Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You simply CANNOT make this stuff up!

EXCERPT: "Now, the National Right To Work Committee introduces John Lund, Obama’s "overseer" of union financial reporting and disclosure at DOL’s Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS). This Obama appointee is a former director of the now-defunct Pacific Northwest Labor College, a former SEIU union employee , a fomer IUOE union employee, and former director of the University of Wisconsin School for Workers."

But it gets better.

"Lund’s appointment means that he is now in charge of investigating financial mismanagement and irregularities by the very labor union officials he has trained for decades."
Now THIS IS FUNNY! Obama appoints a former SEIU hack to investigate unions. That is like appointing Eliot Spitzer or Jesse "love child" Jackson to investigate BJ Bubba Klinton's sordid affair with a fat ugly intern. Evidently, Obama's mewl about tough ethics was simply another lie out of his double-tongued oral sewer because Sec. Hilda Solis, Deborah Greenfield, and NLRB Board member Craig Becker are ALL former union hacks.

There needs to be about 100 more Darrell Issa's in DC to fully investigate this regime and serve justice to these vermin. The Gunny has a great plan for this as well. Use a lottery to get people to form a gauntlet, armed with hickory sticks, and make these criminals run through it on their way to prison! Think of the money we could raise and put it towards the deficit! Having fun beating liberal gangsters down AND paying off the debt at the same time! HAHA

The Chicago Way baby.



  1. In the imortal words of Gomer Pyle; "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

    Eliot Spitzer investigate=oxymoron

  2. Shit just keeps piling up with this asshat.

  3. Talk about the fox and the henhouse.

  4. It does keep getting better. And people (even die-hard Democrats) are starting to see the light. Now the polls are even showing that O'Vomit has lost 20% of the black vote.

    And with the new book coming out in a month ("Where's the Birth Certificate?" by Jerome R. Corsi of "swift boat" fame), things could get even worse for the O'Vomit Administration.