Monday, April 11, 2011


with OUR tax dollars.

"A group of African students whose college tuitions are being paid by the U.S. government … received a boost of additional funds to continue their educations — and an executive from the private contractor coordinating the program just happens to be the wife of a senior Obama administration official."

We're TRILLIONS in debt and the U.S. Agency for International Development has GIVEN $2.1 million of OUR TAX DOLLARS to send 16 students from Malawi to college? This is somehow OUR responsibility? The Vermont-based organization World Learning is the recipient of this juicy contract.

As normal with this regime, there is a turd in the punch bowl. Carol Jenkins, World Learning's senior vice president for International Development and Exchange Programs is also the wife of Robert Jenkins, director of the USAID Office of Transition Initiatives. Naturally, the payout has increased by 14% under this Obama crony arrangement. Kinda like Samantha Power being married to Cass Sunstein and both are in the Obama regime, one starting a war in Libya, the other one trying to "nudge" us off of things he deems ill for us. Daddy knows best little chillun.

1.  The U.S. government pays the tuition and room and board costs for the graduate program in Public and Maternal and Child Health MPH (Masters in Public Health) and the tuition at the Kenyan and Malawian Institutions. In the U.S., the tuition is approximately $20,930 plus $4,830 for room and board. The U.S. government pays participants $600 a month as a maintenance allowance and pays the participants health insurance of $85 a month."

2.  For Kenyan [college] participants, the U.S. government pays the graduate program tuition of $3,261 per semester and room and board of approximately $1,575 per semester.

3.  Participants also receive a stipend of approximately $441 per month as a maintenance allowance and $525 for health insurance.

4.  In Malawi, the U.S. government pays the tuition of $1,675 per term plus an additional $945 for room and board. Participants also receive a maintenance allowance of $300 per month.

We're sinking under debt and the Kenyan Usurper is directing his minions to rob our Treasury to get Kenyans and Malawi scumbags college time? Again, HOW THE HELL is this the responsibility of the US taxpayer? It is time to STOP ALL FOREIGN AID, period. There are only a few allies that we should help and Obama's homeland and Malawi ain't on the list.

Attention Mr. Ryan, here is another few million you can cut and save us.


  1. "The government can give nothing to anyone it did not first take away from someone else."


    Tell me why if I am financially unable to go to college myself, why are my tax dollars spent sending someone else to school>>>
    Folks, just think about it.
    Every grant, every "aid", every check the government cuts comes from taxes.
    Do we work to send money overseas?
    Do we work to send money to foreign students?

  2. OK,so WHERE the fuck is Boehner on this? Out buying hankies to cry into? The goddamned GOP had BEST put a stop to this prick before it's lights out.Bad enough we have an administration berserk with spending,but NO ONE from the so-called "opposition" is taking the asshole on over it. Stupid assed GOP too damn afraid of the media myrmidons to say BOOO about ANYTHING. A pox on them too.

  3. Gunny,

    It's shit like this that brings blood into my eyes. There are thousands of feel-good projects like this littered throughout legislation. When congress can only cut 1/10th of 1% of our budget, it's shit like this that needs to be cut. A million here, a million there and next thing we know its a chunk.

    Our budget process is backwards. We need to start with the things that we need and buid from there. Instead they take last year's budget and add a percentage. It's a bullshit program and congress has been doing it for decades.

  4. This is like the illegal aliens getting to pay "in state tuition" while an Okie has to pay "out of state tuition " to go to college in Texas or vice versa.