Monday, August 15, 2011


Read this drivel from Franky Schaeffer from PMSNBC:

SCHAEFFER: "I don't think any Republican can. Barack Obama is going to be reelected and reelected with a big margin, because I think that people understand, a lot of ordinary Americans who aren't on the religious right understand something and that is as the first African-American president, he has been up against a racist white bloc in the Republican Party that has come dressed as the Tea Party, the religious right, all sorts of excuses. What they really want is to see him fail. Most Americans understand, he hasn't been given a chance to succeed because he hasn't been dealing with a normal political opposition of loyal opposition that has been putting the country first. He has been dealing with a group of Republicans who have been bound, as Rush Limbaugh said, from day one wanted to see him fail. That is what this is all about, and everything else is a footnote. Most Americans understand that in a second term, he is going to come out swinging and do a lot more than in the first term when the obstructionists have been swept out of the way. And I predict that."

Okay, the Gunny has said time and time again that liberals are morons. That they are incapable of assimilating and understanding facts and logic. So Schaeffer whines that poor widdo Barry boy is up against a white racist bloc. Does Franky consider that in January 2009, Obama had a supermajority in the Congress? In the Senate? And that Obama enjoyed a supermajority ALL OF THE WAY until November 2010 and indeed, through the Holidays until they were sworn-in in January 2011! So liberals, knowing that you're idiots, that means that Obama enjoyed a supermajority from January 2009 to December 2009. That is TWELVE months. Then, he basically enjoyed ANOTHER twelve months, from January 2010 to December 2010. 

So libs. 12 + 12 = 24.

Thus, we can logically arrive at the factual conclusion that Comrade Oblowme had TWO YEARS to get WHATEVER he wanted done and failed to do it for the most part. Maybe all of those vacations, golf trips, and bash America tours got in the way. Whattya think libs? Maybe you morons screwed the pooch putting an idiot so incompetent as to be unable to run a lemonade stand in as POTUS? But thanks all the same. It helped us awake the masses as to the threat of Liberalism. 'Preciate it.

Oh, and LOYAL OPPOSITION? That, fellow patriots, is what the Left wants from us. Do as they want us to do even when we are in the majority. WE are supposed to sacrifice OUR principles for their failed ideology. Schaeffer, get stuffed.



  1. We ARE the "loyal" opposition. We are LOYAL to the CONSTITUTION!

  2. Craw,

    Indeed, although that wasn't what the libdummy was yapping about! haha.

    I LMMFAO when I think of how they sabotaged Bush 43 from DAY ONE and now think that WE should support their incompetant tyrant.

  3. I'll tell you this, the old racist thing is really wearing thin. Cause I despise his white side too. And I'm with Rush, why are they demonizing Herman Cain, and Alan West? Isn't that more racist because they aren't mixed? Maybe they like Obama because he IS half white!! They are really desperate now.
    Pathetic morons that can find nothiing intelligent to say so they continue to cry RAAAACIST when questioned!!

  4. Nanna,

    It is the only card in their deck and has been since the 70's. Only NOW are we finally sick of hearing them yap about it. I tell the libtards two things when accused of racism:

    one, I would vote for LtCol Allen West in a NY second.

    two, I sold my slaves and plantation 30 years ago.

  5. I wouldn't take Scheiffer too seriously. It's the Alzheimer's,you know. We would NOT want to seem cruel and heartless,eh? (sarc off) Absolutely agree,liberals are TRULY the racist sonsofbitches. Any liberal vote for Thomas for SCOTUS? Didn't think so.

  6. clyde,

    drop me an email, got sumthing for ya.

  7. I'm with nanna. Racism card thing is wearing really thin. Time for these thugs to be ignored. My guess is that now that Perry is in the frey, the Resident is going to be ignored big time. From all I have read, Perry knows how to get attention as well as or even better than obama. Sure hope I'm right, 'cause I'm sure not left.

  8. The worst thing about Obama is he has really f#cked it up for any other black man who might have real POTUS potential.
    Probably for the next 50-100 years.

  9. Gunny,

    Speaking of the Plantation and slaves, would you like them back at half price? I can't get any work out of 'em, all they do is sit around watching their flat screens and bitchin' bout whitey.

  10. Mrs AL,

    I like Perry and as I stated, he AIN'T perfect but he's a damn sight better than RINO Romney who needs to go the way of Newt and Pawlenty. Enough with the RINOs already.

  11. Buck,

    Yep. BUT, he also made the Dummycrats into a poisonous stew for the next 25 years at least!

  12. TGP,

    HELL NO!

    Watch out for flash mobs though! Guess the great messiah and great uniter failed on THAT front as well.

  13. I got a little --- treatment --- for flash mobs.

  14. if i had known they would be this much trouble i would have picked the cotton hell with rinos perry/west or perry/rubio
    rebel with a cause

  15. TGP,

    I can't decide. Auto, semi-auto, or just a few Molotovs for a flash mob.

  16. rebel,

    so who? Ron Paul? Yeah, maybe back in 1900.

  17. Obama's only "plan" was to get elected. He did!! Now he's out of plans.

  18. In 2008, Obama ran on the race card because he had no record of accomplishments to run on.

    After 3 years as president, his record is so dismal, he has to dust off the race card again.

  19. If I may disagree: Liberals are not morons.

    Define liar as: someone who knowingly (OR uncaringly!) disseminates a falsehood.

    Liberals are liars.

    They are also, as for example the total-ban on DDT with around 40mil deaths as result, incredibly murderous.

    It may be fun to call these humanists 'religious' concerning such things as global-warming, evolution, etc. BUT this is NOT the truth that lies at the heart of the matter.

    They. Are. Liars.


    Being exact is better.

    Oh. And the Bible (john8-44) does call them... liars and murderers.
    The truth is not in them.
    Their hearts are filled with all manner of filth.

  20. Gunny,

    Apparently Schaefer ( olde English for shitbird) also believes Obama is the Black Knight of Monty Python fame. Check out my new post on that subject.

  21. As an extension on the post made previously (''If I may disagree: Liberals are not morons.'')

    Liberals have one other defining characteristic: they are insane.

    Where insane is defined as having that (necessary for, dunno, thinking about stuff) internal-virtual model of the real world being very much off kilter (compared to the actual real world.)

    Biblically, this would be them having been given over to believing their own lies.
    Alternatively (given that the Lord is the ultimate source of sanity and truth) because Liberals choose to hate truth, the Lord leaves them mired in their blindness.


    I am not making these points in an attempt to be cute or something: dealing with a self-aware liar who doesn't value being sane, demands a different set of responses than dealing with morons.


    For one thing: talking to a Liberal is a completely pointless exercise. An utter waste of time. (If the general Christian would just wake up to this one fact alone, the world would be a very different place.)

    For another: there can never, ever, be anything resembling co-existence between a Liberal and a non-Liberal. Liberal are murderous liars - not even classical barbarians are so BARBARIC, so inherently anti-civilization, so thoroughly against principles as Justice and the like, etc etc, as Liberals are.

    Personally, I found it really odd just how spot-on the bible described Liberals: it calls them the lawless, the unrighteous, the luke-warm, seared conscience, etc. etc.
    Sinners, who love their sin.
    The bible mandates sepration from their company, and says that such people are well deserving the Hell that is their ultiamte fate.

    So. No wonder the mega-deaths of the USSR, China. Hell on earth is inevitable when the children of the Devil are in charge.