Monday, April 4, 2011


This must be drummed into the heads of Americans because 2012 is right around the corner and Sir Golfsalot is already marshaling his nitwit brigade, i.e., college twirps still wet behind the ears and w/o a damn clue.

1.  REPORT: Al Qaeda exploiting Libya situation to get weapons...

2.  Smuggling arms into stronghold in Mali...
The do-gooders are at it again. Have you EVER noticed that when libidiots get involved trying to make something BETTER, they screw it up, usually irreversibly so? Failure MUST be a resume enhancer for leftists because Samantha Power (Mrs. Cass Sunstein) SCREWS up HER "Responsibility 2 Protect" bullshit and the Islamists take over and al-Qaeda uses it to their advantage. DUH!

Power is directly tied to Soros, who basically OWNS this entire regime. Obama starts a war while ON VACATION in Brazil and the American people are left holding the bag of crap. HOW MUCH is THIS gonna cost us the Gunny wonders.

JFK tries to play General and botches the Bay of Pigs, horribly so in fact.
JFK expands the big adventure in Vietnam in October 1963, to support Catholic leaders in a Buddhist majority nation. (Not too smart there)
LBJ plays General and gets 54K+ Americans KIA'd and loses the war while handing the bag of crap to Nixon.
Clinton plays missile command, shooting them into empty aspirin factories in the Sudan and then WE have to pay reparations for. From bombing the Chinese Embassy in Bosnia to ignoring OBL and al-Qaeda (despite bombings like the Khobar Towers), this clown summed up incompetent (until recently that is).
Obama: USA TO LAUNCH MORE AIR STRIKES ON LIBYA So much for us getting OUT.
Obama and this regime is SO CORRUPT, it makes Mexican leadership look like choirboys in comparison.

THEN, his MISMANAGEMENT of our ENERGY POLICY because HIS agenda is to fill the pockets of Soros (Petrobras and now New Guinea) WE the people SUFFER through liberal stupidity.

3.  Brent Crude Over $120 a Barrel... (A 30 MONTH HIGH)
This is liberal ignorance at work. DO NOT drill or refine is the name of the lib's game, which results in America and Americans getting the shaft. It was Owl Gore and a few other idiots who yammered about ethanol and NOW, we have rising food prices. DUH! We have a moron in the White House who is GIVING away the farm because Soros owns his ass, lock, stock, and barrel.

Fellow patriots, Alaska ALONE, if we were "allowed" to drill by this fetid regime, could become the EIGHTH LARGEST OIL PRODUCER IN THE WORLD and we'd have jobs and tax revenue up the ying-yang, but no. Liberal ELITES, rich beyond belief, DO NOT CARE about us. Period. End of Story.

But never fear libs, your messiah will be able to buy a lot of votes with Soros money and parasites like Peggy the Moocher and Henrietta Hughes will STILL vote for Zero.

God Help Us if this asshat gets reelected.


  1. Gunny, you are so right.!! Great post!!
    The thought of Obama winning another term scares me half to death. My sister is worried about the unions bringing him victory. I am more worried about illegals and dead people voting.
    Even Rush thinks he is smart,I don't. I think hes as dumb as a rock, and is just taking orders from Soros on how to take this country down. He delegates, and as you said, started a war while in Brazil. He is told what to do and then he tells someone to do it.
    I only hope and pray that all conservatives, and just Republicans and Independant voters get out there and vote him into oblivion.!!!!

  2. You're spot on, Gunny. The problem is the presidential title, "Commander in Chief".
    There should be some way to limit political meddleing into the military tactics and strategies.
    The president should NOT be "Commander in Chief".
    It is Congress who constitutionally declares war so why does the president, after going to Congress (or not) and obtained congressional approval for hostile action by our military..why does the president then start playing soldier with real American lives?
    Every president since cessation of hostilities in 1945 that has sent American troops to some shithole has wanted to be portrayed as the American Napoleon. Seems the only one who pulled it off was Harry S. Truman and South Korea is one of our most staunch allies. The rest have done nothing but play general and get Americans killed.
    JFK lost his nerve at Bay of Pigs and the communist regimes saw it as weakness. The loss of nerve in the top leader is seen by them as a national weakness.
    LBJ liked to play general. This asshole who was a congressman during the war, pulled strings and got himself a LtCdr rank in the Navy and then awarded himself a Silver Star for riding as a frikkin passenger on a Navy airplane patrolling a large area of totally uninhabited Pacific Ocean.
    There should be a law prohibiting civilian interference into military actions.