Thursday, April 14, 2011


EXCERPT: "SANYA, China (Reuters) - The BRICS group of emerging-market powers kept up the pressure on Thursday for a revamped global monetary system that relies less on the dollar and for a louder voice in international financial institutions. The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa also called for stronger regulation of commodity derivatives to dampen excessive volatility in food and energy prices, which they said posed new risks for the recovery of the world economy. Meeting on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, they said the recent financial crisis had exposed the inadequacies of the current monetary order, which has the dollar as its linchpin."
Now many Americans might be upset by reading the above paragraph and be pissed off at the Dear Reader of the Teleprompter but they should see the silver lining in this cloud. This could be our big chance to DUMP a load of dog sh*t on the world.

1.  Pull out of NATO immediately. Let the Eurotrash solve their own problems for once. In 1998, our share was 28.5% ACROSS ALL BUDGETS! In 2006, we paid in 667 BILLION to NATO and FOR WHAT? Nothing. It is probably closer to a TRILLION dollars now.

2.  Pull all of our bases out of Europe. It is time for Europe to police their own continent. Hell, they've been sponging off of us since 1945, plowing their revenue back into their nations while we spend our time, manpower, and money supporting these clowns. Britain is our only true ally in Western Europe and we should continue to support them, heedless of the Kenyan's dislike for them. We have about 737 bases worldwide.

Roughly there are:

   a.  97,000 in Asia
   b.  40,258 in South Korea
   c.  40,045 in Japan
   d.  116,000 in Europe (75,603 stationed in Germany.)

Time to end the gravy train for these nations, Uncle Sam needs to get out of the police the world business. It costs us about 3/4 of a TRILLION to maintain these bases overseas.

3.  End all foreign aid except to staunch allies. That means no more condoms for Africans, no more free nothing for nobody. We could probably save a few hundred billion there. Britain, Japan, and Israel are about the only staunch allies we have left, thanks to Obama and the Left.

By doing the above, one can only surmise at the TRILLIONS we would save in time, effort, and money and how much THEY would have to pony up for their own defense. We have more Admirals than ships, why? We have more Generals in the Army over in Europe than we need, Why? 

Imagine, if you can, the US able to plow a few TRILLION dollars back into OUR ECONOMY, OUR INFRASTRUCTURE, like these nations have been doing for the last 60+ years. And imagine, if you can, OUR nation drilling for OUR oil, refining OUR oil, and having our own gas. No need to waste time in the Middle East, other than to ensure the continued safety of our ONLY ally there, Israel. Why, we might even have enough dough left over to actually BUILD A FENCE along our southern border to keep out the illegals and if we ran the other ones back to where they came from, imagine the jobs opening up for REAL Americans! 

So the BRICS group wants to go it alone huh? Go for it. Let Russia police force the world. Let the Chinese do it. Next time something happens in the Balkans, let them dial 800 1RUSSIA and see how it works out for them. Next time there is a massive earthquake in Iran, they can call the Chinese for a few billion in aid. Let's see how long it takes for the Chinese to get tired of that! A mudslide in Nicaragua, call the South Africans for aid. A tsunami in Indonesia? Call Brazil and have them send in a fleet to help. A massive famine in your nation? Call the Indians, the US is out of the "feed the world" meals on wheels program.

When the money starts flowing OUT of those countries into nations who take their money and then flip them the bird, as it has been done to the US for the last 75 years, they'll soon tire of it and be begging the US to help. Piss off should be our answer.

Oh, and dump the UN and save us a trillion there. (US pays 22% of their budget and 27% of their peacekeeping i.e., sex slave trade budget) Simply by booting these parasites from our shores, we'd save at LEAST a few million in unpaid traffic tickets and accidents these maggots cause us in NYC as well.

There is ALWAYS a silver lining in every black cloud, ya just gotta look for it. Now if our leaders only had the balls to act...


  1. Spot on as usual Gunny. It is funny, I had the same thought when I read about them dumping the dollar. You just put the research and numbers out to make the argument that much stronger. I feel the US military has been stretched for too long. It's time to redeploy. Once these other countries have to man-up and try to lead, I think we'll hear a different tune from them. All these countries remind me of spoiled children. Get out of the UN, NATO and all the humanitarian missions all over the world. Let's take care of the US first.

    "You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals." George S Patton

  2. rikdergis,

    Great minds think alike. I could not agree more. Time to put America first.

    BTW, LOVE that quote from Patton who not only was a genius, he should have been a Marine but then again, we already had Chesty.

  3. Pull out of NATO and that piece of shit den of thieves at Turtle Bay,VOILA!! deficit GONE. The only downside I can see is to all who joined the "gold rush". The dollar tanks,what is going to prop up the (what I believe to be) the ridiculous price of gold? The Euro? About as shitty as the dollar. The Yuan? Who knows it's true value,what with the Chicoms games.One other thing here,while the shitheads who currently fill DC are around,any money saved would be pissed away on other worthless shit.

  4. Excellent Gunny. Think those are wonderful ideas. I would certainly voe for it. You show more brains than most in our government.
    rush said that the founding fathers didn't invision career politicians, but expected them to be everyday people that had jobs at home, would return there as soon as business was done in Washington. They wouldn't be the same people each term. I see why, your ideas are real, and for the good of the country. Not on being re elected.

  5. I've been saying this for, oh, the last couple decades at least.

    Now, my question is this:

    Why cannot the "conservative" candidates see this?

    And tell the UN to go find quarters someplace else. If we quit supporting that cesspool it would fold like a used accordian..

  6. H*ll Yes! Let the BRICS do everything: "meals on wheels", disaster relief for the world, and UN Peace Keeper. And the US military can trot it happy little a*s back to our own shores. And we can tell the UN to Go to H*ll and leave New York City now.

    The money we will save on no longer having our military in bases all over the world and not being a member of the UN will pay for completly revamping our military into a force to protect us from the whole world (less our allies) for the next 75 years.

  7. clyde,

    I would love to see the Yuan traded on the open market. Then Soros could bankrupt them too!

  8. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kudos. The problem is that politicians refuse to see the forest through the trees. The answers are THERE, they just have to do it. The UN has NEVER had a success, why are we playing for FAILURE?

  9. Buck,

    Washington was right when he said to avoid foreign entanglements and NATO and the UN are just that.


  10. Gray Ghost,

    And drilling and refining would provide thousands of jobs that would multiply further down the chain.

    We'd have to get rid of the libs tho! :))))))))))

  11. Eliminate all the foreign military bases, cut off every country with it's hand out that has been collecting handouts for 75 years, leave Africa to it's own demise, dump NATO AND especially the U.N.

    Let all those Turd-world cesspools in South America become Marxist "utopias" on their own dime for once, let their own governments deal with drug cartels while WE seal our border tighter than a frog's ass.

    Round up EVERY illegal and, send em packing...want in? Get in line and you'd better be bringing something to the table besides your wants and needs with the expectation that it's free for you!

    You want to be liberal? You want to preach Marxism? Good, go live in a country that already offers that crap...and be willing to STFU and get in line behind the illegals to get back in!
    We all know you'll want to!

    I'm so sick of the freeloaders and scumbags who want to do nothing but TAKE from the productive people and give it all to the sloths under the idiotic idea that the producers "owe" the non- producers and that, stealing from my sweat will make some asshole "my equal" when he never even breaks a sweat!

    All men are created equal.
    I do believe that since we're all born pretty much the same way.
    It's all up to YOU what you make of that "equality" from birth on up through life.
    Act like a slug, and life will make you a slug.
    Be productive and, some liberal slug will try to reap your rewards in life!

    Then again, maybe we should keep the illegals and deport the liberals!
    At least the illegals are willing to work.

  12. But keep our own military built up, because they will fail and we'll need it to defend our trade and resource interests...and to exterminate muzzies. (Yes, reduce the flag officer and other senior officer numbers BIG TIME)

    Other real allies: Australia, ROK, and Taiwan

  13. Craw,

    Thanks, I'll check it out. Boortz's rants are usually excellent.

    I did not forget Aust/NZ, ROK, or Taiwan, they were not part of the rant but you are correct, they are staunch allies although Australia can go wobbly on us with the Leftists there.