Monday, August 9, 2010


HEADLINE: Kerry pushes US-Muslim nation exchanges.

EXCERPT: "WASHINGTON: US Senator and chairman of Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry, appealed on Tuesday for cementing US ties with the Muslim world with a two-way exchange of professionals like teachers, city planners, and public health workers. Kerry introduced a bill calling for a three-year pilot programme to draw such workers from Muslim-majority countries to be picked by the US State Department. “This legislation is designed to help build professional capacity, strengthen civil society, and improve ties between the United States and Muslim-majority countries,” he said in a statement. These citizens picked would be 21-40 years old and could also come from civil society, including journalists, leaders of religious-based organisations, or employees of nonprofit organisations, Kerry’s office said in a statement."

When the Gunny first got this tip and read it, he thought it was satire since there is SOOOOOOO much wrong with this crapulence but no, it's LIVE FROM BOSTON, the Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry Sell Out America Traitor Tour...

Can you imagine that this filthy diaper stain was the Dummycrat's nomination to be president and COULD have won? Him and Love Puppy John Leftwards? The traitor and the adulterer. 

This idiot wants to IMPORT Muslims in their prime terrorist (21-40) years like we don't have enough of them already HERE thanks to our porous borders? Like we don't have dirtbags like Lynne Stewart who HELP them attack us by passing message from the Blind Shiek, her client, to terrorists abroad. Yes, we NEED more terrorists and their sympathizers here in America. This moron actually WANTS to import TEACHERS? For what, to teach in the madrassas in America, supported by Saudi money, obtained from us because we don't drill for our own frigging oil any more, thanks to liberals. Or rather, teach our kids that everything is AMERICA's fault, and that we DESERVED 9-11. Wait, better still, let's import some city planners so that the blueprints of our highrises can get into the hands of al-qaeda easier than normal. What a great way for our buildings to come a tumbling down on our heads when their weak points are exposed to al-qaeda operational planners. OH GOOD IDEA Hanoi John, did you think that one up while sailing on your New Zealand made boat? Hmmm. Maybe Ol Lurch figured he'd propose something soooooo stupid as to take the heat OFF of his 500,000 dollars tax evasion scheme up in Rhode Island.

The Gunny thinks that the whole public works idea is classic though. Let's hire them to, say, care for the sewers under, say, New York City. Then they can simply pack them full of C-4 or Semtex, without busting out in too much of a sweat, and then it's blast off time! Oh, and DO LETS import some journalists from al-jazeera so that we can get some solid reporting without, say, any bias for Muslims and against Israel and the USA. And here the Gunny thought that Christine Amanpour was the mouthpiece for Hamas, Hezbollah, President "I'm-in-a-jihad" over in Iran, etc. Yes, we here in America DEFINATELY need more Muslim journalists who can assist our fifth columnists in the Lapdog Media in helping them write more bullshit with more spin on it than a Sandy Koufax curveball.

Perhaps the funniest thing of this bill that Lurch introduced was that he wants to bring in "leaders of religious-based organisations, or employees of nonprofit organisations." Now THAT is hilarious. Yes, those peaceful imams and the coordinators of their "nonprofit organizations" aka, front groupsand finance points for al-qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. And their love for their culture is simply magnificent, just ask France when the youths play, "firebug in the streets or in Denmark when the throat-slitters stab a man for speaking out, for making a movie, and then hack his head off. Fatwas? Let's have them by the hundreds. Or in Sweden, Germany, Italy, or wherever these violence prone people settle. Oh, and for the morons who think that the Gunny is racist? Please point to those moderate Muslims who condemn the terrorists? (enter crickets chirping) 

Maybe we can also have more Muslim pilots flying our airliners because they seem to have no problems with taking off but their landings seem to be a wee bit of a problem for them. Yes, Hanoi John, America SURELY NEEDS more angry imams to inflame muslims in our military and to help them decide whether to merely blow up Fort Dix (Fort Dix Six) or just walk into a gathering of our troops and start popping caps like Hasan did. Or maybe, help them get their car bombing skills down so that they can more easily set off a car bomb in Times Square. Maybe we can also bring in some chemists to help panty bombers get their mixture right aboard airliners. Yes, security will love that. Maybe we'll have to show up at the airport the day PRIOR to traveling vice a few hours. Sweet.

Hey Hanoi John, lay off the botox moron, your brain, never that sharp to begin with, is in permanent lockdown mode, frozen on stupid. But your actions are well in keeping with those sweet traitorous moves displayed at the Paris Peace Treaty, voting against the US Military at every turn, and in betraying our POW/MIAs. That you are still in office is a black stain on the state of Taxachusettes and the Gunny would love to spit in your eyes, right before you go on trial for treason. Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, you define the words "scumbag traitor."

And the Dummycrats actually wanted this diaper stain to be PRESIDENT? The traitor leading the Fifth Columnists...



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  1. Wow ol sheethead Kerry is really onboard with sir golfsalot and his bizarre agenda,by the way the good ol USA is giving Pakistan 42 Billion,but Plousy only wants 25 Billion to bail States out,wish I would have invested in a printing press company.

  2. Its scary how much our brains work alike. I was thinking the same thing you were when I read that. I can just here the Muslim architech now...Don't worry about all the explosives, it's a new design. Or the public engineer..."What are the chemicals I'm adding to the drinking water? Ah, ah, ah, flouride, but in this concentration you have to wear a biological Haz-mat suite.
    Nice going Kerry, you win "Spit Drooling Moron of the Week"

  3. Donnie,

    HAHA! Yeah, I wish I could lower myself to being part of the parasite class and grub my share but I have too much self-respect.

  4. Jim,

    I think Hanoi John has had a lock on that award for a very long time. Added him to the long list of graves I have to visit after drinking a kegger.

  5. It is hard for me to come to the realization that our own government are the traitors!!
    They take the side of any foreign country, and hang us out to dry.
    Hanoi John has had to have had his brain scrambled a long time ago. What kind of pact with the devil do these people have? They need to realize that the devil is the father of lies, and he will betray them quickly. They will feel the wheels of a very large bus roll over them shortly.
    Did you hear that also, that Imam that is wanting to build the mosque at ground zero, is going to the middle east as an ambassador of the United States, on the tax payers dime.(He will be raising money for the mosque I'm sure)
    Hey maybe he will look up some of the best and brightesst terrorists to go into Kerry's exchange program!!

  6. Nanna,

    It'll take a few millions Americans to get turned into french fries by muslim terrorists before we finally wake up as a nation.

  7. A P.S.,
    Michelle O met with Jesse Jackson Jr in Marbella Spain...also with Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, governor of Rayadh, and brother of late king Fahd of Saudi Arabia.
    Also the son on interior Minister of Qatar and member of the Royal family of Qatar, Abdullah Al- Thani.
    That wasn't mentioned at all in any of the reports that went out about her "vacation" in spain.
    Lord, what next????

  8. Nanna,

    It is coming out that the First Wookie took Sasha to Spain because the kid ASKED to go. Entitlement scamming starts early.

  9. Sometimes all I can do is scream WTF OVER?????

  10. I'm linking that story tomorrow. My reaction is found in the wav file at

  11. It makes me wonder if I should start arming my household. Get a concealed carry. Seems like the only people that are going to look out for US.

  12. Craw,

    I hear that. I'm so used to being betrayed by the Left, that I'm no longer surprised by their scumbaggery.

  13. jkelley1944,

    Indeed you should. Get a CCW. Practice. Arm up. Ammo up. Don't be surprised that election 2012 brings about riots when Sir Golfsalot gets kicked to the curb. He's a one trick pony and in it for the perks only but his Obomunist zombies are in lockstep with him. He goes, they go nuts.

  14. Re: Kerry

    Read "Unfit for Command"