Monday, April 25, 2011


Liberalism/Progressivism has run amok in America since the Wilson days and under the reign of Soros’ puppet, has placed our economy, our sovereignty, and our security into immediate danger, like a cancer killing the body.

Consider today’s headlines on Drudge:

Dollar's Decline Speeds Up...
China planning to cut U.S. reserves by two-thirds?
Gold and silver continue to surge...
Oil drama continues...
Silver hits all-time high...

Who can deny that Liberalism is an infectious virus, a cancer if you will, that has advanced to an aggressive state and has evolved into a virulent ideology tainted by hatred and racism. Liberals will disagree (probably violently) but it wasn’t Ashcroft who said that he would not prosecute "his people", it was Eric "I (heart) Terrorists" Holder. It was not Bush 43 who said that the WHITE Cambridge cops acted stupidly, it was the guy who sat in Reverend Wright’s racist church of hate for 20 years, along with his wife and Oprag.

Liberalism/Progressivism is now advancing to a totalitarian dominance over American society (or trying to) which is why we’re seeing things like hate speech, hate crimes, and other politically correct bullcrap surface. The control of the masses. It was Obama who put into the SCOTUS Elena Kagan, so unqualified as to be a joke, but she revealed the beast inside when she stated that, "some speech can be disappeared." Excuse the Gunny but WTF OVER? The First Amendment is there to protect UNAPPROVED speech, not the speech the sheeple all nod and bleat to but to the fascist Left, groupthink and group speak are the order of the day. This is why the Left so viciously attacks anything and anyone who disagrees with their point of view. They seek to control every bit of the human condition, from speech, to science (Global Warming anyone?), to driving behavior (high gas prices = less driving, ala Sunstein’s “nudge.”) to a green economy (epic failure) propped up by government subsidies, billions of which are unaccounted for during Van Jones’ tour as Obama’s Green Jobs Czar, the thermostat in your house, your electricity usage, and the myriad of taxes for every little thing they can think of.

If you do not think that Liberalism is a virus, consider this. What has happened to a once Conservative state, Arizona, that gave us Barry Goldwater, a solid Conservative and a friend of Ronaldus Magnus? Liberals, that’s what. Like a virus, liberals tainted their own state of California, by higher and higher taxes, by allowing the Ninth Circus Court to toss out Prop 187, by allowing illegal’s to get a beachhead in their state, amongst other things. So they tax and spend and spend and tax, covering first one social program, then another, then its English as a SECOND language for the children of the illegal’s in schools (that they don’t pay taxes to support), then its healthcare for the illegal’s, the bums, the parasites, and welfare for them all and bingo!, the State is suddenly a few billion in the hole. So liberals begin to move out because those programs that they’ve voted for are now taxing the crap out of them, and Arizona looks nice (and it once did), so off they go. And what happens? They begin to vote the same damn way in Arizona, that they did in California, turning a decent state into a zone of liberal hell. In Alaska, we have a liberal enclave in Anchorage that does the same damn thing. A virus that spreads, and like VD, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Consider Barry’s open attack on the Constitution, as a "flawed document." When have you EVER heard a president or a presidential candidate utter such trash and STILL get elected? (Talk about your liberal morons.) The liberal Congress under Nutsy Pelosi basically pissed on the very spirit of the Constitution by cramming ObamaKare down our throats, along with other fascist trappings like FCC rulings against free speech on the radio, etc. The Constitution, a document that our forefathers literally shed blood to write, and who spent a lot of effort, time, and treasure to create, guarantees us certain INALIENABLE rights, granted by our Creator, NOT Obama, NOT the Congress, and NOT the activist judges, is under full scale assault by the Left and only now are Joe and Jane Sixpack waking up to the threat. Good God, our own government even put out a report from the DHS on us right-wingers, labeling us as potential malcontents and domestic terrorists. The TSA, under another idiot, Janet Napolitano, is GROPING kids and treating Americans like they were criminals just to board a damned airplane and WE’RE the ones labeled as being the problem? The Gunny begs to differ. This regime IS THE PROBLEM, from the top on down. The virus has spread to the White House. Wake up and smell the coffee, yo.

Liberals are paranoid and would eagerly trade their freedoms away for a little "promised" security, i.e., Social Security, now in the red for the first time in our history. Case-in-point, liberals hate freedom because it encourages individual action, that is why the scorn and ridicule the Constitution and the social compact, an experiment if you will, that it created, for Americans and their states to address their own issues, face their own problems, and support one another, without running to the federal government for a handout. That is why States should collect the taxes from their population and THEN forward it to the Federal Government, in order to keep the Colossus at bay. Thus, the virus of liberalism infects their brains, and like zombies, they roam around looking for brains, finding none, all the while totally convinced that a huge centralized, taxpayer-funded government can solve all of our problems and give us a utopia, if we can just spend enough t get there. Where were the liberals when Nutsy Pelosi was yapping to a reporter on the Constitutionality of ObummerKare, "are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?" They were AWOL.

The virus of Liberalism/Progressivism encourages selfishness, misery, and a victim mentality. They are always on the alert for the oppressor, and like the zombies in, "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers," howling and pointing when they see one. Case-in-point, high gas prices. Obama, the head of the virus, does not blame his no drilling anywhere on the planet by Americans, for them, no. He does not blame that liberals and environmentalist whackos have prevents ANY NEW refineries from being built since 1976, for them, no. He blames PRICE GOUGERS and gets his pet racist Holder to investigate them! SHAZAM! That'll do it! The virus of Liberalism is a constant search for the guilty, punishment of the innocent, and awards for everyone not connected to it, as we say in the military. Life is unfair, unequal, and means the Left bemoans, while we on the Right suck it up, deal with it, and still manage to prosper. Just look at the unions under Trumka and Stern, calling for violent revolution in America, an overthrow of the government (Treason), because they selfishly want more money, more benefits, less working hours, etc., but they are too stupid to realize that someone has to PAY for all of it. When the UAW can make a car that the steering wheel doesn’t fall off while driving, I might consider buying a GM product again. (Not really, Government Motors can suck it.)

Cancer is a virus that infects healthy cells, distorts or corrupts their DNA, and those cells reproduce, living in the body, on a different DNA blueprint, and are for all intents and purposes, radicals and outlaws inside the body, disrupting the functions of the various organs, contaminating the entire system, and using the blood stream, spreads the filth throughout the body, eventually causing death. Is that not Liberalism/Progressivism defined? Have they not contaminated our body politic? Our nation? A cancer that spread throughout our system, rooted in liberal cesspools of thought, like the Lapdog Media, Media Matters, the DNC, etc, using union thuggery as the growing tumor, corrupting the functions and structures of the best system of government the world has ever known. The difference between them and us could not be wider. Conservatism, at its root, seeks to conserve and preserve the document(s) our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us, that provides for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness while Liberalism seeks to impose a fascist-like controlling government, that doles out some security at the cost of personal independence.

So as 2012 closes in, it is time for Americans to figure out what they want in life. A BANKRUPT nanny state that wipes their butts from the cradle-to-the-grave, ensuring mutual misery (for everyone but the elites), or a system of government that allows some to fail, some to succeed, but who ensures that we are allowed to decide our own fate, make our own way through life, doing what WE think is RIGHT, not what some faceless bureaucrat in DC thinks is right. If the Liberals are the cancer cells (they are), then let us Conservatives be the white blood cells and eliminate this cancerous virus in our nation.


  1. What we have with a MSM that refuses to recognize the present administration for what it is... Or refuses to illuminate what it is... What we have here is a brand of control of the press that has been years in the forming.
    First the Marists in frock coats had to themselves matriculate up the journalistic ladder. Then they had to get themselves installed as teachers of journalism for younger minds. Then they had to strt turning out the mindless, thoughtless parrots of the left are merely advocates of socialism without understanding unbiased and/or investigative reporting.

  2. And another thing.

    We didn't need unbiased or investigative reporters to know where Zero stood in all issues before the election. We had his own words and we knew his associates and we knew where he went to church and what his preacher preached.

    So as far as Zero's supporters in the last election switching sides, the future looks grim.
    First there are those like Peggy the Moocher who are going to vote for him no matter what.
    Then there are those who voted for him for ... damned if I know. But there are those who voted for him who ignored all the signs for...damned if I know why. If they didn't look seriously into the candidate in '08, what makes you think they would look any deeper into their choice in '12???

  3. Gunny, everything that he's doing, he said he was going to do.
    Nobody was listening.