Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We on the right HAVE to call it like we see it. Maxim actually put Michelle Obummer on the top 100 sexy babes list (#93)? Someone get the guys with the big nets in white uniforms over to Maxim STAT!

And Last but NOT Least, the compulsory rear view. (Use eye bleach here)

(Looks like two gazelles next to a cape buffalo!)

Dear Guys at Maxim, quit smoking crack, it will shorten your life AND make you go BLIND! You nitwits put the First Klingon over Marisa Tomei? Liberalism truly is mentally irregular!

Maybe it's like the Nobel Peace Prize they gave Dumbo, a check the block award.


  1. GOOD GRIEF!!!!
    I wonder how much Michelle, or Sir Golfsalot had to pay for that spot???

  2. Nanna,

    Maybe they just sent Rahmbutt Emanuel or Baghdad Bob Gibbs over to Maxim to threaten them or beg for them! These two are a running joke.

  3. You fargin bastage! You should have put a spew alert up! I had a great lunch I just launched on my desk! Darn you Gunny!

  4. Kinda like Newsweek's list of top ten nations.

  5. Jim,

    I'm sorry. But hey, I DID post a hottie like Tomei.

  6. Pack Rat,

    HAHA! Thanks for reminding me about that. Odd that Newsweak is in the tank and can't get sold.

  7. Marisa Tomei.......

    not as young and stacked as most of the hotties that I presume are on the list, but I WANT!!!!

  8. No guys, you can't have her for Christmas!!

  9. Nanna,

    I want to extend an invitation to Marisa Tomei for a free vacation here in Alaska...

  10. I understand. You just want to show her the tundra, right?

  11. Wow ol Michell got a big ol fat satchelass.

  12. Gunny,

    This award like all the bum steer's awards just may be somewhere between AA and token.

  13. Oy!

    I never have gotten the idea that Mrs. ObaMessiah's anything other than an ugly skank.

    She dresses like a refugeee from the Goodwill store, too.

    Just... Oy!

  14. BrianR,

    HAHA! She MUST buy her crap from Goodwill. A more classless fool has never disgraced the WH. Even Hitlery had a modicum of class.

  15. I just love how you rightoid geezers cream your Depends fantasizing about Marisa Tomei.

    Sorry to limp you out, guys, but Marisa is a . . . (wait for it!) . . . DEMOCRAT!

    Between 2004 and 2009 she donated $5,400 to DEMOCRATIC candidates, including Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    And yes, Tomei is a hottie.

    Who do you assholes have? Ann Coulter and Michelle Bachmann -- naziettes from Skankville.


    P.S.: I don't expect any of you will actually read this since, like the fascist he is, Gunsel has decided he can no longer tolerate dissent on this little hatefest of his. Consideration is being given to launching a counter-blog to this one, where the Gunster's lies will be continuously exposed, as will his no-longer-secret identity. Watch for Ivan's Blog, (perhaps) coming soon to a computer near you!

  16. Ivan,

    One, I said Tomei was HOT, not that she was smart!

    Two, please go for your counter-blog, it'll give us something ELSE from the Leftists to laugh at.

    Three, there are many who know who I am, I don't hide it, I simply don't advertise it. That way, I don't have to pop another asshole, .45 sized, in some liberal moron's brain housing group.

    Four, I usual only censor your drivel when you get punked out and resort to curses and other foulness.

    Lastly, I LOVE living rent-free in your head! HAHA

  17. >there are many who know who
    >I am, I don't hide it, I
    >simply don't advertise it.

    So you acknowledge being retired Gunnery Sgt. Bob Pinkstaff.

    I wouldn't boast about it either.

    >I LOVE living rent-free in
    >your head!

    Shit! Now I'm gonna have to have my brain pan fumigated.

  18. Ivan,
    while the left does get an occasional hottie, most of their women look like Hillary!, Janine Barfalo, Helen Thomas, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruthiebaby Ginsburg, Susan Estrich, Babs Boxer, Patty Murray, Patsy Schroeder, Donna Shalala, and Janet Reno.

    Meanwhile, we've got Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Janine Turner, Laura Bush and her daughters, Bo Derek, Monica Crowley, Laura Ingram, Angie Harmon, Heather Locklear, Carrie Prejean, Michelle Bachman, S.E. Cupp, Dana Loesch, Ashley Herzog, Tabitha Hale, Rachel Marsden, Mary Katherine Ham, Hannah Giles, and Megyn Kelley.

    BTW, your guess as to the identity of Gunny is waaaaaaay off target. Since you are who you are, we'll say that you were high and left.

  19. is ivan drooling over the rearview of the wookie? does he fantasize about being obambie and sticking his nose up that canyon?

  20. Craw,

    I had to LMMFAO on Ivan's last post. Quite obviously "pinkstaff" is Ivanese for his favorite kind of lollipop. I can't wait for his counterblog. It'll be a laughfest. We think the moron had a blog on TH (Clyde brought that up) but no one ever showed up! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  21. At 16:02, The Crawfish babbled:

    >your guess as to the identity
    >of Gunny is waaaaaaay off target.

    It's not a guess. Gunny is Bob Pinkstaff.

    Even he doesn't deny it.

    You are a clown.

  22. Ivan,

    One, you're wrong on my name.

    Two, try going to and checking their database on Robert Pinkstaff.

    Three, as I stated, "pinkstaff" is actually something you like playing with, ain't it?

  23. Well, hell.
    Look at the left's babes.
    and when you look at the
    NOW gals and feminists
    The Wookie looks absolutely gorgeous!

  24. Watch for Ivan's Blog, huh.
    It'll sink faster than a concrete canoe.