Monday, April 4, 2011


Once upon a time in America, we USED to get leaders who had proved their mettle in the service, whether Generals like Washington or Eisenhower or pilots like Bush 41, they were trained to lead, trained to make common sense decisions, and who acknowledged that THEY were the tip of the spear. Then college punks still wet behind the ears and in an alcoholic or dope fog, who get their news from clowns like Jon Stuart Liebowitz aka Jon Stewart, voted for a moron so completely inept that even liberals are starting to see him as Soros' puppet. A clown so inept that he would appoint Samantha "R2P" Power aka Ms. Cass Sunstein, in as Secretary of State. (The Gunny wonders if history repeats itself with another Maddy Halfbright in the making...)

So now we are beginning to see the rise of LtCol Allen West, a man with character, integrity, and courage, all of the things lacking in Soros' puppet. A BLACK Conservative (which no doubt drives the liberal vermin nuts cuz ya can't call him a racist!) and who loves America and AIN'T AFRAID to say it. (The Gunny can hear liberal heads imploding right now)

Can it be possible that we MIGHT get a candidate to vote for who not only LOVES America but who UNDERSTANDS American history, knows world history, has served his nation for over 20 YEARS, is a combat vet, sees Islam as the evil ideology it is, and who has the moral courage to stand up for his principles?


Moral Courage. THAT, fellow patriots, is worth voting for alone and something that we haven't seen since the days of Ronaldus Reagan for the most part.

"Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees all others." Winston Churchill

Why shouldn't LtCol West run for the White House, Barry did, after only a few weeks in the Senate and absolutely NO RESUME, well, other than voting "Present" 130 times in the Illinois Senate. The Gunny hopes that LtCol West runs for the White House and not just because he speaks without a teleprompter, not because he can produce his real birth certificate, but because he understands that to make America great, one has to make Americans great, not jet off on apology tours or bow to foreign leaders. 

Sir Golfsalot or a LtCol Allen West? A crybaby or a combat vet? It ain't even close. Oh, and speaking of Sir Golfsalot...


  1. You got it right Gunny, Allan West would make a great president.
    I can't understand how they keep coming up with these polls that have Huckabee, and Romney as the leaders. Who is voting in these polls anyhow? Or is it the media that is wanting to choose our candidates again?

  2. Nanna,

    I have no idea but that is a great question. I'm SURE the GOP will trot out Romney and lose yet again to the teleprompter king. Meanwhile, the people CLAMOR for someone with guts and gravitas.

  3. Lt Col Allen West says that he is not running for POTUS (yet). I hope that he changes his mind since there is no one on the radar that is up to the task.

    As POTUS, West would make America a proud nation once again because he understands what makes it great.

  4. LtCol West has already made a statement.
    He rose no farther in rank than LtCol because he went to bat for his troops.
    I'm pretty sure he knew what he was doing and it would probably stunt his military career.
    I'm also pretty sure he knew he could go the politically correct military path and ended up somewhere in the stratosphere like Admiral Mullen or Colin Powell.
    When a leader comes along that lays it on the line for his troops, they will follow him anywhere.