Monday, April 18, 2011


EXCERPT: The U.S. Export-Import Bank, an independent agency of the federal government, is now planning a $2.84-billion loan for a massive project to expand and upgrade an oil refinery--in Cartagena, Colombia. The money would go to Reficar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecopetrol, the Colombian national oil company. "This is part of a $5.18 billion refinery and upgrade project in Cartagena, Colombia supplying petroleum products to the domestic and export markets," the Export-Import Bank said in a statement. The U.S. government-controlled bank says the $2.84-billion in financing it plans to undertake will be the second largest project it has ever done. The largest was $3 billion in financing for a liquid natural gas project in Papua New Guinea. (That benefitted George Soros)

When asked if Congress can veto the loan, Ex-Im Spokesman Cogan said, "No."
So Congress cannot veto a loan that the US is gonna have to take from China, to give to the Columbians, in return for 15,000 US jobs, at the cost of 189K PER JOB, that will last for four years. What then? They're out of a job? We hope for a change that will give them a job? Now, it is a given that Obama is paying back Soros once again. Just a short while ago, Obama repaid Soros down in New Guinea by sending US taxpayer money to support another Soros investment (below link).

So Obama is helping his master Soros make money, that will likely end up in Barry's 1 BILLION dollar reelection fund, that will turn to a slush fund when Obama gets the boot in 2012. How many elections will that buy for the Left?

Now we're building refineries in Columbia, with a loan from a bank that operates outside of the Constitution and with no oversight of Congress. Exactly how does THAT happen? The newest refinery in the USA was built in 1993 in Valdez and it is small and the last time a large one was built was in 1976. That's 35 YEARS ago for you libtards out there.

But has Obama stopped yet? Nope. His regime has committed $126.8 million to support the operations of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees this year, bringing THAT total to a whopping $285 million. Why? WHY are we paying for refugees caused by crap that happens in OTHER COUNTRIES, caused by OTHER PEOPLE, when we are on the verge of bankruptcy? WHERE is the GOP on this? Why haven't the Republicans in the House and Senate not stopped all money flow to the UN, and NATO for that matter.


But you GOTTA love how liberals embrace and foster crime, corruption, and fraud. They are paying for new exhausts for Mexican trucks in a bill passed by the Nutsy Baloney/Dingy Reid cabal of asshats, that the Mexicans are stealing back in Mexico, for the palladium and platinum, and sending the now broken trucks BACK to the US to be fixed again, by the taxpayers.

Lastly, Obama has awarded 
$100 Million to the UN to upgrade their security system.

It is apparent at last that our government is totally out of control and needs to be seriously pruned back and Obama and everyone else there needs to be put on trial for treason, fraud, corruption, and a dozen other crimes. Does it not make more sense to drill here and spent 2.8 BILLION to build NEW refineries HERE that provide jobs for Americans for more than four measly years instead of supporting their refinery with our "borrowed" money and then having to buy the oil/gas back at high prices to support Columbia? This is a good deal how?

This regime needs to go and go NOW!


  1. If Congress cannot veto it, then the money cannot be delivered. If they don't like it, too damned bad. There isn't any place in the Constitution that gives them the authority to give out OUR tax dollars.

    I WILL include this bovine excrement in my column this week.

  2. Craw,

    I would not mind so much except that WE are NOT allowed to drill or build refineries in our own nation so why fund others? Columbia IS a good ally and a foe of Chavez's but WTF over.

    I would LOVE to investigate the board, the advisors, and everyone connected with the US Export-Import bank. I'm betting a WHOLE LOT of ex Soros cronies in that bunch.

  3. Such trivial matters apparently consume you. Rather, why don't you tell us all how we will reduce our $14 trillion debt?

    I know how much the right-wing hates Obama and Soros and anybody to the left of Goldwater, but there is a real world out there beyond your fantasies. Try breaking out of your fantasy bubble once and a while and face the problems in the real world- like the debt, jobs, housing and taxes.

  4. And don't forget Brazil where Soros made another fortune when Zero loaned/gave/donated megabucks for the Brazies to deep water drill.

  5. "You serve your master well and will be rewarded"
    Ever wonder if you sniffed Soros hand if it would smell like Obama's butt?

    BTW That's the 50,000,000 refugees from Global Warming that the UN told us there would be in 2010.

    Nice going!

    Don't let up Gunny!

  6. The dumbass R's COULD force a vote on it,but they won't. Don't want to be viewed as anti-help-the-world you know.(sarc off) Your last paragraph was the only one you needed to write. This gov't,such as it is,totally out of control. By design. By BOTH major parties.

  7. mud_rake,

    I had to laugh reading your post. Time and time again I've posted solutions but the bottom line is STOP FRIGGING WASTING OUR DAMNED TAX DOLLARS!



    Even better are things like getting government out of the private sector, ending Fannie and Freddie, and a hundred other solutions you liberals FIGHT AGAINST!

    BTW, LOVE that standard liberal tactic of criticizing the opponent and putting it back on them to explain their positions over and over and over. (Does the Gunny know his enemy or what?)

    So how do you Libs plan to solve it? Spending? taxes? The usual shit.

  8. Jim,

    I SAW THAT! If the Senate had any balls, the UN would be long gone. Another trillion dollars saved.

  9. Which brings up the question:

    Where if the Constitution does the government derive the power to tell an individual OR a state where they can and can not drill?