Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It has to be written somewhere that failure is not only a resume enhancer for liberals but also a prerequisite for a promotion! Liberals LOVE the UN and Sir Golfsalot recently bowed to it by invading Libya and bombing there, bypassing Congress, for no apparent good reason. The failures of Sir Golfsalot AND the UN are a match made in Hell.

Consider this. IHC Services is a private company and sold goods and services to the U.N. Now naturally, like the pseudo transparency of the Obama Administration, the U.N. keeps these deals a secret, probably because there is a higher level of nepotism and cronyism there than in the Obama regime. Like the criminal gangsters in Crime, Inc., aka, The Democrat Party, i.e., Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry who dodged 500,000 DOLLARS in taxes, over 4,500 companies that dealt with the UN’s oil-for-food program got illegal kickbacks and surcharges during this scandal, run by Kofi Annan and ignored by Democrats. Oil for Food was a serious failure yet the Left endorsed it and the UN, and continue to do so.

Indeed, Kofi Annan's son Kojo had ties to the Oil-for-Food program along with his brother, Kobina Annan, with Daddy funneling money and contracts to businessmen that they dealt with. This could be akin to Obama’s Regulatory Czar, Cass “Nudge” Sunstein, getting to Obama, through his wife, Samantha Power, a Soros acolyte and holder of Obama’s jug ears. Could it be that nepotism and cronyism, along with consistent screwups and failures, are inherent to a vibrant Left and UN? You see, like scum, which rises to the top, the same old leftists keep cropping up in each Democrat admin, like the same old scumbags keep surfacing, like a turd in a punch bowl, at the UN.

The failure of JFK at the Bay of Pigs is almost like the failure of the UN at Srebrenica, only on a wilder scale of death. Both of them were overlooked by a compliant media and glossed over by the Liberals. In fact, the killing fields in Cambodia, tied directly to the Liberals in the US Congress bugging out on South Vietnam, are akin to Clinton’s ignoring the plight of 800K Tutsi’s slaughtered in Rwanda, ignored and forgotten again, by the Lapdog media. The common factor in Liberalism and the UN seems to be an embrace of stupidity and failure, especially when the UN “peacekeepers” ended up as hostages to the Serbs, almost as the Marines were held hostage by Iranians, when Carter refused to allow them to defend the US Embassy in Tehran, which is considered American soil by international law. Epic failure.

The US Marine Corps breeds warriors but it is apparent that the DNC and the UN breeds cowards and appeasers.

Who can forget the US Ambassador in Kabul being assassinated by the Soviets and Carter doing nothing about it? Oh wait, he boycotted the Olympics, thus giving beaucoup gold medals to the commies. Even worse was the so-called SecState, Shrillary, doing nothing when the NorK’s murdered forty-six South Korean sailors. She “demanded that something be done,” of course, by someone else! She begged China for help, was ignored, and the UN managed to look the other way. Hilarious. Perhaps even more hilarious was watching Obumbles flex his tiny muscles (after getting permission from Soros) with BP instead of the angry dwarf in North Korea. So much for backing up an ally. Liberals are adept at multi-tasking appeasement, THAT is for sure. And speaking of liberal appeasers, Obama either ignores the illegal aliens pouring over the border, while bowing and apologizing to Mexican President Jorge Calderon, or he assists them by attacking Arizona’s anti-illegal alien law. Maybe the Great Appeaser hopes the undocumented Democrats will join the SEIU and vote for him.

Failure IS an option for both liberals and the UN.

Sandy Berger is a scumbag who should be in prison for purloining classified material from the National Archives in order to cover BJ Bubba’s (and his own) asses, over their mismanagement of national security from 1993-2000. Where is Sandy today? He’s busy at work in the Democrat party today. Amazing. The UN has peacekeepers in the Sudan who turn into slave masters and pimps and still the Left throws money at the UN, citing the good they do, yet like the great stuff Obama is supposed to have done, no one can point to a specific example. In another excellent example, when liberals and the FINALLY resorts to force, the results are often laughable and tragic. Obama and his triumvirate of hags, Power, Clinton, Jarrett, attack Libya to boost Obama’s sagging poll numbers and it results in a joke and the US looking stupid. The UN sends in peacekeepers from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, and Brazil, to Cambodia and it was noted: “they were more interested in searching for sex than for cease-fire violations." Like the UN stooges trying to find WMD’s in Iraq (Hans Blix) and liberals trying to help the al-Qaeda backed rebels in Libya, it ALWAYS turns out sh*tty. Wait, let’s also celebrate BJ Bubba’s big adventure in Haiti which resulted in a Hobbesian-like state (Somalia too). Epic Failure to the extreme. Black Hawk Down anyone?

Only on the Left can failure be rewarded. Jamie Gorelick rakes in a big bonus from Fannie Mae and goes on to work for the Clinton regime, erecting a wall between the CIA and FBI (that the 9/11 Commission was to pussified to bust out), that leads directly to 9/11. Yet Gorelick slid through the cracks to the point where Obama is actually considering putting this idiot in charge of the FBI! Well, he put Holder in charge of the Department of Injustice, thus proving the Gunny's point a hundredfold! The UN puts an idiot like Ban-Ki Moon in as the head, another clueless nitwit on the heels of that snake oil salesman Kofi Annan. Thus it can be said that liberalism and the UN is a waste of time, money, and effort. Who can deny the abject failure of both? No one with a functioning brain. Liberals, for example, continue to throw money at LBJ's lost War on Poverty, now over 8 TRILLION dollars and continuing. The UN, in their turn, continues to put clowns like Khadaffi and Libya on the Human Rights Commission and does it ON OUR DIME and ON OUR SOIL!

Only the Liberals and the UN can continually screw the pooch, aided by the smoke screen Soros owned "news" outlets like Media Matters, PMSNBC, CNN (Credibility Not Needed), and the rest of the Lapdog Media, and be assured of more money, more promotions, better jobs, more lucrative contracts, and a lifetime of ease shielded under the thin veneer of "public service." Maybe one day, the American people will wake up and boot both groups the hell out of America, once and for all.


  1. Gunny,

    Good rant! Let us not forget the 100 billion that we contribute to the UN each year. Plus each time that there is a military action it is on our dime one way or the other.

    It should be noted that both British PM Cameron and French President Sarkozy went before their respective Parliaments and received approval before committing forces in Libya but Zero did not even bother with congress.

    "Houston, we have a problem"

  2. If you ever watched Star Trek The Next Generation, think of Obama as a Ferengi, in all their approach to dealings.

  3. Back in the early '50's during the Korean War there was a Paul Harvey like news commentator. One night his subject was a newspaper article about the UN. The article had typoed "United Nations" to "Untied Nations" and he was asking if it was truly a united organization or a untied organization.
    So Americans have known the UN was worthless 60 years ago.

  4. Hardnox,

    Thanks for the kudos. let us also not forget that Obama pulled a Libya while on VACATION in Brazil! NO president had EVER done this before. Now I see the moron is trying to get Al "Twanda Brawley" Sharpton to help with his reelection!

  5. Buck,

    Great post. My question is, is how the hell have these bastards stayed alive with us KNOWING they suck.

  6. Pack Rat,

    I think that their ears match as well!

  7. That was my point , although the First Wookie actually reminds me of Klingons, with apologies to the Klingon Empire.

    Have you read "Debt of Honor" by Tom Clancy?
    Has lots of interesting things , like problems with a Japanese car made i KY, a stock market collapse, a misbehaving VP, and a 747 into the Capitol. (all written in 1994)(cue Twlight Zone theme music)

  8. A guy with LESS leadership experience than a night time bowling alley manager was elected president...he's in wayyyy over his head and, the country is rapidly seeing that harrassing banks for ACORN isn't a hiring point for a president's resume'.