Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Think you're alone in this fight? Guess again.

Love the part about "we protect the weak." WE DO INDEED!

And the Left would say the US Military are babykillers...

The Left either aborts them or makes fun of them ala Wonkette vs Trig Palin. Only a fetid libhag would do something so despicable. The Gunny would not piss on Wonkette is she was on fire.


  1. Of course the left would say the miltary are baby killers, but then they didn't see two Cobra pilots beat out the fire on a Vietnamese kid's clothingor a Army Medic treat injuries on Afgan children.

    Nah, they would still be in denial.

  2. Gunny,
    Like Clyde said, "good shit".

    That is exactly correct that we will not go down without a fight. We on the right have a backbone and personal constitution that is anathema to spineless liberals. Which is why, in the end, that we will win.

    We have the courage of our convictions, the love of country, the reverance to our maker, and the love of freedom that motivates us even when we are exhausted.

    We will win... but it will be a long fight.

  3. "The Gunny would not piss on Wonkette if she was on fire."
    Because that would be a waste of good used beer, and everyone knows you DO. NOT. WASTE. BEER. Even used beer.

  4. Sorry, guys.
    I would piss on Wonkett if she was on fire.
    Matter of fact I would piss on her if she wasn't on fire.
    Come to think of it, I'd piss on her if she was 6' under.
    That's just me.

  5. I'm late to the party but, if anyone cares Wonkette has been a guy for a couple-three years now. The original Wonkette went someplace else. I neither remember nor care where.