy. I've spent a lot of time with women in Naval Aviation, including aboard 6 different carriers. I have no problems with them in most jobs, but ground combat positions, special ops, submarines, and any position that requires upper body strength are not jobs for women.
    C) Mullin is a political Admiral. He has obviously never been a real warrior. Possibly the worst Chief of Naval Operations during my career.

  13. Navyvet
    My cousin is a retired Marine. Annapolis class of '53.
    He says any rank above O-6 is political.
    I might add
    Any rate above E-6 ... ditto. Today.

  14. Crawfish
    Perhaps women in combat will necessitate new physical fitness requirements for all military personnel.
    If that 90 pound woman can shoulder and carry a wounded 215 pound man out of harm's way, okay.
    I don't think so in most cases.
    But DON'T give female prospective combat troops a different physical fitness course than a man because they are women.
    That'll work for ground forces.
    There are enough women in command roles that if you want women on Navy combat ships including subs you shouldjust go all women crews.
    Or would that be too much like segregation for the limp wrist bleeding heart stick their nose where it don't belong left???