Saturday, April 23, 2011


Thus begins Obama’s quagmire with armed drones in Libya. Boots on the ground coming...

Back in 1990, when Saddam invaded Kuwait, there was a reason to attack, if nothing else but to stop a nut job from taking control of the oil fields and ports located in Kuwait. The Gunny saw the results of the Iraqis invasion, bloody walls where Kuwaitis were summarily shot, looted schools, looted hospitals, and filth and muck left behind. We can even justify attacking Afghanistan and Iraq in order to thump the Taliban and remove Saddam from power as he was a destabilizing influence in the region. We can debate winning the peace and the influence people like Murtha, Ted Kennedy, Henry Waxman and Code Pink, the Democrat Party, etc, had on aiding and comforting the enemy and prolonging the conflict but the intent was clear. Kill the enemy not give out medals for "heroic restraint!" (Only a liberal idiot could think up something that stupid.)

The Libyan affair is all Obama’s. He owns this baby lock, stock, and barrel for it was his three thimble brains, Shrillary, Susan Rice, and Irish citizen, Ms. Cass Sunstein aka Samantha Power, who started this fiasco, another Democrat "wag the dog" incident done to bump up Barry’s plummeting numbers. Liberals, it seems, possess the unique ability to avoid learning a lesson from anything, be it history or economics or starting wars that they’ll never have to fight in (their kids NEVER serve in the military) or finish. The magnitude of the ignorance of this regime and the idiots running the State Department cannot be underestimated. Obama puts an idiot like Shrillary in charge of the State Department, who has absolutely zero leadership skills (like Obama) and with zero diplomatic skills (again, like Obama). Susan Rice is simply too stupid to even consider, a lapdog of this regime but to put an Irish citizen in as "Special Assistant to the President" simply because she once wrote a book on foreign policy and posed in a sexy dinner dress is a laugh. But then again, Americans voted for Obama based on his two ghost-written books so what the hell huh?

The Gunny blames both parties here, the GOP for being limp-noodles who lack the basic guts to stand and fight and the Democrats for standing in the way of developing our domestic resources. We have no cohesive policy against Islam, which seeks to dominate the world, other than throwing money at them by buying their oil and allowing them to immigrate here en masse (thanks to Obama). Is it not common sense to plan ahead for all possible outcomes prior to a venture but apparently not with this regime and previous Democrat leaders and Congresses? If we’re going to attack Libya, an oil producer, does it not make sense for the regime to "allow" oil companies to start drilling and refining? Once again, it needs to be said that Alaska alone, if left alone by the Federal idiots like the EPA and Obama, would be the 8th largest oil/gas producer in the WORLD! But Obama pokes the hornet’s nest in Libya, creates hate and discontent towards the USA and the West, and refuses to "permit" us to drill. The Gunny has been studying the liberal animal for a long time and they, like houseflies, land on piles of sh*t almost by instinct and then leave a feastering mess behind for someone else to clean up.

Islam is locked into the 7th century, of that there can no longer be any doubt and no amount of whining from CAIR will make that any different. That, combined with their tribalism that goes back about 1500 years, puts them in a "stuck on stupid" state where in we need to stop squandering our time, manpower, treasure, and blood because they don’t appreciate it and never will. Just think of Major Hasan and the Fort Hood massacre, General Casey’s whitewash of it, Gates’ cover-up, and Obama/Holder’s foot-dragging on putting that sh*tbird on trial, followed by a ride on Ol’ Sparky. The three stooges (Shrillary, Rice, and Power) focused in laser like on Libya about as effectively as Obama focused in laser like on jobs and the economy. Meanwhile, we still are not drilling but Little Boy Barry has Eric "the racist" Holder investigating possible price gouging in rising oil prices. Yeah, THAT will help. One could almost scream at the Heavens, "OH THE HUMANITY" at the liberal’s inability to learn the economic lesson of supply and demand and general common friggin sense. Imagine, if you can, thousands and thousands of Americans employed in the US, drilling for oil, putting our nation on a firm economic footing AND a solid defense footing, and thousands more working in refineries, dropping the price of gas and enabling our economy to rocket forward. Not only would tax revenues flow in, but oil companies would have the revenue to research other forms of energy because under capitalism, he who builds a better mousetrap has the world beating a path to his/her door. Duh. Imagine, clean energy, invented by an oil company, without billions in government subsides, er, taxpayer handouts. And ALL we would have to worry about was defending our ONLY ALLY in that region, Israel. The one nation Barry hates.

But even stranger are Obama and his three stooges’ policy in the Middle East right now. One, they side with the Egyptian rebels even though Mubarak was an ally AND running a nation at peace with Israel. Two, they then start a war in Libya, which the Lapdog Media ignores, much as they ignored the mountain of evidence in 2007/2008, that predicted that Obama would be an epic failure, backing the rebels with air strikes and NATO intervention. But oddly enough, they side themselves with Bashar el-Assad’s regime, a long time IRANIAN ally against the protestors and now we find that al-Qaeda is involved in Egypt and Libya as well. Carter let the Pahlavi regime fall in 1979 over human rights issues yet the Ayatollah murdered more people in ONE YEAR than the Shah did in TWENTY! Libs and the killing fields, over and over and over again. Now, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain have either fallen or are locked in unrest. Too bad we didn’t start drilling back in 2004/2005 like Bush 43 wanted huh libs? What was it the liberals whined? Oh yeah, it would take 7 years to get the oil to market. Hmm. Seven years later and gas is $5.62 a gallon in Orlando. "Under my cap and trade plan, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket." Barack Hussein Obama MMM MMM MMM!

This is what happens when you elect an idiot without an ounce of ANY type of experience, other than regurgitating Alinsky’s "rules for radicals" (dedicated to Lucifer BTW), and getting petitions to sue someone or redistribute someone else’s money. As the Gunny has said before, "this is a sh*t sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a big bite." This is not gonna end well for America.

Here is the crux of the entire issue. Obama takes FOUR DAYS to decide whether or not to have the Navy SEALs whack four Somali pirates, he takes days to decide what to do in Afghanistan, he dithers over every issue except golfing trips and flitting off on vacation, but he allows an Irish citizen to get us involved in Libya? Hey Ireland, you can have that idiot Power back, we’re done with her. Hey, we’ll even toss in Cass Sunstein for a case of Guinness Stout, such a deal. The answer is twofold my friends. One, Obama is a complete moron who could not walk and chew gum and two, our politicians are gutless fools. Congress declares war and ONLY Congress, yet Congress tucked tail and hid under the bed from Barry over this issue. The ATF is denying Congress access to documents over the illegal gunrunning scam along our southern border and Congress TAKES IT! But hey, they’ll investigate the hell out of steroids in baseball. We the people should be outraged over this and come 2012, completely clean house, from top to bottom, and start holding public trials for these miscreants.

El Rushbo says that the Obama regime is Jimmy Carter on steroids but in reality, this regime is a zombie on crack, searching for brains and finding none, as they lurch (no pun on John Kerry intended) from crisis to crisis, all the while blaming someone else, like a child does. "Michelle, Michelle, gas prices are going up and its someone else’s fault, boo-hoo…" Americans had better stock up on food, guns, ammo, (reloading gear too), and other essentials because we still have 637 more days of Obama and his cabal of idiots to get through and even then, considering the amount of stupid people in American, combined with the Parasite Class and the Illegal Alien Class, he may be able to SEIU/Dingy Reid/Al Franken his way to victory in 2012, especially with his puppetmaster Soros’ money behind him.


  1. Gunny,
    Nice summary. Since the list is so long, you forgot about the 9 days it took for Zero to repond to the BP spill. Then he finally sent lawyers then refused skimmer ships offered by other countries.

    Yes, he is an epic failure as POTUS to be sure. We on the right warned about it way beforehand. We can never underestimate the stupidity of the 52% that elected him nor the voter fraud that will most certainly occur.

    This Libya thing is a disaster and is not morphing into the "feel good" campaign spot envisioned by Zero. He had hopes of being the champion of freedom in the ME but now it is clear that our efforts are helping the very enemy that we have been fighting for ten years. The media is silent on the matter. A number of our pilots with NATO have refused to fly in assistance with the rebels. So far no charges have been filed against them but Zero has announced cessation of air support.

    McCain just visited with the rebels in eastern Libya calling them "heroes". He is most certainly senile and Zero remains clueless.

  2. Happy Easter to you,and family,and the usual gang here. I take issue with this regime is simply a shit sandwich. This bunch is the whole damned smorgasbord of stupidity.

  3. Yep. Well said.

    This is the same thing I talked about an essay or two ago: we're involved in a war in which there's absolutely no upside for us, and without any kind of congressional approval or authorization at all.

    Since when can an American president just unilaterally take us to war? That's what Roman caesars did, and look how well THAT turned out. He doesn't have the power nor authority to just go blasting any foreign country he wants to. WTF, over?

    BTW, this whole Libya misadventure clearly illustrates -- yet again -- why I'm so damned glad I voted against McClown and that he lost. That dufus thinks we should amp UP our involvement there, totally oblivious to the unconstitutionality of our involvement in the first place, and the fact that we have absolutely nothing in the world to gain and a lot to lose.

    Talk about clueless. As I wrote so many times during that election, he and Bat Ears agree on the issues, differing only slightly in degree. He's Bat Ears without the tan.

  4. Hardnox,

    No, I did not forget about the BP spill, I only have so much space to list Barry' screwups! haha

    McClown, as Brian so aptly calls him, is just that, a dottering clown with his dumbass daughter in tow. We seriously need to flush out the government in 2012. WAYYYYYYYYYYY too many lumps of sh*t therein.

  5. clyde,

    The perfect term for the entire regime.

  6. Brian,

    Yep, you nailed it dead on an indeed, I am THANKFUL that I did not vote for McShammesty. The guy sucks and he and Barry are two reasons why Senators make sh*tty presidents.

  7. Obama is making Jimmy Carter look more presidential every day.

    His restraint medal is very reminisent of the "don't shoot until they shoot at you" policy that was in effect in RVN late 71-early 72.

  8. You said, "The Gunny blames both parties here..."

    Yeah. The Republican party sold out by nominating McCain.

    McCain sold out the American people.
    His capitulation was so transparent I could see it at the time.
    McCain and the GOP heirarchy intentionally sabotaged the GOP party in '08.
    When McCain refused to speak on so many issues that would have put him over the top i.e. Zero's associates, pastor, lack of transcripts, birth certificate, speeches, et al, he was infurianintly incompetent at that point to be POTUS.
    McCain was a traitor to the American people inasmuch as he left them no real choice but a socialist Democrat or a Socialist RINO.
    His statement, "...if they want a G-damned fence, I'll build 'em a G-damned fence.." showed his disdain for the American people as well as National Security.
    McCain was a traitor.
    Yes, he was also a war hero.
    So was Benedict Arnold.
    And the '08 election was McCain's West Point.