Friday, April 15, 2011


Those of us who have served in the military will immediately recognize a non-hacker put into a leadership position and will likely cringe at the bad memory. The Gunny nailed Obama as the epitome of the Peter Principle MONTHS before Obama allowed his three Valkyries to start another war in Libya (NATO now asking for MORE US help!). The Gunny also stated that Obama wanted to be the president but he did not really want to BE president, and it shows in everything Barry does. He digs the bennies and perks but having to actually WORK for a living? The guest lecturer at Harvard votes "present" on that deal!

The major requisite for the job of US President much be leadership and Obama’s major problem, in addition to his pathological lying and his narcissist personality, is that he has the leadership ability of a garden slug. He’s simply not a leader in any way, shape, or form. Moreover, he is in deep water when it comes to having an idea on how to be a leader and what it takes to be a leader. This is something that must be mentored, nurtured, and taught over time and 140 days in the US Senate ain’t getting it. But the Affirmative Action baby-in-chief simply wanted to play president of the US like he played president of the Harvard Law Journal, reaping the perks, prestige, and the fun and games therein.

Here is how a leader acts from an incident the Gunny personally witnessed (the short version).

On a major deployment to a remote site with the whole battalion, we were working 24/7 as usual, as the senior comm site for all of the players in region. All comm came through our site and was routed to the “cloud.” In the middle of the operation, the sh*t hit the fan, with multiple issues hitting at the same time, comm links dropping, gear going south, etc., and all Hell broke loose. Marines were running around trying to unscrew the issues when our C.O., still sitting in his chair, began to calmly issue orders, telling someone to get this done, someone else to this, everyone clamed down, did their jobs, and shortly, things returned to normal. But it was a lesson in leadership that the Gunny never forgot. The Old Man was as calm as calm could be and knew exactly what to do. THAT, is what a leader is.

Obama, on the other hand, can’t make a decision because he has ZERO experience, other than getting petitions signed and defending ACORN in court their lawyer. Hell, it took him FOUR DAYS to order the Navy SEALS to whack four pirates! It would have taken President Gunny G about FOUR SECONDS to make that call. Obama has never had to pony up anything before and it flummoxes him at every turn. Consider LtCol Allen West, who had to make life and death decisions with SCANT information, and who did it well. THAT is a leader. His actions with the terrorists (busting a cap and telling the tango HE was next unless he talked) and then turning him in to his command bespeaks of INTEGRITY and HONOR. THAT is a leader. Obama wants a "cool" phone in the Oval Office and ignores the rise of gas and food prices in the US. Evidently, since HIS food and HIS gas is paid for, screw everyone else. THAT is not what a leader does, a leader takes CARE of his people BEFORE himself/herself. How many times did the Gunny see the Old Man standing at the END of the chow line in the field, after walking around chatting with his troops to make sure they were getting taken care of? God knows. Consequently, we’d have followed him to Hell armed with nothing but a cup of spit.

How does Obama avoid making decisions and actually leading the way? He either ignores the problem or he defers to commissions, committees, or panels to make his decisions for him, which is why we’re up sh*t creek without a boat. He has greenie tree huggers making energy policy, stuck on stupid with “green energy” and so we do not drill, refine, or mine and send 700 BILLION out of the US to countries that hate us, for our oil. Obama actually deferred the Libyan issue to the UN and foreign leaders! Anything to continue to vote "present." Indeed, ANYONE with half a brain would have known that ANYONE voting "present" 130 times has about as much in common with good leaders as Michael Mooreon does with taking a shower regularly.

The Gunny has long said that Obama is a puppet and was elected to simply be a smooth talking snake-oil salesman for the Left and the Gunny was right again. Obama was the perfect teflon guy, clean and articulate as Gaffes Biden said, and the Mystical Magical Negro as the LA Times said! He was invulnerable to criticism because he was half black and the GOP is afraid of being called racists and so, refused to REALLY engage Obama, as most of us would have, certainly the Gunny would have. So Nutsy Baloney, Dingy Reid, Axleroid, Rice, Power, and Shrillary do his governing and leading for him. He reads off of TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States), they do their business in the shadow government, and Mr. Teflon deflects any criticism by playing the race card. Can it be denied by any liberals reading this? Hell no. His three hags declare war on a sovereign nation while he is on vacation in Brazil. Can you imagine what Ronaldus Magnus would have done if someone in his admin had done that? They’d be tossed in the slammer so far down they’d need to have sunlight pumped in to them.

A leader uses the best possible solution that he/she has at the moment of decision and then stands by that decision. Consider this. We have about 500 people in Libya and Obama sends in some broken down POS ferry to evacuate them to Malta, turning THAT into a potential crisis, while he himself is safe and under Secret Service protection. A real leader would have used the Marines afloat and the USS Ronald Reagan to get them out of harm’s way ASAP, once again invoking the first tenet of a great leader, looking out for your people FIRST! Hell, sending in the Marines was nothing compared to dropping bombs on a sovereign nation without Congressional approval or even letting Congress know what the hell was going on.

That Obama is a weak puppet can no longer be denied or debated, especially after the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, was released to Libya after President Obama was informed about it and gave sub rosa approval to the Scottish Government to let him go. First Obama dithered and denied it and then the truth came out, as it always does, that Obama allowed it to happen AFTER the Scottish government gave him the option to STOP the scumbag’s release. Obama did not even have the intestinal fortitude to step up to the plate and SAY he did it and why. The Gunny wonders if Holder, a terrorist sympathizer who defends them with his law firm, Covington and Burling, whispered into his boss’ ear like the eunuch of old did to their Caliphs, getting another terrorist free.

Perhaps the biggest indication of the spinelessness and lack of leadership skills of Obama is that he must literally LIE about future tax raises, as in his bullsh*t speech the other day, using progressive-speak like, "reducing the spending of the tax code" and his "fail-safe" blather to cover raising our taxes and then setting it up so that they AUTOMATICALLY go up if the government can’t curtail their spending. Duh. He vacillated on the BP oil spill, he almost voted present on whacking four Somali pirates, he splits on vacation before and after hard issues surface, he allows an Irish nutbag named Samantha Power (aka Ms Cass Sunstein) to run foreign policy and start a new "meals-on-wheels" program for the US military (R2P), and who has shown that he has the courage of a toy poodle. Americans SHOULD have known that his only job as a community organizer, with a smooth talking line of sh*t, without an ounce of real world experience, could not have the competence to be the president and the commander in chief. The Lapdog Media screened him and idiots biting into the Hopey/Changey stack of crap voted for him. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on YOU!

With God’s graces, Americans will have the choice between a semi-polished turd like Obama and someone with REAL leadership skills and REAL GUTS, who can LEAD this nation back to our former exceptionalism that the Left has thrown away. Time to draft LtCol West like Americans drafted George Washington. Or Herman Cain. Or Michelle Bachmann. Then in 2013, Obama can go play with himself over at the UN where he can maybe serve the elites their coffee.


  1. Well said, Guns.

    It continues to interest me how the lib media doesn't raise any of these issues concerning Bat Ears taking us to war on his own hook. If a GOPer had done it, they'd be screaming like banshees.

    The ObaMessiah does it, and the silence is deafening.

    Hypocrisy, anyone? Time for your daily dose...

  2. BrianR,

    Exactly right and thanks for the kudos. I simply want a fair level playing field and not the Left continuing to be shielded by a complicit and disgustingly bias leftist press. If they ever told the TRUTH, lightning would strike them.

  3. Great post, Gunny, I wish we could get Allen West to run!
    But I don't want to wait until 2012 to rid ourselves of 0bama. Today is National Contact Congress and Demand that they Impeach 0bama Day! You can read about it here:
    A few of us n our own they can ignore, but thousands of us together, not so much. Time to make them feel the pressure!

  4. Zilla/MJ,

    I would love to see him impeached but the problem is deeper than just Obama. His entire administration is corrupt and gets their marching orders from Soros. And we need to purge the Libs and RINOs from the Congress as well. The entire government inside the Beltway IS the problem.

  5. Obama wouldn't know leadership if it jumped up and bit him on his half-white ass. As for leadership on the GOP side,when TRUMP is the best they can send up(not with their blessings,I'm sure)you KNOW we're screwed.At least he is saying some of the right things,although I question his committment. Doesn't matter who the hapless twits at the GOP send up,the damnedable media is going to hate them anyway. No sense in trying to make friends there.

  6. The analogy between his being "Editor of the Harvard Law Review" without ever contributing a written word and his "service" as President is priceless.

    All show, no go.

  7. This turkey is in campaign mode 24/7.

    Hopefully the left will get as tired of him as we are.

  8. Clyde,

    I'm of the opinion that Trump is shaping the debate and showing the Right that attacking Obama is the right way to go. I agree that the GOP needs to understand that the media IS THE ENEMY and treat them as such.

  9. Anon,

    Thanks. Obama reminds me of the saying one of my old riding buddies used to say about shiny bikes that never seemed to make the entire run.

    "Paint and chrome don't get ya home."

    Sums up Obama well.

  10. Pack Rat,

    Obama never stopped campaigning, that much was clear to us all! haha

  11. Barry Obamadias and hiz crowd, are nothing but e dog-squeeze, from top to bottom.
    Great always!

  12. Gunny,
    Good rant as always. Frankly, I don't give a shit what Zero does when he leaves office. I just want him gone.

    The fact that Trump is the frontrunner is evidence that the GP is doomed. I'll give him credit for having the balls to call things they way they are.

    West says he won't run. I agree that he is the best of the lot and I have been a big fan of his. Ou country needs him move that ever but the noise will probably keep him out this round.

    I'll say it again, Zero's chances aren't good since the average folks of every stripe aren't buying his bullshit. They won't be bought with crap either. They want a change.

  13. JoeDaddy,

    Thanks for the kudos. I'm hoping that more and more Americans see this entire crowd for what they are and show their revulsion in 2012.

  14. Wouldn't it be funny if the Dems somehow decided to nominate the real power ( R Emmanuel) instead of Obama?

    NAh, let's not give them ideas.

  15. Hardnox,

    I agree, the GOP is nearly lost. I could see a schism between them and the Tea Party with us getting the REAL Conservatives and the GOP keeping the fuggin useless RINOs. The American people want leadership who embraces a BOLD vision for America, not a surrender to a Third World status like Obama and his crowd wants for us.

    Trump would never get my vote, ever. I say we DRAFT LtCol West! It worked on Washington!

  16. Well, Gunny, you don't seem to get it.
    He doesn't NEED to make decisions.
    He doesn't NEED to know what's going on.
    He doesn't NEED to be a leader.
    ALL he NEEDS to do is shoot hoops, play golf, jet around in his 747 pimpairmobile and spend our money while his puppetmaster Soros makes all the decisions.
    That's why it takes him so long to announce his "decision" on anything. He had to wait for word to come down from the Nazi Soros.