Friday, August 20, 2010


TODAY, Bur'aq al Obummer is out golfing for, pundits say, the 47th TIME this year alone. Must be hell having a fun life at the expense of the American people. Character matters, folks. Bush 43 STOPPED playing golf after Iraq kicked off and vacationed at HIS HOME. Zero flits around the world on our dime.

And in speaking of piss-poor judgement, we have THIS nugget out.

EXCERPT: "VINEYARD HAVEN, Mass. – The Obama administration asked Friday that the only person convicted for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 be returned to a Scottish prison. John Brennan, President Barack Obama's counterterrorism adviser, told reporters accompanying the vacationing leader that the U.S. has "expressed our strong conviction" to Libyan officials that Abdel Baset Al-Megrahi should not remain free. The comments came on the first anniversary of Al-Megrahi's release. Brennan criticized what he termed the "unfortunate and inappropriate and wrong decision," and added: "We've expressed our strong conviction that Al-Begrahi should serve out the remainder — the entirety — of his sentence in a Scottish prison." Al-Megrahi was ordered in 2001 to serve 27 years in prison for the bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, but was freed on Aug. 20 of last year on compassionate grounds [with the help of the Obama Regime]. He was said to suffer from cancer and had just months to live."

This regime of MORONS and Liberal APPEASERS PRESSURED the UK to FREE this clown. Now he's free and they want him BACK in prison. THIS is what HAPPENS when morons elect an untried tool to lead them. Just like putting an idiot named Kagan, who was NEVER a judge, on the SCOTUS. Pathetic and weak, just like the Dhimmicrat Appeasement Party.


  1. they know he's dying. so they want to make it look like they are tough on terror. question is, is he willing to be used in that manner?

  2. Don't you know Obama was for releasing Al-Megrahi before he was against it.

  3. usmcpgw,

    Libya won't give him back to the weak sister in the WH.

  4. Pack Rat,

    HAHA! That must be a liberal thing! I was for the war before I was against it, etc! haha. This regime is a running joke. It's only prupose is to entertain us with what happens next. They remind me of a 2dLt getting on a piece of gear. You KNOW it's gonna end badly but you HAVE to watch it.

  5. Overheard in the White House.

    "OMG, they think I'm a Muslim, just because I said I would have to take sides with them if things got ugly, just because I want them to build a mosque at ground zero,just because I cancelled National Prayer day, and celebrated Ramadan, just because I bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, just because I was raised a Muslim, and swore to others I was a Muslim, just because Kofi Annan(sp) said I was a Muslim, and just because those in Saudi Arabia said I was a Muslim and just because I wanted this bomber released. Have they no understanding? Okay okay Rahm, get him out of Libya, and back in jail. Now get me my prayer rug"

  6. This is too FUNNY!!
    The water in the lagoon in front of the Obama's vacation home in Martha's Vineyard is closed due to contamination of fecal material.
    One of the locals said when asked about the president being able to swim, the local said it is depending of whether he wants to swim in poop!!
    I personally think this is a riot!!

  7. Nanna,

    The island is full of libs thus, it's full of dung! haha.

    I think this is his 17th vacation this year alone and his 50th golf match in since the fool took over.

  8. ALL,

    Take a MOMENT and read Ivan's comment on the Maxim thread! Hilarious.

  9. The libs are going bananas over how the fact that he is a muslim is now known by more than a handful of people. They're trying to figure out who to blame for that revelation becoming public. Since it is their default position, they'll probably blame W.

    When the vacation issue pops up, they are quick to point out that W was away from the WH (when not on official state visits abroad) for 890 days in 8 years. They fail to notice that he was at the ranch for almost all of that time, that he had his staff there to turn it into WH West, and that he did receive foreign dignitaries there for discussions and negotiations.

  10. Ivan....such an easy target that I just had to drop an LGB on him in that thread.

  11. Knowing what a heinous crime the murder of the innocents is still one has to wonder why the low ho Stanley Dunham didn't honor the same teachings she bred into osambinobama.

    "But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby," obama said.

    She has punished the world when she could have left the world a better place than she found it if only she would have honored her own non God fearing beliefs that she and the osamaone share. Obama-Mama was a Marxist? Yes.
    You gotta see the 1960 photo of osamabin with long hair, SAD and that is how she looks too.


    Okay... Gotit..

  13. Stanley Dunham made a mistake

    and the whole country was punished with a baby

  14. You know, I have sat her for the last five minutes after reading Ivan on the maxim thread, and quite frankly, words escape me. It makes me wonder if this is an actual person or not. Gunny, I hope you don't have some psycho as a troll.

  15. jkelley1944,

    No fear here. Ivan's about as tough as a toothless poodle and likely as ugly. Liberals are only good at beating up people when it's 4+ on 1 odds or when they're defacing recruiting offices when no one is there.

  16. Even Katie Couric is seeing Obama for the appeaser he is and the results that will follow: