Sunday, April 17, 2011


As Mel Brooks would say: "Its good to be da king!"

Barry split off to the links again, round 64, at Andrews AFB, with the usual bootlickers, David Katz, staff weenie at the Energy Department (maybe he can tell us why gas will hit 5 bucks by mid-May) and then, get this, TRIP DIRECTOR at the White House, Marvy Nicholson. Oh, Wally, Marvy's bro-bro got an invite. The Gunny wonders if the taxpayers paid for them as well.

Since Obama had an easy weekend, and nothing imporant happened in the USA, except 241 tornadoes, across 14 states, that wiped out a few towns, and impacted the lives of many Americans. Surely he could have toured SOME of these 14 out of 57 states, no doubt Bush 43 would have.

Maybe the Community Organizer-in-Chief, what with his superior intelligence that we heard so much about in 2008, can solve his problem of the forgotten war in Afghanistan. His meandering war, with no goals, and five more dead Americans in a new bombing. This regime slapped new bullshit rules of engagement on the troops and even created a medal for not engaging in combat called the heroic restraint medal! HILARIOUS! Well, not so funny because since Sir Golfsalot took over, 858 U.S. troops have died in Afghanistan. That is 60% of the fatalities in a TEN YEAR war. It seems that when the adults were running the show under Bush 43, it was the Taliban that was doing all of the dying, but that was unacceptable to Code Pink, Muslims, and Muslim sympathizers like Sir Golfsalot.

Even more, and something NEVER brought up by the Lapdog Media is that things like golf courses on military bases, are funded by NAF (Non-appropriated Funds), which are profits from the BX/PX, Shoppette, auto hobby shop, and other sites, which are directed to fund recreational sites FOR THE TROOPS! The First Grifter thus grubs off of the military, whose money is upkeeping those courses. Then the course is closed as long as Sir Golfsalot golfs, not to mention traffic snarls for his "safety", thus depriving the troops of a golf day ON A WEEKEND. He invites scumbags like his pimp daddy buddy in Hawaii, a piece of shit not fit to be anywhere but in jail, much less on a base, where honorable men and women serve. How many PRIVATE golf clubs in the DC area could Sir Golfsalot use? Why won't he use them? We'll still have to pay for it anyway.

Sir Golfsalot DID promise change, and he delivered. In just two years, he spent more than ALL of the previous presidents in 230 YEARS AND managed to get more GI's dead in 2 years, in Afghanistan, than in the previous EIGHT years! Sir Golfsalot sure is making history.

Obama will be the most reviled president in our history and he has a great head start on it.

Man: "There was another attack in Afghanistan, five GI's are dead."
Obama: "Yeah, I heard. Lets go, I'm late for my tee-time."


  1. Gunny,
    I reviled him during the primaries long before he took office for the reason that he would not pledge allegiance to our country. He just stood there with his hands over his crotch. He also stated that our national anthem was too violent and that our constitution was flawed. At first I thought that it was just some false propaganda but after researching I found that it was true and that he and the Moocher had a history of such conduct.

    I never thought that anyone would vote for a man that did not revere our country. 52% of our fellow Americans told me that I was wrong.

    We need a POTUS that really loves our country and our people. Nothing short of that will do.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to add... should we be surprised that we are in the state we are in when we elect such man as leader of the free world?

    The writing was on the wall before the first ballot was cast.

  3. That picture of him in the golf cart.. Now don't that look presidential?

    Another thing.

    When Bush was POTUS don't you remember how all the MSM AND Lou Dobbs kept a daily count of American dead in Iraq?

  4. Most previous Presidents would have probably asked the states if they needed Federal assitance (disaster area,etc.), but Obama appears too busy running for reelection.

  5. O'Vomit is already the most hated president in history. Look at the polls Gunny, over half the country think he is doing a bad job as president. (And several polls have already been shown to be "under-reporting" the number of people who believe that O'Vomit is doing a bad job.)

    O'Vomit has even upset his own base. GITMO is still open and we have troops in another war.

  6. Is Biden Obama's p***boy?

    Or is there more than one?

  7. Yeah, ya know, I never would have believed there'd ever be a worse Prez than Carter.

    Just goes to show that if you live long enough, you see all kinds of things you never thought you would.

    I think Bat Ears has finally taken that honor.

  8. My bad! I thought all this thime it was Sir Gaffsalot, but now I know that is the Vice Putz.

    Oh and that is $5.00 a liter (that's what Chu wants, European prices)not a galon.

    I just want to tell you I did get change....from a $100.00 bill when I filled my gas tank, but I guess there's no change any more.

  9. Hardnox,

    I hear ya. I was amazed that the non-patriotic anti America douche got elected. It is apparent that white liberals really DO NOT care about America's security.

  10. Buck,

    I remember them counting the deaths and CELEBRATING when they reached milestones like 1K, 2K, etc. Where is Cindy Shatehead NOW!?

  11. Pack Rat,

    I think that Barry finally did that this am, after having his breakfast and workout.

  12. Gunny, we survived here in Oklahoma, and very thankful.
    You know I hold this man(?) Obama in such contempt, I really can't describe it.
    Hopefully soon, we will have a real president, and gain our respect back, not only from foreign countries, but Maybe some of these awful union thugs will settle down, knowing they can't get away with as much.
    Good Post.

  13. Gray Ghost,

    Among blacks, his approval rating is in the 80 percentile. This for a guy who embraces abortion/welfare, which is destroying the black race.

  14. BrianR,

    I hear that. Just when you think it can't get worse, Murphy shows up...

  15. Jim,

    Yep, we're at 4.15 per and Alaska is a BIG STATE so we're getting the shaft big time. Time to tell the Feds to F off and start drilling.

  16. Obama = FOTUS. Fuck Off of The United States. He really is a lazy bastard,isn't he? The goddamn media would have had a cat if Bush,or any frigging R for that matter,screwed off as much as this joker does.

  17. I can just imagine the tell all tidbits that will come out after Sir Golfsalot and Shelly Antoinette leave.

  18. beachmom,

    I would LOVE to see that video of Obama partying with PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi, that ABC is sitting on (since 2008).