Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Remember back when boys were boys, playing sports, Cops and Robbers, sporting BB guns and toy guns, and imitating MEN? Well, liberals have finally shown their true colors.

Here at the Anti Liberal Zone and at the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy labs, we have long wondered where liberal metrosexuals, those pansies with squishy spines and a mincing step, come from. Well, wonder no longer. It seems it starts when they are young pupa and it only gets worse.

Ain't she, er, he cute?

An older liberal male spotted

Yes, this is normal for liberals but freakish for the rest of us.

(You have been warned)



  1. You maniac! You sick bastage! What are you going to torture us with next? Bwany Fwank in his teddy? Nudes of Nutsy Peelousy? I think I just developed an ulcer!

  2. Jim,

    I hear you. That site made me want to puke. Women dressing their sons up as GIRLS! sick. Somehow, I feel these women are Obama voters.

  3. I have seen non-metrosexual guys dressed as gals, but for comedy. It was The Day of Wrong last year at Scarborough Faire. THESE on the other hand...future McDonalds beatdown victims?

  4. Yeah and they are not getting wimps fast enough so they are now teaching a course on homosexuals in ... what... grade school???

  5. Gunny,
    You've got to be shitting me! WTF!!!!!!

    If this is a trend of things to come we have a real problem.

  6. Craw,

    Also when crossing the Equator but again, for fun. The captions on some of the pics acknowledge that the women are doing that sh*t behind their husband's back and the sons know Dad ain't digging it. This sh*t ain't right on all kinds of levels. Future serial killers in the making.

  7. Buck,

    I thank GOD that my kids went to DOD school where that sh*t would NEVER FLY!

  8. Hardnox,

    I HOPE it ain't a trend. But on the bright side, it creates more victims for the criminals to pick on while they ignore us for the easy prey! haha.

  9. Gunny:
    I'm sure the muggers'd rather get hit up the head with a purse than with a slug from my 1911.

  10. Now we understand fully what Allen West was talking about when he said that liberal women are making "woosies" out of men.
    And some on the left had the nerve to scream about what he said.
    How can these people do this to their innocent children? They have a lot to answer for to the God that created male and female!!

  11. Well I'm glad that your site see only the 9-10 readers per day because otherwise I would be scared. Do you realize where you all fall on the political spectrum? You are EXTREMIST, everyone of you. Each one of you who wishes to denounce liberalism and "squash your enemies" and "hear the laminations of their women" not all of America agrees with you, just a portion. A very small portion. You are plotting against Americans, I would say you resemble the terrorist more than a patriot.

  12. Hey gunny, so did you get a chance to check out Obama's birth certificate? What do you think? Im not quite sold.

  13. Nanna,

    You got that right. I HOPE Allen West runs for POTUS.

  14. fore horseman (sure it ain't foreskin?)

    Actually, I range, according to the website's stats that I have NO control over, anywhere from 1-3,000 hits a day and not just in the USA.

    I'm an extremist because I oppose a Marxist tool in the WH? A red diaper baby? And I espouse the Constitution as the Law of the Land? Then I am PROUD to be called an extremist!

    I noticed that you could not refute anything I've writen but merely did the same old same old liberal crap of an ad hominem attack.

    I must be over the target because I'm getting a lot of crybaby liberal emails too!

  15. Jeremy R,

    Whether or not the BC is right, the fact remains that his daddy WAS NOT an American citizen.

    HOWEVER, the SCOTUS has ignored the issue as has the GOP and with Barry's ass in the WH for 28 months, you ain't gonna get him out this way. THUS, it is more important for us to focus on the OTHER SH*T that Obama has done and USE THAT AGAINST HIM in 2012.

  16. I went to that facebook page. Those women are sick and need to be taken out back and beat by another woman.
    They are purposely raising fairy boys and bragging about it!
    I have a strong urge to bitch slap all of those women and take those poor boys shooting with me.

  17. beachmom,

    I hope some of the HUSBAND's see this and then see their kids on facebook and divorce the idiots!

  18. What husbands, likely "single moms"

  19. fore horseman

    Define "extremism" and show how it pertains to someone speaking the truth.

  20. What "single moms"? They're probably shacking up with "partners".