Friday, April 8, 2011


A U.S. Marine squad was on patrol in the mountains of Tora Bora when they came upon an al-Qeada terrorist, badly injured and unconscious. On the opposite side of the road, in a ditch, was an American Marine in a similar but less serious state. The Marine was conscious and alert and as first aid was given to both men, the squad leader asked the injured Marine what had happened. The Marine reported, "I was out on a recon patrol and moving north along the highway here, and coming south was a terrorist that I wanted to either kill or take prisoner. We saw each other at the same time and both took cover in the ditches along the road.

He wouldn't show himself so I could get a shot off or use my trank dartgun, so I yelled to him that al-Qaida spokesman Adam Gadahn is a slimy traitorous scumbag, and he yelled back that Harry Reid is a corrupt, greasy left wing liberal bum and who kisses the asses of union thugs!

"So I yelled back that Osama Bin Laden is a crybaby and acts like a spoiled little girl!"

He retaliated by yelling, "Oh yeah? Well, so does Barack Obama!"

And there we were, in the middle of the road shaking hands, when a truck ran over us.