Friday, April 8, 2011


On Friday, Rush nailed it when he stated that the Left ran Obama because he was, as Biden put it, clean and articulate and that as the first 1/8th black man to run, who had the support of the DNC, the GOP would not dare criticize him as they normally would an opponent. Combine that with leftist McShamnesty being trotted out as the RNC's RINO candidate, there was no way in Hell that they could lose, especially since McLame refused to play hardball. (The Gunny still thinks that 2008 was a throw-away election for the GOP who had gotten spanked in 06.)

But Rush did not connect the dots, probably for a lack of time on the air.

Obama had been tutored at the feet of his far left family and his pedophile mentor Frank Marshall Davis. He was steeped in the filth of Marxism in his formative years and even if he'd had William F. Buckley, Jr., as a mentor from, say age 10 one, it would not have helped. Soros bought and paid for the right person this time, no more Owl Gores or Hanoi Jean Francois Kerrys for him. He had himself a hard core leftist ideologue who in reality, would play puppet nicely, as long as he got lots of vacations.

The Left counted on a few items to complete the "change" of America:

1.  That the dumbing down over the last 40 years at the hands of liberal teachers and professors had done its job.

2.  That unions and their flunkies like Stern and Trumka could sway the masses.

3.  That the seizure of the Congress and the Senate, after the GOP screwed the pooch for years, would give them complete control to run amok.

4.  That the American people were hooked on bread and circuses, from coast to coast, and would ignore the antics inside the Beltway.

They, like the NVA/VC at Tet, badly miscalculated.

The first torpedo that hit their garbage scow was committed by Obama himself. NO American worth their salt had EVER seen a sitting president bow to a foreign potentate, much less King Faud, who is NOT our ally, with the resulting embarrassment to the nation, and then go ON doing it around the world!

Next came the Barry Soetoro Worldwide Apology Tour, slamming America every place he read off of his teleprompter. Americans realized that even Jimmy "the dhimmi" Karter never slammed the US like that! This raised the anger in the nation up a few notches.

Hot on the heels of that was Obama filling his administration with commie trash like Van Jones, Anita Dunn, wannabe serial killers like John "sterilize em all" Holdren, aided and abetted by scum like Bill Ayers who once thought nothing of writing about murdering 20+ million Americans to get the revolution "right." Americans were outraged.

The bombs began to fall on this regime when Americans heard this regime attacking Rush, Hannity, Levin, and others, as Obama used the office of the presidency to attack private citizens. It was Nixonian and it was obnoxious. Not to mention the "ratline" to the White House to report your friends who disliked ObummerKare! It smacked of Nazism/Communism and Americans didn't dig it. 

Indeed, as liberals like Nutsy Baloney and Dingy Reid ran amok, passing bills they never read and saying such stupid shit like, "we have to pass this bill to find out what's inside it," Americans got madder and began to organize into a bloc that the Left now fears, that is, the Tea Party. The Left seriously underestimated the fury and anger of Joe and Jane Sixpack as they watched their country being dismantled by a cabal of traitors, their children and grandchildren laden with debt, and the Left laughing at their anger.

They did exactly what Admiral Yamamoto said his attack on Pearl Harbor did:

"I fear that all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

The rise of the Tea Party, a REAL grassroots movement, not that liberal crap they try to pull on us, paid for by Soros, sprang up almost overnight, NATIONALLY!

The Left tried to force feed us a huge sh*t sandwich but America wasn't eating it. They threw it back in the face of th Left and marched on DC. WHEN have a million honest, hard-working Americans marched on DC like they did with the Tea Party, on their own dime, against ObummerKare? Never. It was always the jobless, bought and paid for scumbags like ANSWR, union goons, and other trash that marched in DC. They could, simply because they don't work, have rigged work schedules (SEIU, AFL-CIO, etc), get paid to show up, etc.

In fact, everything the Left did was to provoke a reaction from the Right so that they could crack down and they never got it. Like him or not, Beck nailed it when he called for non-violence in resisting the Left and in holding them accountable for their actions. The Left reacted with SEIU beatdowns, union thuggery, voter fraud in Nevada for Reid, and America was appalled to see a black conservative get a beatdown by four WHITE SEIU members and an elderly man get his finger bitten OFF by a union goon at a protest, and that was just for starters!

We WERE awakened by those among us who remembered what America used to be like, what the Constitution used to mean, what State's Rights are all about, and we fought back and WON! We on the Right shoved it in deep and broke it off on the Left in November 2010. Good God, patriots, we SHAFTED them on a scale not before seen, flushing the Leftist bums like the fecal matter they are, from our government, at all levels.

The Left thought that they could slide a transformation of America past us in a fait accompli with Soros, Obama, Nutsy Baloney, Dingy Reid and clowns like Franken, Alan Grayson, and a compliant Lapdog Media that bent over and greased up for the Left with  fingersnap. Wrong answer libs.

So here we are now, on the cusp of the presidential election in 2012, with kickass candidates like LtCol Allen West, Marco Rubio, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and others who are taking the fight to the Left. Who can the Left trot out? The Pig-in-a-Pantsuit Shrillary? She who got us involved in Libya along with the other two hags? Nah. Trump, like him or not, is showing us how to deal with the Left by kicking them in the balls, like they've done to us in the past. Hit them hard between the eyes, with facts, logic, and their own words, like you hit a jackass with a 2x4 to get him to move. The Tea Party is on their politicians like never before in our history, to stay the course and do the willl of the people. When has THAT ever happened in our history, say, after 1900?

The Left shot their wad with Obama and a Soros backed shadow government that almost worked, almost. But the jig is up, they've been outed again and again, by Beck, Rush, Hannity, Levin, Breitbart, etc, and we're on to their bullsh*t. Again, Glenn Beck, like his chalkboards or not, like him or not, EDUCATED Americans to the threat in and out of this regime. Van Jones got the boot as did Anita Dunn because of Beck. Never forget that.

So how does the Gunny know that they've lost it?

One, they are distancing themselves from Obama. Even his terrorist buddy Ayers makes jokes about Barry. Remember, these are aged hippie scum with one foot in the grave and the other on  banana peel, and Hell beckons. They HAD to make their play now and they lost. Two, Obama and his constant vacations. He knows it is over and is grabbing for all he can while he can. That is what a grubby grifter does. He knows way down deep that his Gotterdammerung is coming in 2012 when we take over the Senate, gain in the House, and replace his ass with a real American. Look for his vacations and golf trips to increase and in the end, his looting of the White House will make what the Clintons did a seem a joke. Three, Soros and his Breton Woods affair, trying to change the world currency and screw us is a joke as he and the UN are hated in America and we hold the House and can block the Senate from playing along. Four, we have reeducated ourselves as to the contents of the Constitution, the Declaration of Idependence, and the Bill of Rights and we ain't giving them up without a fight. Finally, our beloved Constitution keeps Obama from putting any UN/foreign treaty into law. Oh, and we own a majority of the State Governors as well, who are beginning to fight for States Rights from an oppressive Federal Government.

Nice try scumbags but no dice. Game. Set. Match. America wins, the Left loses. Stay the Course my friends, we're winning, one small victory after another.


  1. I see you're as rat-crazy as ever, Pinkstaff. Now you're declaring victory seven months before the 2012 presidential election that will see Barack Hussein Obama re-elected. If wishes were fishes . . . but delusional assholes like you don't realize that declaring victory isn't quite the same as achieving it, like George W. Bush didn't realize that erecting a banner boasting "Mission Accomplished" didn't mean it actually was. Bush is a half-bright douchebag. So are you. And you're "winning" every bit as much as Charlie Sheen is.

  2. They may have shot their wad, but last night John Boehner gladly accepted the facial.

    He sold out and the Dems won.

  3. Gunny,

    Good post. Yes, we are winning only because regular Americans have woken-up to the antics of the left as you point out.

    As conservatives incrementally take back this country the screams from the left will get louder and more insane. Americans aren't buying into their shit anymore.

    The screams will be music to our ears.

  4. "..So here we are now, on the cusp of the presidential election in 2012, with kickass candidates like LtCol Allen West, Marco Rubio, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and others.."

    So why is the GOP heirarchy still talking about Huckabee's, Romney's and Gingrich's chances in'12?
    None in the upper echelon have said one word about any of the REAL conservative candidates but keep trotting out the same old, worn out names we all have come to realize are business as usual politicians, not America first statesmen???

  5. Okay, Gunny,
    I think I heard this happened around Cai Son sometiome in the late '60's.
    I also seem to remember hearing it happened somewhere around Seoul sometime around '51 or '52.

  6. Uh... I think my last comment should have gone on the next essay...
    my bad

  7. Shared to the A-C page:
    I agree that We the People are handing their asses to them, but we cannot let up even for a second because those creeps are going to push harder than ever in their nasty death throes.

  8. Absolutely brilliant! Keep up the good work.

  9. Ivan! Nice to see that you still can't refute any facts here, must be that liberal thing in your brain. I was hoping that you'd get some help projecting your homosexuality (Pinkstaff) because no one here cares that you're riding the baloney pony.

    How's your blog going? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  10. Craw,

    I'm still waiting to see their budget come Sept 2011. I'm wondering if Boehner did this to avoid the military getting screwed over by the Kenyan. I was on active duty when we did not get paid from Oct 80 to Jan 81 and there was a lot of anger in the ranks. I would have like to see the GOP go on the TV and list NON essential services that would be cut and then defunded on 1 Oct 11.

  11. Hardnox,

    I smile when I hear a liberal bitching and moaning. ANY time they take a stance, our stance should be 180d out and we'll be in the right spot.

  12. Buck,

    GOOD post. This is why I NO LONGER send the GOP a dime. I WILL say that Gingrich is a good stratgeist but as far as POTUS material, NOTHING they are putting forth so far will get my vote.

  13. bupkiss o'toole,

    Thanks for the kudos. You can count on it. Giving liberals nightmares is my forte AND I enjoy their pain and suffering.

  14. Zilla,

    Yeah, their death throes are getting uglier and uglier. Listening to them call for violent revolution, urging sedition, and this regime doing NOTHING says a lot.

  15. Craw,

    Give this a read:

    Good essay on the Boehner deal. I tend to agree with it.

  16. hey! just found your blog for the first time today! refreshing! :) and sharing it.. God bless!

  17. You will know Obama is in deep kimchee ONLY when the lickspittle media turns on the asshat. Don't see that happening. Too much invested in the jaqueoff. As to the proclamation of victory,I wouldn't bet the farm yet. The morons at the helm of the soon-to-be-dead elephant party STILL don't get it. Witness Boehner. Milquetoast extraordinaire. The ONLY thing I can see at the moment is the GOP YET AFUKKINGAIN snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  18. Trish,

    Thank you for the kudos. Indeed, pass the word as we are all in this fight together. My motto has always been, "one team, one fight."

  19. Clyde,

    Some of the Lapdog Media is starting to question their messiah and THAT AIN'T GOOD for Zero. His golfing trips, his incessant vacations, his allowing Hitlery and the other two hags to start a war in Libya, not good.

    As for the GOP, screw em. UP the Tea Party, DOWN with the country club RINOs at the GOP!

  20. Both parties are claiming victory. I'm having trouble with the notion that one tenth of one percent in cuts to the present budget of $3.7 trillion is a victory.

    In truth Boehner runs half of the third of government and this is actually progress to a minor extent.

    The tragedy is that the other side is bent on spending trillions that we don't have and will never be able to repay.

  21. Hardnox,

    Yeah, the cut is less than the interest of the 8 days of bickering but I'm waiting to see the future. Let's see what they do with Ryan's budget proposal.

  22. Luckily, most of the country do not agree with liberal/progressives, and most people are now being educated on the effects of high taxes and constant spending have done in the last century. Excellent post. Liberals can't refute what you've written, since it's all really happened!


  23. Eric,

    Thanks and I agree, the people are awake...FINALLY!

    Ivan tried to refute it, in his own way (ad hominem attack) but failed, as usual.