Wednesday, August 25, 2010


THIS is how STUPID and OUT OF TOUCH this regime is. (A short story with news headlines)
BIDEN: 'We're moving in right direction'...


"Worries about recovery deepen..." and then, "Hindenburg Omen' creator exits stock market..." and then, "Economy in 'Depression, Not Recession'..." and then, "Dow Faces 'Bouncy Ride to 5,000'..." and then, "New Home Sales Sink to Lowest Pace on Record..." and then, "Investors Scatter to Safety..." and then, "MORGAN STANLEY: Government Bond Defaults Inevitable..." and then, "DOW FIGHT TO HOLD 10,000" and then, "INTEL CEO blasts Obama, Dems; USA faces looming tech decline..." and then on the home front, "Sen. Baucus [author of Obamacare] admits to not reading bill!" (There's a shocker) and then, "Feds move to dismiss deportation cases; Backdoor 'amnesty'..." (Good job Holder, your master Soros is pleased with you) and finally, 

LETTERMAN TURNS: 'He'll have plenty of time for vacations after his one term'...

To the 65 million morons who voted for these idiots, do us all a favor, hang yourselves before Nov 2010 or if not, then STAY THE HELL HOME in November 2012, you dumbasses.


  1. I wish all those New York and North Eastern Yankee liberals would quit moving to Florida,they ruined their States and now they are ruining this one,"Yankee Go Home"

  2. Would to GOD they would hang themselves.
    obiteme and the I-maam aint hurting Gunny so to them all is well and going golfing but they both know what and how bad they are doing is to the rest of the country and it is intentionallike you said in your prior post of enemies listed.

    Look how convenient the next world tragedy showed up to take the news off I_maam bam and his brethren the GZhamosque builder. People ate raw eggs and got sick, its the end of the world.

  3. Donnie,

    I hear that. We get the Seattle scum drifting in up here, playing the eco-nazis role. I wish they'd go pet some grizzlies after eating bacon.

  4. R E,

    I have no doubt that Team Soros-Obama seek to wreck this nation.

  5. I'm not sure if it's pride or stupidity.

    Non of the Obama supporters will admit to making a mistake.
    When the subject is broached they fall back on saying something derogatory about Bush.
    Every one of them.
    All 7 I talked to.

  6. The economic outlook is bleak to say the least. Even if we take the House and pickup seats in the Senate, I doubt we will not have enough to override a veto from the "prez-o-dent" on any proposed tax cut or spending reduction legislation.(or extending Bush's tax cuts for that matter)
    I grow weary of hearing about how the government is supposed to create jobs and how this administration has created or saved X number of jobs. I fear that many of the American people have forgotten (or never knew to begin with) what the government's role in the economy should be. The government's main function is to create a favorable environment for business through low taxes and minimal regulations while protecting the consumer from monopolistic practices and robber barons. In addition to make sure that the currency is secure. That's it, not too much to ask really but they fail at these simple tasks epically!

    "Wealth is the product of man's capacity to think." Ayn Rand

  7. Only bad thing here is the idiotsticks at the RNC are simply NOT listening. WHERE,pray tell,is their frigging "plan" to fix the frigging mess that THEY,had they been awake in '08,COULD have prevented? Seems like the Steele-led brigade of buttsniffs STILL has not come to their senses.

  8. Geez...where do the libs find these brain-dead clowns?
    New post up.

  9. your last comment sums it up well. The objective of the demoslimes is to get more than 50% sucking at the public trough and then it will be over. NOrth Korea will look good to us.

  10. Donnie, I feel your pain. We have the same problem here in Virginia. Those that didn't drive through to Florida stayed here. Virginia used to be a strong conservative state but the Libtards moved into the northern end of the state close to DC about 20 years ago.

    Fortunately the rest of the state is very conservative. Our new governor is really good and we are grateful to have him in these times and he's fixing the mess left from the adolescents. Our new AG Ken Cuccinelli is kicking ass and taking names.

  11. Gunny,
    I sure do appreciate your posts. You certainly have a way with words.

    Semper fi.

  12. OK, I have a question and the answer is obvious.

    Are these guys pathetic, incompetent or both?

    The only way to fix this mess is to cut everything, cut it all to the bone and start over with an honest discussion about what we NEED and how muc hit should cost and how much is waste. ALL Government wages should be reduced 30%-50% foreign aid needs to go bye bye and we need to dismantle several departments. No one will buy our debt anymore, so the only one left to buy the debt is the Fed, and at the rate they would have to buy it the inflation would be massive. Nice job idiots in Washington!

  13. Proud American Patriot,

    Thanks for the comments and the kudos. As a former Virginian, I was always appalled that Jim Moran the Moron not only GOT elected but gets REELECTED!

  14. Jim,

    Run for office brother. I would say two things, one, cut pay for government workers in SOME areas (not defense related) and two, foreign aid to our REAL allies only, the UK/Aus and Israel.

  15. I don't consider Military Government workers. I guess that's a mental hang up on my part, same with cops.
    Isreal I can understand because they are beneath the pendulum. The UK? If they cut some of their crazy spending, they wouldn't need our money either.