Friday, August 19, 2011


Allen West just keeps getting better and better. He literally RIPS the Democrat Party and the overseers of the black vote (Maxine Waters, Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton), apart.


  1. Col West is so right on the progressives/liberals take advantage of every one and anybody as long as they remain in power.
    When I lived and worked in Chicago among the black community there is a plantation mentality just as Col. West describes.
    They are brainwashed to think only demoRats can save them go figure even though they are kept in their place.
    I would always argue that republicans want to set you free but they where afraid to consider another option.

  2. Man I wish he'd run. That is the attitude of a real man.

  3. Your right Gunny he did it again. I also heard that he may consider making a run for anti-Floridian/American Bill nelsons senate seat and I hope he does.

  4. West is right on a number of things. He needs a kick in the ass for his yes vote on the debt ceiling bill,however.Ol' loony Maxine was in Detruit the other day,bitching and moaning about Obama not doing ENOUGH for the black community. Mostly a whine about Obama being out in WHITE America. Hell,Obama KNOWS he has the majority of the black vote tied up. He NEEDS the stupid ass guilty white moronic liberals who voted for him in the first place to get him back to finish the

  5. I think this man is great!!

  6. I think this man is great

  7. What was so funny was the democrat reply to West's attack.
    He implied it was the REPUBLICANS who were pro slavery. And that the democrats were the pro civil rights in the '60's.
    What was the guy's name in 1984 whose job it was to rewrite history to conform with current "facts"????

  8. I dunno…

    I think very highly of Allen West but I was greatly disappointed that he caved and voted for the debt ceiling debacle bill. It’s not enough to say it. You have to stand by it as well.