Thursday, April 28, 2011


Remember when Bush 43 swooped out in the dead of night and landed in Iraq, in order to SERVE Thanksgiving chow to the troops? How many times did Bush meet with the families of troops killed in action in Iraq/Afghanistan? Indeed, he took off on a 62 mile mountain bike ride with troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, for Wounded Warriors! Note that Bush 43 does not HAVE to do this, he is out of politics and retired. Not to mention that Bush 43's administration made sure that the troops had the best equipment that they could get their hands on, indeed, new technology was created to fight IED's and other terrorist weapons but had the Dems been in charge, if this technology had impacted, say, a butterfly or lizard species, the troops would have been sh*tted up for the sake of the "endangered" animal, but the Gunny digresses.

So as we compare and contrast, consider the following:

1.  Obama had yet to visit the Midwest or the South after a series of wicked tornadoes that have killed a few hundred Americans. Now Obama SAYS that he is an American but he sure as hell ain't displaying any loyalty to us.

2.  Obama has not visited with the troops like Bush 43 did but he HAS had the time to expose the "silliness" of the controversy around his birth certificate. Something should have been done BEFORE the 2008 election.

3.  Obama abdicated his responsibility for high gas prices (his usual M.O.) to his racist head of the DOJ, Eric "I (heart) Terrorists" Holder, who is gonna investigate those high gas prices and rushed off to attend the last show of the bloated pig, Oprag, his fellow attendee of Reverend Wright's church of hate.

4.  Obama really could care less about the war his three stooges started in Libya, flitting off to Sh*tcago, LA, and San Fransicko to raise a billion bucks to keep the red diaper baby in front of a teleprompter for another four years. (Can you imagine listening to his nasal whine and chopped sentences and sloganeering for another four years!? RETCH! GAG!) More reasons for us to sell the Left Coast to the Chinese and call our debts even steven!

5.  Obama ignored the floods in Tennessee, evidently because they did not vote for him, but the above mentioned Left Coast did, so off to reward them with his presence, as the libidiots cough up the dough to keep the bum in office! Stupid is as Stupid does.

6.  Obama has yet to address the stumbling GDP or the "sudden" rise in unemployment. Many of us have suspected this regime of cooking the books on these numbers, since they;ve been doing it at the Fed, Fannie, and Freddie for decades, and profiting by it.

7.  Obama headed off to the Land of the High Taxes and Violent Crime, NYC, to jam up traffic in order to raise more money at not one, not two, but THREE liberal events but hey, that $5.00 a gallon gas? Who cares? The libtards were asked to cough up $35,800 a plate with 5K going to Barry and the rest to keep the Dummycrats in office. Oh yes New York, they're doing a GREAT job for ya. How's those taxes huh?

Lastly, King Koolbreeze gets to enjoy a hip-hop band named, The Roots, as he rubs elbows with young chumps with heads full of mush, thanks to the Democrat run government run indoctrination centers, aka, public schools.

Bush 43 has his problems with spending but he cared and it shows as he did a three-day ride on the desert trails of Big Bend National Park, with Lance Armstrong and combat vets, while Barry sat with Oprag and other socialist elites.

"As a commander in chief, it was my decision to put them in harm's way in the first place. I feel a special bond toward them and I want them to know I'll never forget them." Bush 43

"I have better things to do." King Obama the First (and last). Yeah, Soros needs you.
(GDP: 1.8%/JOBLESS CLAIMS 429,000/Dollar sell-off intensifies...)


(Don't get between him and a teleprompter, a fundraiser or a golf club for that matter.)


  1. What a great post Gunny.
    I didn't agree with President Bush on everything, but he loves this country, and he loves our military. And I really loved him as president, because he almost always thought of the United States first. I didn't agree with him on immigration, and wanted him to veto more spending bills than he did. But I knew I had a president, not a poor stand in.
    Obama has no regard for any one but Obama.

  2. I suppose that the reason that Bush 43 rode a bike with the troops is because he sent them into Iraq and is responsible for the 20,000 injuries that they suffered. It was his war.

    So, how does Obama get tagged here? Or is it you deep-seated hate for the man that compels you to write this post?

  3. Nanna,

    You summed it up perfectly. I could not agree more. Kudos.

  4. mud_rake,

    Yes, Iraq was his war and Iraq is stable enough that the Iraqis are asking us to leave and we have reduced the troop level there. Mission accomplished.

    But oddly enough, I note that you avoid talking about Afghanistan, like all libs are doing seeing as how 60% of the casualties suffered there have been on Barry's watch.

    Also, when has Obama visited the troops there and served them chow? Actually stood in the serving line and loaded their trays? Never. Bush did. Obama can't even get his AG to bring Major Hasan to trial after he murdered Army personnel while shouting Allah Akbar. Surely Obama could have said that Hasan acted stupidly, or is that just reserved for white cops in Cambridge?

    Gitmo is still open I see, was that not one of king Barry's promises to you lefties?

    In closing, when Barry became the potus, they became HIS WARS, just like Truman inherited WW2 from FDR, Ike inherited Korea from Truman, Nixon got to deal with Vietnam from JFK/LBJ, Reagan had to deal with Carter's BS in Iran, Bush 43 had to deal with BJ Bubba's malfeasance concerning the rise of al-qaeda in the 90's.

    The problem is, is that none of you leftists want to pin the blame on your teflon tinpot dictator. Like how the media NEVER talks about the deaths in Afghanistan anymore (since Barry took over) like they did with Bush?

    But thanks for the comment.

  5. It's hard to make time for wounded soldiers and for disacters ( other than as photo-ops) when you are running for re-election 24/7.

    Barry has broken promises to both the left and right.

    And you are correct, Gunny. By virtue of being the man in charge, BHO gets the blame or the praise. Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton all had to take their hits.

  6. Posted this in your Wednesday column but it fits here, too.

    "Bay of Pigs. Viet Nam. Where the left has started a brawl in another country then ran out, cut funds and then left the countryman at the mercy of a well armed, well backed communist foe.
    This is the quandry now in Afghanistan. After we have ran out on so many other countries, if we run out again, who in the world will ever trust us to be allies????????"
    The nutcuttin' comes that even if we have another Reagan, other countries will be hesitant to align themselves with us because they just won't know when a pissignorant population will elect another Marxist. Or muslim. Or both.

  7. Mud-rake: So you're saying that you would be alright with Saddam Hussein torturing the Iraqis while women would continue to be kidnapped and raped by his sons and the UN would continue to do virtually nothing for their human rights? Can you please get off Bush and focus on what you can do for the present instead of living in the past pointing fingers. Look beyond that and talk to some of the liberated Iraqi's.


  8. Pack Rat,

    Indeed, but Barry doesn'y know HOW to take any blae because as an Affirmative Action product, his whole life has been one easy ride and all of his mistakes glossed over or forgotten.

  9. Buck,

    As I noted, good post. Von Clausewitz nailed it when he stated that when you go to war, you go ALL THE WAY until victory is secure. We play patty-cake whenever a Dem is potus during a war and the Left obstructs everything whenever a Rep is in charge during a war.

  10. Eric,

    Great post and mud rake is a typical liberal. Iraq = Bad Bush 43, Libya = Great King Barry, no matter what he does or how many die there.

  11. mud rake is a troll who has hit most of our sites. He adds nothing to the conversation but insults nonetheless. He is stuck on all the lib talking points but never addresses the subject at hand. He is however, true to liberal form.

  12. Hardnox,

    I love the trolls though. They validate exactly what we say about the libdolts.

  13. Gunny,
    True enough. I have deleted most of his posts on my blog. I won't give him a venue to spew his crap or insult our readers.

    I think he's stalking us. Maybe it's a compliment but on second thought I am worried that he might be gay. You know how us homophobes are.