Sunday, April 17, 2011


What they are:

Liberalism believes itself to be extremely tolerant and all-inclusive of the "little man" but nothing could be further from the truth. If this were true, why do liberals seek a gun ban nationwide and indeed, impose them were they can? Why do liberals seek to ban salt? Transfats? Smoking? Driving an SUV (high gas prices = Obama telling a man to trade in his [SUV]? Happy meals? Alcohol (It was Progressives who ushered in Prohibition)? Moreover, why have liberals sought to ban Nativity scenes, rename Easter eggs to "spring spheres," and attack the Ten Commandments in Courts across the land like Rosie O’Donnell attacking a free buffet? Why are liberals only pro-choice when it comes to getting a taxpayer funded abortion and not, say, freedom of speech? "Some speech can be disappeared." Elena Kagan. Tolerant? Yeah, like their heroine Margaret Sanger was tolerant of black babies. At their core, liberals do not accept disagreement with their views although through a progressive and complicit media (Media Matters, ABC, CBS, PMSNBC, CNN, etc, etc, ad nauseum) they are able to toss out enough red herrings so that they can still use 70 year old, scare granny that the evil ol Republicans are gonna make her eat dog food, effectively.

Liberalism is dominance, physical or mental repression, tyranny, control, "nudging" of moral habits, i.e., smoking, a centralization of social life through government, the destruction of societal mores and traditions, and the illusion of popular rule in a coming Utopia (if we can just tax enough to get there). We ask ourselves WHY are liberals so close-minded to other views, i.e., Obama – "I won."? Because when a liberal is to be willing to consider another point of view, they are no longer a liberal. If this were not true, than the Liberals would not have rammed ObamaKare down our throats, would they? To a liberal, Mankind is the master and all rights come from the government, in a pick and choose smorgasbord, with society being changed for the sake of change, in order to pursue emotional desires, lurching from one outcome to another. We have seen what has happened under 75 years of liberal rule and it is ugly to a freedom loving American. An explosive expansion of government, weakened societal mores, traditions, and laws, little or no local communities, no family values, no Fourth Estate to keep the government accountable, and the relationship to gender values lost in a sea of liberal double-speak and sick practices. This is why liberals LOVE taxes, because they always leads to more government, thus entrenching them in deep like ticks on a dog’s ass.

If a liberal is reading this, can you DENY that liberalism forces officials to define the lives that we are supposed to live, i.e., Cass Sunstein’s book "Nudge" sums it up nicely. Liberals want to establish an enforceable morality on the public, i.e., government controlled thermostats that are oppressive in nature. All for the common good they say. Hate crimes are outlawed in order to punish a certain portion of the populace, thus voiding freedom of speech and often, freedom of choice. Try opening a country club for men only and see how far you get. They even force a certain style of thinking in the public schools. For example, in Chicago, a child cannot brown bag his/her lunch. Teaching about homosexuality is okay but having the kids pledge allegiance to the flag is almost a hanging offense. Life under liberalism is a constant journey in reeducation efforts, forced multiculturalism, stifled debate, forced diversity, and now speech codes. You can’t call someone a faggot but you can burn Bush 43 or Sarah Palin in effigy, or urge an overthrow of the US Gov’t ala Granny Piven, that’s okay.

What we are:

Conservatives are individualistic by nature, seeing their skill, hard work, integrity, honesty and the connections to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and community/nation are their core values. That is why we cannot understand a person who throws away 12 years of FREE schooling, then can’t find a job, and then whines to be put on welfare. Hard work and luck goes a long way for us and sometimes, we realize, that life cannot be equal for everyone. We understand that a handout wrecks humans far more than it helps them, a lesson liberals never seem to learn (or want to learn). We are ordinary people and happy with that, getting our fulfillment from our family, business, church, work ethic, military service, neighborhood friends, community actions, etc. That is why it is so hard for Conservatives to gin up a protest. Because we’re too damn busy working and raising the next crop of Americans, not aborting them and collecting a check from Soros to ride a bus to Wisconsin. We’re all about living life, liberals are all about death. Can they deny it? Not in a pig’s eye.

Liberals hate religion and family values because they teach personal integrity, honesty, mutual respect, MORALITY, and personal accountability, not a government nanny state style of thinking and "doing whatever the hell feels good." This gives our lives purpose and value. Small wonder that liberals are so angry all of the time, almost like Muslims, screaming and yelling about everything all of the time. We love life, they think it sucks. Liberalism truly IS a mental disease. Indeed, following our individualistic trait, we want low taxes and few regulations because we know that the people can handle their affairs better than the government bureaucrats can. Thomas Jefferson once stated, "Whenever the people are well--informed, they can be trusted with their own government." Moreover, we are inherently law abiding because we feel a loyalty to our community and our nation, hence that is why Conservatives fill the ranks of the US military while the Liberals refuse to serve. That is why we can hold a rally in DC on the mall on 8/28 with anywhere from 80,000 to 1.5 million people and not leave trash behind whereas SEIU can’t hold a rally in a porta-shitter without covering the walls in dung and trailing toilet paper hither and yon. We’re ordinary folk who easily bond with other ordinary folk, on a patriotic basis, another lesson the Liberals cannot understand and never will.

We as Conservatives do not resist change but seek to implement it slowly, to see if the desired results are achievable while liberals throw out the baby with the bath water time and time again. Our mutually accepted values, beliefs, and practices have evolved over time and THEY WORK, that is why we are loathe to cast them aside. Hence our love for the Constitution and all that it entails and why the Liberal’s attack it and seek to destroy it. We fix what is broke, not what ain’t broke, a reverse of how liberalism works! We thus have a collection of experiences and thoughts that we can draw upon to use in daily life. For example, Ronaldus Magnus proved that supply-side economics worked, will work, because when people have the chance to get rich, those that can, will. A rising tide INDEED floats all boats. Ever get a job from a poor person?

Liberals are attacking Conservatives over their myriad social welfare programs simply because we believe, as Thomas Jefferson so aptly put it, "No man will labor for himself who can make another labor for him." This was proved as fact by the Virginia Colony and the writings of Governor Bradford well before Karl Marx wrote his crapulence. We DO care about helping those in need but we know that LOCAL help is fair better than government programs that are rife with waste, fraud, and abuse and do nothing but increase the sick, lame, and lazy by disrupting the local community of assistance that allows people to carry on their lives, getting the help they need, and becoming self-sufficient, not a junkie waiting on that gubmint check and gubmint cheese. Let a liberal try and deny that Social Security works, in not IN THE RED, that Medicare is not overrun with fraud, and that LBJ’s War on Poverty (interventionist liberalism) and welfare, now at 8 TRILLION dollars and rising, has not destroyed the black family unit, increased crime, nearly destroyed public education in the inner cities, and only served to enslave generation after generation on the public dole. And liberals would prefer THAT to giving them a hand UP? Now THAT is racism. (One wonders why Jesse Hijackson and Al Sharpton are hand-in-glove with the Libs?)

Perhaps the best way that Conservatives can (and should) separate themselves from Liberals is as Ronaldus Magnus put it by, "bold colors, not pale pastels." THAT is why we Conservatives are demanding LEADERS, not squishy Repubs like Romney, Grahamnesy, McLame, etc. Our candidates MUST be able to discuss OUR values and how they are not only superior to the liberal’s but also that they are proven to work and HOW they work! For example, that cutting taxes leads to MORE revenue for the government and that it is out-of-control spending that is responsible for our current mess (among other things). Conservatism embraces teaching a man to life so that he can support himself AND his family while liberals embrace him sitting on his ass waiting for a fish to fall from the government table into his lap. Conservatism empowers US, liberalism only empowers the elites, as we have seen. For example, liberals throw mountains of money at public schools yet 66% of Wisconsin 8th graders CAN BARELY READ and 50% of the population of DC is functionally illiterate. Yet Obama and liberals fight against school vouchers and send their kids to private schools. Why? Who learns? Rich liberal kids. Who doesn't? The poor/middle class. This helps America HOW?

Our task in the future is to KNOW our ideology as well as the Liberals know theirs in order to promulgate it best and friends, we’re about 50 years behind the power curve. Support Conservative candidates, lend a hand, call your Reps/Sens, speak at local Tea Party events, and stay the course. The further we can separate Conservatism from the ills of Liberalism (and RINOism), the better America will be. We have been asleep for decades but we’re awake. No more excuses y'all.

"That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves." T.Jefferson

(Monday's essay out early)


  1. Gunny,

    Great post, you covered every point. Take a bow.

    America is awake now. No excuses.

  2. You do not recognize how close to the mark you are on the "liberal" mindset.
    The wife of an old boyhood friend is a dyed in the wool liberal. She adamantly believes in legislation of "for your own good" laws. Simply if you cannot be convinced by argument that the right thing to do is wear a seatbelt, helmet, eat only veggies, etc then the next step in the liberal mind is to pass laws that make you wear a seatbelt, helmet, eat only veggies, etc. Oh, yeah she is ardent anti-gun but has a CCW. Her argument? "As long as there is one gun left in the world, I want it to be in my purse."

    Liberalism is Marxism in a frock coat.

  3. I just wrote this comment at my own blog, and it's kind of along the same lines:

    It's about control and social engineering. Period. Always has been.

    The idea of people free to hop in their individual cars and go wherever they want whenever they want, listening to talk radio and conservative commentators, is absolute anathema to libs. They absolutely HATE the idea.

    That's why they want to force us onto mass transportation. Control the herd. Once you have people ACTING like sheep, soon they're THINKING like sheep. And that's the whole idea.

    They hate individualism. They have a herd mentality; that's the very essence of socialism. The individual has to "sacrifice" for the collective.

    I think their ideal society is an ant colony. Maybe a bee hive.

  4. Hardnox,

    Thanks. I was studying our enemy this weekend and made some observations on them vs us.

  5. Buck,

    LOVE THAT! Liberalism is Marxism in a frock coat! John Birch was right. (So was McCarthy)

  6. BrianR,

    That comment should be chiseled in stone in from of the Congress so that they can read it every DAY!

  7. Damn good post. Equally good comments. Got to agree with Brian. Liberalism = CONTROLISM.

  8. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! It is this US vs THEM mentality that is what is wrong with America. Both sides have great ideas that they bring to the table. Not sure what your aversion to seatbelt's is but hey why isnt it a good idea to teach our kids that we should buckle up? And yes, transparency is what a government needs to provide to maintain legitimacy. But I believe that you are taking it a step to far to make it a right vs wrong issue. If you are trying to solve the problems with our country by forcing a boot over the throat of everyone who doesn't believe the same as you, than that sounds dangerously close to Fascism to me.

  9. Calmate,

    I totally disagree with your post.

    WHAT good idea are the libs proposing? Endless debt? Social experiments with the US military? Endless cradle-to-grave laws? Generations of welfare handouts?

    I'll take your reference to seatbelts. Yes, they may do good but WHY must ADULTS be ORDERED to wear them? I somehow can't buckle up on my own? Cops have to ticket us for it instead of fighting REAL crime?

    As for forcing "a boot over the throat of everyone" I give you ObamaKare. Rammed down the throats of Americans eventhough it is unconstitutional and 75% of Americans were against it. And Obama ignoring a Federal court TWICE in regards to the illegal oil drilling ban?

    Now THAT sounds dangerously close to Fascism to me. Oh, and HOW is that transparency of this regime working for ya....?

    Now, THAT said, I again offer my services, and the services of the awesome Conservatives readers at this site to help untangle your brain that is locked in the grip of the mental disease of liberalism, for FREE! Do let me know.

    (Clyde, play nice)

  10. Calmate:
    I am not trying to force anyone to do anything.
    That's what seatbelt laws, helmet laws etc do.
    Sure, it is the sensable thing to do.
    I buckle up every time I get in a car.
    But if my neighbor doesn't want to he shouldn't have to.
    How is that forcing my views on someone??