Thursday, August 25, 2011


"shared sacrifice," what it really means is that WE share the sacrifice while they enjoy the power. Just consider the Oblamo family and the American family. Is not Oblamo the leader of the US? If so, a real leader shares the sacrifices of his people, i.e., eating the same chow in the field, making sure the troops get what they need, when they need it. So we have a huge amount of Americans unemployed and even more on food stamps. What a double whammy when it comes to a soul destroying soup poured out of the Oblamo pot into the bowls of Americans.

Now we have the yapping dog of the Oblamo regime, Warren Buffett, who whined in a NY Obama Times, apparently still read by a few dozen people, that: "It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice." In other words, we pay more taxes while he and his cronyies, like Jeffrey Immelt, not only SCAM out of paying taxes on 5 BILLION in profit but moves a plant to China! Quite clearly, when a liberal poltroon yaps about "shared sacrifice," what they REALLY me is to tell us, B.O.H.I.C.A. (bend over here it comes again) but only IF you're a working American.

But what REALLY makes it so funny when a libtard whines about paying more taxes is that NO ONE is stopping THEM from writing a check to Turbo Tax Timmy at the Treasury. And even better in Buffett's case, his company, Berkshire Hathaway, has been fighting the IRS over what they owe in federal taxes! They have had "issues" since 2002 and are being auditing for 2007 through 2009! That is almost ten years of fighting over tax bills when Buffett should have just wrote the check and sucked it up. Set the example Warren! You don't need all of that money and your company should help shoulder the burden, right? Isn't that what the drones of your leader yammer when they protest CEO's and BofA execs? Why hasn't Hanoi John Fonda Kerry paid that 500K in boat taxes he voted for in Taxachusetts? Call him up Warren, tell him that Oblamo's illegal alien aunt living in public housing in Boston could use a piece of that dough!

OH THE HUMANITY! Liberal hypocrisy raises its ugly head (again).

But Hanoi John Fonda Kerry is a piker at dodging taxes as Buffett could owe "tens of millions" in taxes. C'Mon Warren, as your fellow libtards say, "pay your fair share!" "Get some skin in the game!"

Last but not least, Ol' Warren's company, Berkshire Hathaway, "is threatening the IRS with protracted litigation and is in the process of cutting a deal with the IRS Appeals office."

Now THAT is the definition of shared sacrifice fellow patriots. THEY can hire fancy lawyers and dodge taxes, refuse to pay their tax bills, and cut deals while we in the middle class take it in the shorts and support the 50% of the parasites who DO NOT pay any income taxes and indeed, reap a refund that they did not earn, through Earned Income Credit. A fancy term created by a Democrat Congress for redistribution of OPM (other people's money). When a liberal yaps about taxing and spending, they mean taxing US and spending it on the parasites for their votes.

Liberals, thy name is hypocrisy (as well as others, like traitors, cowards, scumbags, etc.) Famous liberal tax dodgers include: Tom Daschle, Tim Geithner, Nancy Killefer, Ron Kirk, Hilda Solis, Charlie Rangel, Caroline Kennedy, Kathleen Sebelius, and James Traficant.

Buffett = Oblamo shill.

UPDATE: Obama ass-sniffer Buffett to host fundraiser for the Keynesian Kenyan!
(hat tip: CRAW)


  1. Buffet should re-name himlf--buff--oon!We face real dangers to our Constitutional Republic and he is more conserned about all-mighty dollor. IS IT 2012 YET??

  2. glad I could contribute to yet another good smackdown!

  3. Hell,Buffet could EASILY write a big check to the treasury. But,what would his 200+ corporate accounting and tax attorneys say about that? Plenty,I'd guess.That is EXACTLY why he's been fighting tax issues for 10 years. Hey,Warren,ya stooge,WRITE the fricking check already. HOW much have YOU cost the U.S. taxpayer by FIGHTING what YOU OWE. Fuckhead.

  4. Blackwater79,

    I WISH it was! The sooner we get rid of that boil on the ass of America, the better.

  5. Craw,

    You know my motto brother: "One Team, One Fight!"

  6. clyde,

    GOOD POINT! I wonder how much he has cost us by forcing court decisions, legal fees, etc.!


  7. Could you have a better example of an aa lead from behind totus. "What he said"

    And it doesn't matter what someone else says as long as it is anti-American this totus is all for it and bending over grabbing the ankles and lubing up.

  8. Gunny..'tis why I keep sending you schtuff!

  9. Of course if Buffett paid an extra million in taxes it would be about like me paying an extra $1.29....