Thursday, August 18, 2011


You really have to give this regime and libscum in general an "A" for effort. When they go out whole hog to smear a group of people, using taxpayer money from said group of people, that shows real chutzpah! There is organized violence against whites throughout the nation, with flash mobs running rampant in Chicago, Filthadelphia, DC, and yet all we hear from the regime is that whitey is the real threat. Was Eric Holder ALSO in Reverend Wright's church of hate for 20 years along with Obama and Oprag? Well done white liberals, you idiots happy now? More laughable is this hideous creature running DHS now hinting that gun stores might be a prime breeding ground for domestic terrorists and yapped about a gun store owner near Fort Hood calling the cops on a guy who was, "behaving suspiciously."

Berlin 1936. USA 2011. All Samey-same.

Folks, make SURE that you GET INVOLVED by joining your local Tea Party, working HARD to get Obama ousted in 2012 because GOD help us if that racist clown gets to pick anymore Supreme Court justices with the weak sisters we have representing us in the Senate.

As far as reporting suspicious behavior, the Gunny would like to report a clown on a bus tour, in buses made in Canada, flying the colors of international Marxism (red and black), without a US Flag on said buses, who is on vacation yet again, while the country suffers. The Gunny would also like to report a suspicious man-like creature running the DHS who doesn't have the brains
to actually DO her job and protect our borders. Who's sole goal in airport security seems to be checking out the sh*tty diapers of babies and old people and violating 4th Amendment to the Nth degree, without a care, while buying scanning machines made by a Soros-owned company. The Gunny would also like to report suspicious gun running activity along our southern border, with what looks like ATF agents backed up by a cover up that goes all of the way up to Obama!

Oddly enough, the facts show that Muslims perform 99% of the violent terrorism in the world and have since the 70's but that would not be politically correct and since Obama is a closet Muslim, can't be offending that creep with a video huh? CAIR might protest. BTW, in the last two years, the only people indicted on terrorism related charges (126), were Muslims.

We sure are getting a big buildup to the Reichstag moment. The Gunny wonders, now that a judge has ruled that the visitor log in the White House, that Obama has REFUSED TO RELEASE (completely), is open to FOIA (everyone should put in a FOIA request for them), if Francis Fox Piven, William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Van Jones, and other radical terrorists will show up there along with Obama's master, Soros.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

1.  Dow DOWN 400
2.  Inflation rising fast
3.  GOLD BOLTS ABOVE $1,800 (Beck was right, Tony "Pervy" Weiner was WRONG!)
4.  European Shares Closing With Biggest One-Day Decline in Three Years
5.  US, EU 'DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO RECESSION' (NEVER got out of it in 2009)
6.  Poverty soars under Obama (ALL part of his plan)
7.  Child poverty rate in DC -- 29% (Flash mobs to help Obama soon)
8.  Record homelessness -- in Portland, Maine (Keep voting for Dems huh?)




  1. ALL violence is the fault of the eeeeevilll white man and those Tea Party terrorists!

    What a crock. Racist assholes.

  2. Not a surprise here per se. What is still getting me upset is that no member of congress is making the rounds on TV and decrying this kind of thing. I must say, I was amused and a little impressed when Perry made the 'treasonous' comment and the subsequent reaction. Where is congress? Never mind, they are GONEgress.

  3. Gunny,

    Things are getting real ugly down here. We can't take another 15 months of do nothing. Someone needs to step up and challenge the competence of this administration. Impeachment may take too long.

    Gold is up, and so is lead. Brass and copper through the roof. Gotta have some relief.


    Dear Foia I saw something there was this big black canadian bus cruising around the midwest for no apparent reason at all. Could you send in Seal Team Six to take care of this threat? thanks A real Am_Con.

  5. Craw,

    What makes it so funny is that non-whites aer reporting whitey! haha. The racism of this regime is so obvious you really gotta laugh. Obama absorbed Wright's speeches like a dry sponge dropped into a bucket of water and Holder is just as bad.

  6. Mrs AL,

    They are afraid of being called racists and having Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson show up on their lawn with a "rent-a-mob."

    Maybe America will finally get tired of hearing the racist word and seeing the racist card played and start kicking the asses of those who play it!

  7. Hahahahah!

    “…the Gunny would like to report a clown on a bus tour,…The Gunny would also like to report a suspicious man-like creature running the DHS…”

    Your posts crack me up! Well done.

  8. TGP,

    I hear you but our mission to to peacefully remove this taint in our government. I am convinced that it is the only way to really win.

    We would win a civil war but the country would be ripped apart and this ain't 1865 with two oceans separating US from our enemies.

    No, prepare for the worse and work (hope) for the best.

    2012 is our year brother.

  9. CW,

    My pleasure.

    I am not afraid of anything but thinking about going head-to-head with that man creature running DHS gives me the shivering sh*ts.

    BTW, last I heard, that clown was running amok in the midwest!

  10. I'm glad a judge said WE could see who visited OUR White House while WE, being the restrained, calm folks that WE are, allow a fraud, liar, racist, muslim Marxist to sleep there.
    Put his stinkin' fuckin' feet on OUR desk made from the timbers of the HMS Resolute.
    It was the Resolute, wasn't it?

  11. Christ,this cluck is making Nero look like a piker.

  12. Dear secretary Napolitano,

    In response to your "see something, say something " informational video, I'm compelled to respond.

    Last night while eating supper, a predator drone bombed my house on Hussein street here in Tripoli.
    I suspect that it was a plot by a well dressed American man who was trying to make a political statement for his reelection.
    Any help you can provide in catching this rogue bomber is appreciated!
    -Hasaan bin Sobar