Friday, April 22, 2011


Those of us who have raised a few rugrats or remembered their own juvenile behavior, will admit that when the poopy hit the fan, they blamed someone else, i.e., my dog ate my homework. Once again, Barry trots out the strawman argument, like he does at every speech, for example, "I got a letter from a man in Florida who...", "I got a letter from a woman that...", of course it can't be verified, you simply have to believe The Dear Reader of the Teleprompter and Fearless Wielder of the Nine Iron.

So when gas prices go up back under Bush 43, he took the blame, was vilified by the Lapdog Media over and over and over, and he started opening domestic drilling and prices suddenly began to go down. Duh. But Barry, on the other hand, blames those evil speculators (but not his master, George "puppeteer" Soros) in yet another strawman argument.

Ol Barry trots outs this nugget:

"Today, I'm going to go a step further. The attorney general's putting together a team whose job it will be to root out any cases of fraud or manipulation in the oil markets that might affect gas prices - and that includes the role of traders and speculators. We are going to make sure that nobody is taking advantage of American consumers for their own short-term gain."

Now for the liberals out there, three things. One, speculators are in it for the short-term, that is what they do, just ask Soros how long it took him to "short" England and almost bankrupt them, or Thailand for that matter. Two, it is true that we have a good supply of oil on hand but there is a problem of a lack of refinery space. For you libs in La-La Land, that means you can be sitting on a sea of oil but if your refinery space is limited to a straw (for the sake of argument), that one drop of gas that comes out is expensive. Supply and demand libs, learn it. Three, the liberals, backed by the rogue agency EPA, have created boutique blends for various regions in the nation. That means if Zone 1 runs out of boutique blend A, Zone 2, which uses boutique blend B, can't send any resupply to Zone 1, even if they were swimming in gas. Thanks again libs.

Also, what happens if those evil speculators are BLACK? Eric Holder said he would not prosecute "HIS PEOPLE!" Oops. Well, maybe there will be a few white devils there that he can prosecute and studiously ignore the black ones, like he did with the voter intimidation under the New Black Panther Party. We should be thankful that Holder isn't a Muslim or they'd be flying airplanes into anything bigger than a two story house and Holder would do nothing about THAT either.

Could it also have something to do with the words of the lib's messiah that scares away the oil industry to warmer business climes?

"Under my plan of cap and trade plan makes electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket."

"If somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can - it's just that it will bankrupt them..."

"I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment [in gas prices]."

And of course Stephen Chu, Obama's Energy Sec wants us to pay European prices for gas.

So Obama trots out the class warfare/envy warfare section of the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals because that is all the community organizer knows. Blame the oil companies, blame the speculators, blame someone else other than Obama's NO drilling ban onshore an offshore and liberal's blocking new refineries.

Coffee is up. Sugar is up. Energy is up. Food in general is up. No doubt Zero wants to fall back on the socialist's need for Price and Wage control which worked SO WELL under FDR. Idiots.

But oddly enough Obama is silent about his buddy Immelt's old company, GE, enjoying a 77% rise in profits and which paid ZERO IN TAXES! Shouldn't the community organizer-in-chief employ a little Alinsky on that, or didn't Soros give him permission?

WHO we can REALLY blame is Obama and Bernanke, one for stopping domestic drilling and the other for destroying the dollar through QE1/2/3/4. Maybe we can also blame Obama starting a war in Libya for adding to the crisis. Oh, and Owl Gore for selling the stupid idea of ethanol to the dumbasses in DC, which results in us burning our FOOD for a lower grade of gas.

Once again, THIS is the kind of sh*t that happens when morons and liberals are in charge but keep pulling that lever for Dummycrats Americans, they do such a good job for us.

THIS JUST IN! More OBAMA Regime corruption.


  1. Stupidity. Our most ABUNDANT commodity. Too bad we couldn't find a way to put THAT "alternative energy" to good use.

  2. Does he really believe the attorney general's "team" will do more to alleviate the current oil situation than a few hundred more hard drinking, hard working Oklahoma oil patch roughnecks?