Wednesday, April 27, 2011


How many times have we laughed at how gutless liberals are? They rarely serve in the military anymore, preferring to support Code Pink and the terrorists in Fallujah, (and ANY enemy of America for that matter) along with Henry Waxman's help. They willingly surrender their freedoms for the promise of a little security, i.e., social security, and surrender our's as well. They start wars like Vietnam and then cut and run when the shate hits the fan after their mismanagement of it finally comes to a head. They start stuff like the Bay of Pigs and then beat feet, leaving others to take the heat for it. They raise taxes and then work to dodge em, i.e., Hanoi John Fonda Kerry and his 500,000 tax bill in Taxachusetts! They throw other people's money at crap like the war on poverty and hold no one accountable as fraud after fraud piles up and waste and abuse is starkly evident, a welfare state run amok. And speaking of tax and spenders, here is a Connecticut fleebagger, who typifies cowardice in the face of his constituents. When the going gets tough, the libs cut and run, you can bet on it. Even more hilarious is that Zalaski votes to raise taxes and then when the voters inform him of the errors of his ways, he RUNS and HIDES! The liberal way. But maybe we should not be so hard on this libturd, his lord and master Obama runs and hides on vacation, when tough decisions like going to war in Libya have to be made. In fact, he left it up to three WOMEN!

EXCERPT: "Rep. Zeke Zalaski, a Democrat from Southington, has taken the legislative plates off his car because of complaints he gets about taxes when he fills up with gas, he told NBC Connecticut Wednesday. He wants Gov. Dannel Malloy, also a Democrat, to raise taxes only on the wealthy, something Malloy has said he will try not to do. Right now, Malloy's budget includes increases in the income tax, as well as tax hikes on cigarettes, alcohol and gasoline."

Get used to it libs (and gutless RINOs), we're getting more and more angry, every day, and you're to blame for it. The Second Amendment, a hunting license for tyrannical, corrupt, and stupid politicians.



  1. Bay of Pigs. Viet Nam. Where the left has started a brawl in another country then ran out, cut funds and then left the countryman at the mercy of a well armed, well backed communist foe.
    This is the quandry now in Afghanistan. After we have ran out on so many other countries, if we run out again, who in the world will ever trust us to be allies????????

  2. Another individual who wants the perks, but none of the grief that comes with the position, regardless of part affiliation.